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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meeting Gone Girl in Kasauli

There are numerous instances that I can quote of so much happening in a single person’s life that it becomes practically impossible to give in your best at all times.

I will take an example/s , not far but of myself. There are certain things which I kept doing / still am doing not necessary having an idea as to why  . Also, they do part of a resolution of sorts for 2015 ( which I am giving a try ) . May be you  too get inspired to pick some or all out of the below buckets .


  •       Over the last couple of weeks I have watched 2 states every time I saw it coming and thinking if this is the way marriages get done in India , I better stay out of this.
  •       Gone Girl – This was long pending on my to do list as I wanted to see with someone unique and had to wait for this person to join in. It was a good movie and I would want you to have a look and see and find for yourself.
  •       Baby  - I like Akshay’s work and hence it was worth a watch .
  •       Taken – Have always loved the series and had to give it a watch when the 3rd part came out .  What was different this time was we stepped out for an early morning show on a cold Saturday morning which actually was fun since there were only 5 folks in the entire hall . The first and second part were better though .


  •       While I try to ensure and this is something I am working since 2014 that I will not work / carry work back home unless absolutely necessary. Rather, I would spend time meeting friends (there aren’t any old or new friends . Friends are friends ) .
  •       Catching up with school friends, college friends and friends you made on your journey are some of the best things that can happen to you . These are the people who know the real you , can say anything and everything under the sun to you , share and talk about anything which they feel like and knowing that they will never be judged.
  •       Also, being me I got a chance to host two special occasions -  a baby shower and a 'mehendi' function . While I am being pure honest , I have zero experience in both , but given the sheer amount of joy and happiness involved and also the window you get to use your creativity to use is why I took these up . Not to forget that when you are a part of someone’s special day it’s a feeling hard to describe.


  •       Travel is a journey which everyone wants to undertake. It’s just about who is willing to take a step out and move onto the journey .
  •       Mountain travel or as I call mountain climb is always fun and I absolutely love them .Right from Mashobra to Mcleodganj to Kasauli to Binsar and all the way to Ranikhet and then to Dehdradun and Mussorie ;  have travelled far and up .
  •       Being at these places gives you a sense of self realization that life is not in the degrees you hold , followers you have on twitter or the number of designer clothes you have – it’s about enjoying a small hot cup of tea by a roadside place where the people who are alongside you , don’t know you but still smile looking at you and wish the best for you . That’s the life for you and one of a kind you should ask for. 

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