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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Married life wishes - secrets from the hills - #madeofgreat

This may be easy to relate like other things in life but hard to implement like many things in life.  

On one of my recent visits to Shimla  ( yes, I do visit this place when I am not in Jaipur ) I came across a beautiful couple whom I have been seeing/observing for years now but never really got a chance to meet or know them.

Shimla as we know is crowded so Mashobra is the place for people like me who appreciate serenity. They live in this beautiful area atop a hill with a home ( I am not allowed to call this a house ) designed and done beautifully by the two of them. You meet them ( though they don’t like to be discussed or talked about and prefer living peacefully ) and you will know what it takes to be in a mature, understanding relationship, be married, raise kids and more importantly be with that one person all throughout thick and thin and yet everything stays afresh. 

Whenever I used to go to Mashobra all we did was to exchange some smiles and hand waving.

Bad on my part, I never even said a hello or a good morning to them. But this time, I felt now when I am back to my base I wanted to talk to them, know them and just be with them for some time.  
So, I did wish them during our morning walk and yes ( not because I am the sweetest of the lot ) they invited me for breakfast.

As I entered their abode, I saw the HOME named as sheetanchal ( comes from their two daughters – Sheetal and Aanchal , who are in the US . No further details please here : ) )

The home is done so beautifully with simple pieces of furniture that look so elegant. I could feel the positive vibes all over the place with ample sunshine, fresh air and everything you would ever want from a hill side home. They have a helper but aunty does all the cooking herself while uncle ensures the garden looks manicured 24*7  since he does organic farming as well .

She made us a lovely breakfast with fruits, salads, milk, honey and fresh French bread. Over food they talked about how they met and the life till date and how Mashobra happened.

Surprising, both are former seniors executives who worked for top notch MNCs during their working years .  

They met while working and hated each other from day one. Interestingly, things fell into place and both of them got married and moved to the US. It was a typical corporate life but both of them managed it so well that they did everything they wanted to . 

Aunty learnt dance ( kathak to be specific, published articles, did a Ph.D and most importantly went for an Himalayan expedition ). Uncle learnt cooking, changing diapers, swimming and above all something he cherishes- being patient ( a trait he says he cultivated by being with his wife ).

Their daughters too were brought up independently yet groomed in tradition but having a modern outlook .

I can go on and on and it’s something which I may not be able to pen down completely so I will stick to the key parts .

Success -- they say is something you don’t get unless you work very hard for it. Forget what people say or what destiny holds.

Marriage --  It’s a bond that you will be bonded till the time you are here on this earth. Only a lucky few get this.

Children -- The most precious of all the gifts your wife can give to you. Priceless, that’s why wife’s are always superior :P

Secret to a happy life --  Have no expectations from others. Believe in this and then see how people go to any length to do the world for you.

You are right, many of the above I have reworded as well to ensure you appreciate me as a good writer-blogger but leaving all this aside, read and implement what they have been doing so well .   

I know it’s hard to find someone like them but life would be so much simple if we stopped making it complex like for most other things that we do. You never know when the call will come and then you will have no time to go back to that same person you once left & that one thing you wished to learn may be.

Some people are #madeofgreat . These are people who are really strong from within and aim to be happy no matter how hard life is. What drives them from within is sheer dedication, will to do good and never giving up on small petty issues yet being simple at heart and spirit. 

So while you start becoming nice and understanding from today, also make it a point to take breaks . After all, I do keep sharing lots of stuff for you all. 

I am also learning from them in this entire process. 

The 'cute part' in all of this was when uncle told me that and I quote- " karan ,you must be a good son to your parents and I am sure you will be amazing husband and a doting father '' :)  Awweee

Felt nice !


This blog post is an inspiration to all those folks whom we have met or will meet in times to come . Truly #madeofgreat .


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The above also make me think and wonder how did this association happen . 

If you want, you can marry my post & the campaign & comment with your thoughts as well on "What do you think of Tata Motors' association with Lionel Messi?" Hear from you. 


No marriage proposals or blind dates or one-nights stands please. Here.

Love and Listen by being Good

Paragliding :  In case you haven't done till now , step - out and fly . This can be both a recreational or competitive sport besides being classified as an adventure in itself of flying para-gliders .   

Not everyone can do it , that's what the pilot shared. And I echo the thought . Its not easy for starters like me . And the Bir-Billing area in Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination for ecotourism and adventure my all time pick would be paragliding over the bay of Portonovo, Ancona ,Italy.

While this post is not on the do's and don't of para-gliding , this is more of a share on what you can do for resolving a conflict , in anything where two people are involved : this can be two separate individuals or your outer self and inner self. 

For example : A person like me who was not 'into' paragliding or the use of it ,actually had to be sat down and told by someone whom I can listen to for hours on some key aspects .

Focus on the good :  We , as humans are wired in such a way that our negative thinking moves exponentially in line with the positive one . When thinking of doing para-gliding , I did not think of the fun part of it but thought what if I die or get injured or if the wing or harness become defective.  That's how we are . For us to do anything big or small , we need to channelize our energies onto the positive side of the light . Just by doing so you can change so many events in your life.

Take for a moment a couple in a relationship - Remember the reasons you fell in love in the first place. Remember the good times, the fun, and the joy you share. When you’re ready, try to see the good in your partner's position right now. A person who cares enough to fight with you is still a person who cares.

Yet , we fight with the same person and bleed them red.  And afterwards , we realize what mess we have created .

Speak with Love :  Had it not been the sweetness and ample patience in my instructor , I wouldn't have done at the first place . Remember when the time comes for you to speak, tell the truth, but tell it with love. Without love, the most persuasive speech is nothing but noise. Try changing your way of sharing or even talking and see how people respond to you . Love is a powerful ingredient and believe me , it can do wonders unimaginable. 

Listen : After reading all this , what you did was just to listen . Listening well is one of the most important skills in resolving any conflict. Yet all too often, we find ourselves plotting our next point, rather than actively listening .To answer before listening— that is folly and shame .

Next time you argue or fight with your partner , friend or instructor try to remember these three pointers and plug them in. Remember, time is slipping away any which way so ensure you fill your life and the life of everyone around with some light and positive thoughts .