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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doing nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.  But given the cheesy character I am it’s hard for me to stick to one type of a routine. So recently, when I stepped out to travel I decided to do something out of the box . Given we read about this phrase so often that at times we also confuse if it’s really possible to think or do anything ‘out of the box’ .  Many of my fellow writers and bloggers are very passionate about writing or sharing .  

Recently when I got a call from a fellow friend he shared how he writes one post everyday . This post can be anything from an experience or a share or just a simple one line quote that he may have read .  For him this is his ‘out of the box’ way of writing .

During one of my recent trips a dear friend told me how she was struggling to figure out what kind a job she should be doing. She has juggled in a number of roles and yet the satisfaction was lacking . So , she decided to backpack and go to the serene surroundings of North East India and see if the answer comes to us. She is now doing what she calls as ‘nature’ photography and as I see very happy clicking the same . This was the ‘out of box’ thing for her.

As you are aware the wedding season is on currently and it’s a festive mood all around. When I asked my old school friend why he was settling down he said that both he and his wife love and appreciate wildlife. They charted out a wish-list of sorts of the best wildlife destinations across the world are aiming to have minimum one stroked out every year . This is the ‘out of the box ‘ plan for them .

My maid’s daughter sings beautifully and luckily out of all the people she sings to I am one of them . So recently I gifted her a casio of sorts and the smile on her face was priceless .  She told me that she has enrolled for her singing training in her school and soon she would start learning . Needless to say, she wants to be a singer but a singer who sings for others and not necessary for the materialistic things which people usually do. This is the ‘out of the box’ thing she wants to pursue.

Delhi winters means movie time . In case you also plan to do nothing may be watching the #HorribleBosses movie series can be a good way . Though , I loved watching  #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou  a tad bit more.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wedding Time Out

The Delhi wedding season is on and like it promises every year it adds a dash of elegance , new trends ,  flowing money , fusion cuisines and somewhere in all of this -  two people getting together with a full public view .

I have been privileged to be a participant in these spectacular grandiose events and I must share my thoughts on the same .  Wedding these days have become a once in a lifetime affair.There are two school of thoughts who believe and vouch for their respective says - the first one says and believes in making it a grand affair since you only marry once . The second school of experts believe this is a sheer waste of money and effort and a simple wedding ceremony is the way to go .

Now my view to all of this is two folds . I understand and echo the former bit that this is a once in a lifetime affair . But , is it worth to spends such huge portions of personal wealth on things which would fade away the very next morning . The amount of spending on food , decoration , clothes , jewelry and the array of functions planned can actually make your 'to be wed and to come in times ahead ' children say - "My gosh ! We have so much money !! "  .

The second school of thought is somewhat my way and hence preference.  Simple things are always remembered fondly and this is my personal experience.  Giving away food for the needy , clothes for the street folks goes a long way than spending on a designer wear which may go out of fashion by the next weekend .  Also children nowadays are well matured groomed and have a decent earning power to ensure they have good life ahead . 

These are only thoughts . Now comes some fun part of these big gala events .  I never knew , till I did it myself that doing something crazy may be childish can actually be so much fun. It can be as simple as making a balloon fly up and watch it go high up in the sky . I understand , that this was part of the decoration but letting go of something is also so much fun , isn't it ?

Being and having known either the bride and the groom so well can actually make you burst out all those hidden secrets that they may have forgotten in the era gone by.  

Another key takeaway of all these events is networking . You meet those 'wedding people' as I call only in wedding and everytime you meet them you understand life moves so fast. The elder folks are now more elderly and some can't even walk . The young ones are now in colleges and hooked to their iPhones . The newly married ones last year are now expecting  . Everything and everyone has moved ahead in some way or the other and its fun to see how life transforms every single moments. 

Functions like these make you steal those ' me - time ' or 'time -out ' sessions . You can plan to attend these weddings with your friends / would be spouses ( depending on how serious you both are :P ) . You can also participate by taking ownership on any of the series of events that are planned or for that matter just ensure to be by the side for anything and everything.

One thing I can echo is that these wedding will ensure you feel all charged up . Be the glitters , the shimmers , the dance , the music , the food and in between all of this the chemistry between the bride and the groom - after all , as they say , "abhi toh party shuru hui hai......"  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Simple pleasures in little things

When you meet someone after a long time say a gap of close 4 years  , there is something about both the people that is visible in the eyes of each other . You may say that in this world and era of online and social media you are never really far away but then I am strong believer of face to face interactions . 

Something similar happened a few days back .  I wouldn't call this person a friend since we have known each other for about close 12 years now .  We have seen each other grow up , have had our fair share of fights , happy moments and more importantly being their for each other when needed the most . 

