Monday, April 4, 2016

Traffic Signal and the life around it

Traffic in Delhi or for that matter any other part of the world can do two things to you . First , it can make you angry and annoyed or you can see and observe the things around you that people or nature are doing.

Today I did the same. As we were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green I was closely observing how a person was setting up his small kiosk / or as we call in Delhi - Pan and cigarette shop .  The person was a handicap with a missing right leg. 

Yet , in close 10 minutes flat he cleaned the place around him ,set up colorful packets of pan masala , a small tea kettle , two stools and did a small prayer.  In this entire time I did not see him once sitting or taking a break . He had ear plugs onto his ears and may be a song that was playing  . 

In all this Monday madness , he was calm and cool and happy with what life has give him .He was giving his 100% and without a sweat I am sure .

People like me and may be you would be thinking why do we need to go to office so early  , why can't we have four Saturdays in a week or why is it that we only work so hard .

Believe me , these sour points will always remain . What is in your hands is to find a way of responding to these. Not always people or circumstances around us will change. But we can change for sure. We can find a purpose to live life to fullest and be happy with whatever God has given us .

It's not that tough a world or life that we make out of it .  

On a separate note , traffic signals these days have become a marketplace of sorts -  you can get car cleans , chargers , balloons , flowers , magazines and yes people begging for your monetary gesture .

And with so much happening you have so much to learn partner!!

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