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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Simple yet complex

Saturdays are usually a part of the weekend. But for several months weekends for me were a distant dream. I wouldn't want to brag as to why and what was keeping me busy. It was a mixture of all things techie to some extent and people to add-on.

Launching a new value proposition or a brand or a service are no simple thing. It requires more than just commitment and perseverance. Gone are the days when a single man army could handle everything from start to stop. These days navigating within silos of the complex corporate world is a skill-set which not many have but is often needed to be plugged into.

These are also tiring times when you learn a lot many things about people which often you don't see in the normal course. Patience is a lost virtue & people have very thin level of composure. You need to drive everyone home keeping the fire at bay. Its a tough place and a process to be in but then  when you come out of it, you are a more stronger and a at times more calmer you.

A year changes you a lot. And its true. In fact, more than time its the people who change you or force you to change yourself. And if I can say, no one likes changing that often.

I ask myself almost everyday was it worth it. May be yes, and partly no. We have become so analytical in life that the child in us actually has become like a corporate honcho. Picking a frappe over a lemonade is actually a process these days. Sad !!

Conversations are more Q and As and you fear being judged every time. And this is the very reason why people find it hard to share let apart to trust. And then there are people who are at ease no matter whats happening around them. Its not that they aren't a part of the world we all live in, its more to do with the fact that they have stopped thinking and paying attention to 'stuff' on which they have no control over. They may be happy having a simple smartphone, driving a 'car' and not a fancy' 4 wheeler' and more importantly being content with whatever life has given to them. I myself, have started to appreciate these folks and I love meeting them whenever I get a chance.

Btw- What was keeping me a little tied up -