That day when I was at the airport waiting for her flight to land all I could think was in the time gone by I have never really missed her .  Yet, the last time I saw her was close four years . Thats a near 1460 days .   The moment we saw each other all that we could do was just smile . There were people , family to be precise and hence it was a quick in and out.

I could see that there were a lot of questions , queries , may be answers in her eyes and irrespective of a close 7,270 mi distance she traveled there was not a sign of sleep .  

Like I say , there are moments you should not let go just because there is no time , or its too late or there always is a tomorrow . So we decided to have a late night coffee with Karan session and ensure we don't waste time sleeping . Delhi , at late night is not the best of the place but then who really cares . 

The amount of effort you put to keep yourself happy is the same you put to keep yourself sad. Choice is yours!   

We chatted and chatted and chatted . We talked all things random and most importantly I learnt in such conversations where the excitement levels are very high one needs to be a very patient and an active listener . Thoughts , words just flow by as if there is no tomorrow . We go back in time then again in the present and keep on oscillating . We realize there is so much more than the mundane tasks we do . There is so much that each other can teach , share and talk about . 

Its fun to say the least .  Late night drives in and around Chankyapuri are always fun . The flowers in full bloom , the neat streets and the calm all around . 

These are the people , the times which one should really cherish in life and look forward to . Withing few seconds you ease out , calm down and have no thoughts of all the negativity which was going in and around you for all this while . The daily work routine where days pass faster than you think . 

Of late , I have been meeting or interacting with people who live in their own world. These people are as I say - lone warriors .  They need you but they need you just as a tick mark activity in their life. They are dominating , poor listeners and most importantly extremely sensitive  by nature . Though you may feel they like you or may be more , but believe me they are not worth your time or effort . Let them go and pass by . They are just the dark clouds before a beautiful rain descends .

Little things should never go unnoticed - Always remember . Those who make your efforts go unnoticed are surely not meant to be with you. 

Keep it simple and enjoy the little things in life. 


In case you too like listening to songs , check out my current  favorite song - LINK 


Also wishing everyone a very happy Sri Gaura Purnima festival and happy Gaudabda New Year. May Lord Chaitanya bless us with the devotion and humility to be engaged in his service.

A short and beautiful video on who is Lord Chaitanya and why did he appear- LINK


And where did we go for the coffee -  Read my Zomato review here 

Monday, October 27, 2014

God is a Gamer - Book Review -


It’s a different feeling when you get to read a book authored by an ex-banker and that too an ex- Citibanker  .That makes things a little different. You tend to be at a level of connect ( may be biased )  from other fellow readers since in this case , I too , am a Citibanker and hence the way things work in the book or rather operate make it an easy flow for me to relate , understand and at times connect well .

It’s also heartening to see that a banker who has decades of experience can actually write , be creative and more importantly pen down a thriller of sorts . That’s a rare combination and hard one to get .

As for Ravi , he needs no introduction and in case you would want to know him better you can always read here – link .

To tell you about myself, I'm a writer / blogger at heart and one thing which I love is to share my thoughts over an array of genres across a universe of people I have met till date and continue to meet . My writing works are showcased here  . Besides this I love anything to do with branding , marketing and product management since that is what I do for a living .

Coming to the book ,  I would want to play this smartly since I do not want to let the story drop yet I want people to set their expectations right at the very start .

If you are passionate about the corporate world , life in and outside it , you like meeting people who hold offices of power and you yourself are someone to whom authority is important , then this book is a good read for you.  If you are someone who is alone in life chasing dreams and think and ponder what all have you lost in the life gone by – this book is for you .  If you are looking what it takes to be a single parent and have those frequent clashes with your children -  this book is for you .  If you want to know what is it for those who have high libido levels but for whom companionship is the least important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman – this can be an eye opener . It’s also a book which tells people closest to you are and can be the major reason for your erosion . In short,  it’s a mix and match of interesting characters across the globe as you will travel .

I usually pick a book ( and I am a voracious reader , as my peers call me ) which makes something to learn / know about and also make it an interesting read . The concept of BITCOINS is fun and introduces us to what possibly could be the future payment solution . The plot unfolds with a high ranking executive of  a top MNC bank who only is interested in reaching further top at any cost . The story moves to the US senate and life abroad which is also no different from the one we are having in India these days.  As they say mess happens and then we see the involvement of two of the best investigating agencies of the world – FBI and CBI. Life moves when sparks fly in Goa and plot thicken with bomb blasts , a robbery abroad and a suicide / murder in Mumbai and the world of online gaming and IT firewalls.

