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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lounge Diaries - Part 2

Many of my dear readers messaged /  emailed and connected via my social media channels to complete the missing part of my earlier 'most read monthly ' blogpost : the Lounge Diaries- Part 1.  

Honestly, technology was keeping me busy and hence the delay in sharing Part 2. As I sit in the luxurious American Express proprietary lounge at T3 , I wonder how it feels to fly a plane . Yes , random thoughts and even more complex me. Its a beautiful sight seeing airplanes fly in and out of the sky to the stars and back to the ground .

Eventually , life is also like this . You aim for the stars and then land up back to where you started , the ground . 

You get to meet interesting people when you travel provided you are game to say a hello or a hi to the strangest of people whom you meet. 

I happened to meet an interior designer who was actually scribbling something onto her notebook while I was hand-typing this on my tablet. While she thought I was busy doing some official work , I actually saw her pen down an interesting design of a sea-side villa which caught my eye and hence began a conversation.

While the wait to the flight was a little over 2 hours , we chatted on a number of things -  from demonetization , to the red color of the Starbucks cups , to the art of writing and sharing thoughts to designing something unique for every customer . 

When you are creative it shows.  We talked about TumBin 1 and TumBin 2 and how we miss Jagjit Singh and his soulful voice and we also chatted on the best airline travel credit cards . 

So basically, everything we could think .  It feels nice when you get to talk to someone who doesn't know you and everything is so white , so pure. You feel to be 100% honest , even if this first time is the last time you are meeting ....

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Saying goodbye to November

2016 has been an interesting year by far . With about a month and half  to go for the switch to happen to 2017 , I hope a positive momentum sustains ; for all of us. 

Like every year , this year as well , till date, I have met some amazing people and some not so genuine ones. I always try to pen down the names and the date when I first met them and see if I would want to carry them ahead with me in the coming year.

Agree , not everyone makes the cut and not everyone needs to. 

Till date , have met people who are elder to me yet immature inside out in a dream world of their own , met people younger to me who have given me food for thought and have also met people that are so pure at heart you just can't make them sad and also the ones that get onto your nerves.

Yes , I will be not in touch with a couple of them and 'me being me' not being in touch means ' game over' for this life for sure . For the remaining , I am sure the bond will continue to grow not because ' I' want it more so since ' we ' want it . And that is life in a nutshell .

In this smart world everyone has a right to be smart . But assuming the other person less smarter than you is a big mistake we make for ourselves . So as an important insight , remove and de-clutter people who are negative in heart and soul and engage and meet with people who charge you up and lift your inner spirits. This small 'edit'  in your life can go a long way by yourself to be happy and spread the cheer around you.

As I sip my flavorful of freshly brewed hand-picked Assam tea overlooking the beautiful Nilgiri Hills at my friend's tea estate , all I can think is life at such places is what I call as real life . I smell an equally scrumptious Irish breakfast awaiting us. 

A beautiful quote right in front me reads as - "  The best thing about keeping busy in your life is there is less time to pick at old wounds ."  

Perfectly summarizes , I guess for the day. 

Check this November song  . Hope you'll like it .