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Friday, June 12, 2015

Take time out - Art of Aging Gracefully

My chance discussion with one of my mentors made me thinking that its been a long time ! Indeed a long time.

Often in this fast paced life we forget that there were phases in our life ( good ones ) that we were all a part of at one point in time but no longer . And in this hustle and bustle of life we missed cherishing or revisiting those phases or may be reliving those moments .

Did you know that it was a long time since you passed out of school and those best days in life and the best moments you were a part of are really old and a chapter of the past now !

Did you know its been a a while since you passed out of your graduation when it seemed impossible to clear the semesters or subjects .  Its been a long time , folks.

Did you know that the dream college or dream post graduation degree that you now boast of was also taken sometime back . Its all history now and all in the past.

These were just educational milestones .  Recollect the number of people you met in this journey , some you hated some you liked and so on . Remember in this process there would be some people who are no longer with you and some whom you chose to ignore.  Also, you may be young now but believe me you are no longer that cute chubby kid you used to be . You are old or as I say gracefully aging. And your parents or grandparents -  they also are old now or may be  no longer with you.

Did you take time out to re-visit your campus or college or school ? Or did you pick up the phone and called up that old lost friend who is now married with kids and settled abroad or are there just occasional pings and messages or feeds on a random social networking site that you prefer to eye-ball.

Believe me those moments are never going to come by and neither will the people who were with you . Yes, you did move onto a longer journey and may be by choice you left some and took some and vice versa , but take some time out to relive those memories , breathe in those good times and see how you yourself have changed so much at all levels . Is this something you always wanted to or is it just what happened to you  ? 

I did this or was told to do this . And believe me it was scary to say the least .  Its not just calendar years that have gone by and I suddenly seemed so alone even with so much happening all around me  . There used to be a time when things in life were limited and time was unlimited . Now this scenario has changed . Desires have increased and the time to go for them is very limited.

This coffee conversation with my mentor made me think hard on where life is going and is it worth it if I look back from where it all started .

I still am thinking and walking and thinking..... and you !?!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Exclusive Product Launch - Nivea Men Body Deodorizer

When you are a keen follower of fashion and lifestyle in particular, you tend to be in the elite space as you are experiencing products /  brands first hand .  It’s the journey to the product reveal which I think matters the most since the amplification will come from this only .  

Hence , brands which manage to create this friction , win the space. 
Often as Indians we love poking our nose into almost anything and everything.  So , when I was asked to participate and experience firsthand to what all length people go to help save themselves from body odour I was taken aback.  

This is a key topic and a sensitive one.

Blogadda ensured that this was done in a much more fun way of sorts by using the proven technique of clues and guess . The virtual world was linked to the offline world by the use of a #sniffsniff and leading fashion bloggers of India were invited to be a part of this journey . 

The product reveal was done in three clue steps with each clue coming in a day or two from the other to help one connect the dots.

Clue 1 – This was blue rectangular packet with a  picture card(with a Man's face) and a cloth clip strategically placed on it! And , I was able to guess what is it that we are heading into .

Clue 2 – Coffee as a drink can awake a dead man, like they say and hence coffee beans have a strong odour killing effectiveness.  The coffee bean bag was done neatly in a cute bag with a handful of coffee beans.  However, a deo or a soap with coffee in it  - not actually my cup to taste.

Clue 3- The  clue (a strange looking mask) was also a pretty straight forward one and closed all thoughts that may be riding on the suspense. The product had to be related to a deodorant of sorts and it would take a brand of repute to crack this one.

Finally, coming to the product, Nivea Men Body Deodorizer is pitched as India's first Body Deodorizer which has a revolutionary, yet skin friendly deodorizing formula that prevents the formation of odour at it's source.

There are two variants which are available in the market-Ice Cool (the one I received) and Energy .

Thank you Nivea for this wonderful product and Blogadda for having me a part .

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Coolers Trends : Dresses and colors to wear and shine bright

During one of my recent interactions with a series of talented and in my thinking leading fashion bloggers of Delhi /  NCR we chanced upon a discussion on the entire idea and though behind - Summers . 

The discussion was highly intellectual and yet candid where each of us presented some views and trends and the entire concept generation of the theme or in general words what to wear or which colors to pick and mix and match to make you stand out and stand cool. 

Summer to some is also the period of finest developments, happiness, or beauty . There is also something special about summers  . It lets you breathe : in the clothes you wear and food you eat .

Suddenly , everything seems full of color and radiance . People support bright and cheerful colors , as I would like to call and pair them with equally contrasting fabrics and create a trend of their own. 
  • Colors : Purple , bright orange and shades of green are what we zeroed in as theme colors during our conversation besides the shiny shades of blue and white and not to forget the pink . I personally like peach but not many  think its a great summer color. 
  • Body type : But what is important is that you should wear an attire which looks good on you and suits your structure  . Combining a range of colors may look like you own the rainbow and hence chose the ones which suit your color type and the skin pattern. Girls : You must have : the midlength skirt. It’s great for those days when you’re rushing out and don’t have time to shave. Since this skirt length can be tricky on some body types, tuck in your top to highlight your waist for the most flattering effect. 
  • Patterns : Floral patterns are something which are always in and believe me if you have been working out ( girls , I am sure you are doing the crunches and the jumps ) they look fabulous . The patterns give and combine a range of colors keeping them subtle yet ensuring they look beautiful . This is a must have for your wardrobe. 

  • Flats :  I have seen both girls and boys having and piling up some really good footwear this summer.  Not only this , work-wear has also made a smooth transition into smart flat shoe styles away from the dreaded killer office heels. 
  • Glares : Whenever you step out , ensure you have a pair of sunglasses and the look we recommend is a retro, rounded pair in a cool color . 
  • Evening dresses : I am a big fan of Roksanda Ilincic :  a Serbian fashion designer based in London.If you're looking for a showstopping dress that's suitable for work-wear and occasion dressing, Roksanda has one for you . A dear friend had picked this up recently during her travel overseas and I am awe-struck . 

  • Men :  Ensure you have striped and something in silk. I recently was gifted a half cut silk kurta with hand woven embroidery  . This pairs well with a jeans and a trouser . And remember ,the blue shirt . You can't go wrong with this one.
  • Bags:  To carry the summer essentials , do have the tote bag handy and something which doesn't look to big for your arm .

Also, keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of healthy liquids . Enjoy the summers .

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