For me personally, though it was a nice read but I felt there was too much happening in the story and so many characters actually made it a little complex and at times hard to follow .  I liked the new trends that were being used -  Facebook , gaming community , the entire online banking payment systems , drugs , politics , affairs and betrayals and also the ways wherein some luxury brands ( Indian and global ) have been mentioned upfront / advertised in a way and the way Socrates features in the book ( which I liked as a key highlight )

There were loose typos /  spell check all through and I could only take note of a few below ones :

1) Pg. 236 - 'Three of his neighbours, who has seen the ghastly attack, went along with him and signed off as witnesses.'
2) Pg. 261- 'This in a disaster.'
3) Pg. 304- 'They had started seeing each ('other' missing) after the party.

Though ,unable to see a connect as to why the title is - God is a Gamer - since he plays with us ( humans ) . May be !


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blue sky - A canvas you have

During one of my many travels a dear friend seemed a little lost. We were driving all the way to Kotgarh also called as the apple valley of India since its famous for its apple orchards. 

She told she was just looking at the sky as we crisscrossed between mountain roads curling like snakes round and round. It took me a while before I could make sense of what she was saying or doing, to be more specific . 

Sky – of all the things in the world how can one look at the sky . It’s blue and at times pale. That’s it . 

Nothing more to be written or seen for that matter. But I guess I was wrong . I would be honest. I have watched rain drops falling or dropping ( as someone calls ) by my windows- home or car . And yes , I have and can just see them fall for hours . They are just so beautiful.

But , Sky . 

Now I know why sky and I’ll share my thoughts with you .Sky is one of those rare elements which works hard in the background but never get the light – limelight . The sun , like we all see is part of the sky but what we see and remember , usually is the Sun. Similarly , the beauty of the moon would never have been written if it never had the sky as a background. Stars , never twinkled if it’s not for the sky they seem studded upon. Not only this . 

Even the dark colored not so good looking clouds of rains and thunder hold no relevance if it’s not for the sky .It’s a like a big canvas which is there for everyone and every element to come and shine and come alive . However, how many times we ignore the humble sky .

Same is with life. We grow , learn , mature and feel we are on top of the world . But often we forget the numerous sacrifices may be, our team , our spouses , parents , teachers made for us ,to be in the light. During this entire journey we never come to appreciate all these wonderful people who were working hard all this while without anything in return . These are our skies . They make us shine and come out in this hard to distinguish world. And yet, we forget to thank them , spend time with them , acknowledge them and most importantly cherish them .

So the next time you see the sky don’t ignore it as a pale looking canvas. This is what you should strive to become and work towards for every moment. Life is all about being humble and being helpful. 


When I made my friend read this piece she actually had tears. Girls ! I tell you are just so cute at times :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Be your own support system

The story of thanks . At times , we all need support systems in some form or the other. I used to be of a very different school of thought some time back but then someone made me realize that it’s not so tough to confide with someone about what you feel.  For many of us sharing our thoughts, what we are feeling, why we are feeling a certain way doesn’t come easy and hence all the more need for these folks to talkabout  .

Support systems usually are people (warm-bodies ) as I call who LISTEN to you patiently without an intent of not responding or reacting to what you say . I agree, they are a hard find but I am sure you will have them around you, knowingly or unknowingly.   I , by nature don’t speak or share much with others since it doesn’t come to me naturally . But whenever I do, believe me I am the most talkative of the lot :)

A random discussion with an old friend sometime back made me realize that all this while I have been sharing with her most of the things and vice versa . I don’t know when did I started doing so but in the process it felt both of us knew so much about each other that it was really fun just being ourselves.

That’s one way to do so. A next level of sharing  or venting out can be writing .  Agree this is a trait one is born with and not necessary you can develop but it’s a good thing to write or share about . When writing you have at your will your undivided attention , you let your thoughts gather and settle down and most importantly problems now come with solutions  . In the end , you also help those who may be suffering from a similar dilemma and hence it’s a positive deed that you do.

After all , most inter-personal problems, be it at home, work or outside, occur when we are unable to control our emotions at a critical time.

Siblings ;  that’s a high risk high gain stuff. Siblings these days are very smart and hence you need to be guarded as to what to say , to whom and when . You never know when, even though unintentionally they might just say something you never expected them to say or share .

If the above three don’t work then believe me you just have a passing thought and nothing big. Before it makes itself into a snowball effect , let it go . 

