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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shooting Stars and the power of wishing

Often in life , whenever we have free time , we actually end up wasting it . And once , wasted we think we never really get 'free time ' these days.

We all are the same . Genuinely , by working hard on myself , I try whenever I have so called 'free time ' I take look at things / people / surroundings / nature , around us.

And it's in these I find and learn so many small things and stories  .  You know at certain places of high altitude you can actually see a star -studded sky  . What's more . You can see ' shooting stars' .

I remember way back in my engineering college days , we used to wake up till late ( not necessary closing our engineering drawing projects , but to find a shooting star ) and we did , a couple of times.

The open space ( since the campus was close 100 acres ) far from the city , used to be an easy sight.

It was a sight so beautiful . You see and want to capture it but its long gone even before you can blink. Science says they are just floating rocks or dust from space yet stories have it saying that if you 'wish for something from your heart and its pure and genuine'  , you can actually get it.  I won't say if I got what I wished for , it's for you to try and share with all  , the thought in all of this is our life also blinks and goes . In everyday struggles we 'miss'  the littlest of the things and gestures that can do so much of  'wow'  to everyone around us .

It's tough , I know , but then life was never meant to be easy , right ?!

A song on shooting stars ,  -  LISTEN