Not all things in life are to be solved  . Some just need a bit of ignoring . Not everyone you meet  you would fall in love with and marry . There is only one and hence keep it for the best .Not always is a good thing to share or talk to someone about how you feel and why you feel the way you feel . For some it may be just a tick mark activity and for some no option but to listen to you thinking when you would finish.  So , start speaking and sharing and when you find no one to speak to I am all ears .


On a lighter note farzi cafe seems to be doing a lot of rounds these days .  Here is my review on Zomato .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love Zomato ? Hate Zomato ? Now , Karans feedback for Zomato !!

Its been a long time since I started reviewing places on Zomato and my interest into the world of gastronomy or molecular gastronomy ( the new trend ) started  . A big credit of this goes to Zomato in bringing out the foodie in me . As part of the process , not only I have learnt that there is more to a restaurant than just going there and ordering a meal and paying and coming back . A lot more things happen in between all these stages and I am sure , as Indians we all love our food and knowing the places where its served best - just helps .

And in this step-up , I always believe there is no better way than a feedback to make things more smarter and more friendly . After all ,Zomato is for foodies like us and we also need to do our bit for the big Zomato family that we all are a part of . So , here are some thoughts I felt like sharing with all ( on a special request from the team at Zomato : ) )


Three features I love 

  1. I like the fact that Zomato has played interestingly in the larger benefit of the foodies . Not everyone needs to be a member to be able to read reviews , browse places and check out what other foodies are writing about .  In this way they capture and build both type of target audiences -  Active writers /  reviewers and also those passive folks who just want to browse and pick up a quick place. A win-win for all . 
  2. Collections -  A kudos to the entire team at Zomato and specifically to the folk who thought about this . It saves a hell lot of a time by clustering places basis a key genre and thereby narrowing the search all together .  A 'wow'  in terms of customer experience and innovative thinking. 
  3. Foodie levels -  The foodie ladder is a thoughtful way of ensuring 'serious' foodies continuously do their bit of fair reviews and keep on climbing the ladder .  The four levels are good enough where Zomato ensures that the interest is build up and there are points for everything that one does. 


Three features I think we can have / refine them to be better 

  1. Photos  - My personal experience , uploading photos is a pain since half of the time it gets rejected due to a lower size file or something on similar lines  . Zomato needs to work to ensure the 'photo' option factors in almost all formats and the size limit something that has 99% success rate .  A big reason why I have stopped posting pictures even though I do click them . 
  2. Twitter -  Zomato needs to be integrated with Twitter as that has a big chunk of audiences , globally & locally and far better than the Google+ . Currently the integration to find friends is only available on Facebook and Google+ . May be a next step would be to have LinkedIn as well as an option along with Instagram . 
  3. Zomato foodie card - This is something on mind for a long time and I feel Zomato should work in creating a proposition for only genuine and top foodies as there way of appreciating them .This could be criteria based  - Only big foodies and above can apply.The proposition could build in plug-ins like: 
        1. Exclusive invites to new restaurant launches in respective cities ;
        2. A fixed savings of 15% or above at ALL Zomato featured restaurants;
        3. Invites to Zomato foodie meets and a chance to may be featured in the Zomato restaurant guide.

Hope the above helps in a tiny way to ensure we continue to do what we do best - serving foodies and building the food culture locally available  ,globally. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Choices in life - WE make

It was a nice surprise . We all have a sweet tooth and I am no exception.  Given it’s a festive air all around with EID and today being Teej , I was craving for ‘ghevar ‘ .  You get this superb thing this point in time and it’s a no miss .

To top it all I got a beautiful email and a tweet followed from one of my readers . Though out of the many things she asked me and shared , one thing which stood apart , is what I am going to share or write today .

She candidly asked me that how do I deal with choices . Choices to write on my personal webpage, choice of not writing and a choice of writing and not sharing .Huh ! Too many choices , you see. 

I will start by sharing an interesting thing which I read a while back during my trip to Jaipur.

“You always do what you want to do. This is true with every act. You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself."

Life is like a road. There are long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths. In our life many roads would come our way as we journey through life.

Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad. With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge on where they would go, which road will you take? What is the guarantee that we would choose the right one along the way? Would you take any road, or just stay where you are: in front of a crossroad?

My situation was like this a while back.  And then I did something which one of special ones shared .The enlightened person said - ‘Keep a balance between your head and your heart – you don’t want to throw logic out of the window, however it’s important to listen to your gut.’ And I took a strong step in this direction.

Choices are something that we get every day . Waking up is a choice and marrying someone you don’t want to is also choice . Changing for someone whom you love is also a choice and taking a step back from doing something wrong is also a choice. What is important is that where in life you stand and at that point what is it that matters you most , positively.  At times , choices you make effect not only you but also your surrounding and the people associated with you .  A decision once made should have one persons’ full buy-in and that person is – YOU.

Now that you have made a decision, be ready to face its consequences: good and bad. It may take you to a place of promise or to a land of problems. But the important thing is that you have chosen to live your life instead of remaining a bystander or a passive audience to your own life. Whether it is the right decision or not, only time can tell. But do not regret it whatever the outcome. Instead, learn from it and remember that you always have the chance to make better decisions in the future. Give , like I always say and do  - your 100% . 

As for me, I chose to share this with you all :)  . So go ahead ,  make choices that not only make you happy but also your near and dear ones smile.  And in case , it didn't work well , its OK. Learn and move on but never forget.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Inspire a fragrance - Mussorie & Chakrata

This may be a bit surprising but then Jaipur is something that I have explored enough. And now it was time to step-out of the Delhi heat ( which is never ending ) and head to the mountains.


Being from a hill state myself , its an awesome sight to visit any hill state or a hill station . So ,it was Mussorie . People know it as the   "Gateway" to Yamunotri and Gangotri Shrines of Northern India . My take - it used to be beautiful but now its a lost charm unless and until you are either staying at a place outside Mussorie or may be in cantonment area. Crowded to hell , hotel and resorts , half of the folks are from Punjab and Haryana and not to forget the traffic stuck which happen right from Dehdradun.

To escape all this , try staying at the beautiful The Claridges Nabha Residence, summer retreat of the erstwhile Maharaja of Nabha, the heritage hotel set amid 13 acres of private cedar and silver oak forest and only a single-storey colonial building, opens out into a central courtyard and provides a sweeping view of the garden and the rolling green hills.

Nabha Palace , Mussorie 
It was love at first sight .  

My pick of the two key places to visit in case you are a first timer here are: 

  • Kempty Falls
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration
  • Camel Back road
  • Dhanaulti


A far better pick than Mussorie would be Chakrata which can be reached from Dehradun via Mussoorie or Vikasnagar. Both routes pass through beautiful mountainous road. Travelling in the monsoon can be quite tricky as the area sees frequent road blockages due to landslides.

The area has an abundance of conifers, rhododendrons and oaks. The red rhododendrons are the most abundantly found in this region. A key attraction near Chakrata is the waterfall named Tiger Fall. A secluded -nearby, leafy hamlet of Deoban offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas stretching from Kinnaur to Garhwal and Kumaon.

It rains almost everyday here and with its limited population its a place you would love to stay around more than you thought of. 


Plan a vacation and I am sure besides unwinding you would love to breathe in some fresh air .  And , I am a message away in case you need any further details on any of the above. 


What's more ?  Thats what I think every-time I come back from the hills . What is that one thing I can bring back with me to remind me of the calmness and the sheer happiness which I experience . And I always thought of a 'fragrance '  . Inspired by hills which has a cooling effect on you and soothens you everytime you breathe in. When it rains in the hills and the connect which the droplets have with the ground and smell that raises from the ground - That ! Only if I wish folks from the Godrej ( ) who really do an awesome stuff with creating fragrances that connect with your senses , create something unique from this experience. #InspireAFragrance as we call. 


It feels nice when you WIN. It also feels nice when your work gets appreciated . Thanks to the aer & IndiBlogger team , this blog post won a #Godrej gift hamper . Small surprises are the most cherished ones !! Winners list here .


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Friday, June 27, 2014


Just came back from a lunch. An amazing one though.
And the occasion was ~ an Engagement party.
With two of the most beautiful people I know playing the hosts.

It's not even two days since I came to Delhi and I can hear wedding bells all around. Wow!! {Is February still on :)}

Well, it seems like a long time, may be ages back that I used to keep fasts on Sundays.

Why? I'll explain later.

Fasts on Sundays usually comprises of anything and everything that is "sweet". I know you are already salivating. Hold that thought.

You are not allowed to eat "ann" . So, believe me you can't be having sweets the day long. By the time it's night you already start hating anything and everything which is sweet. Even people: P

I couldn't take it anymore. One Sunday and I puked.Over it was. Forever.

In our Indian tradition people observe fast. Earlier it was the 'women' clad who skipped meals for anything and everything .Be it connected with their husbands , "would-be" husbands ,children,"would be" children or just about something which they thought was important .

Now, both males and females alike keep fasts. The concept of [Navgraha] and the related gamut of Indian gods are such that there are weeks when people go on fasting. This at times, may include no water no food.


Well, there is an ancient Hindu story behind this. I'll tell the long story short. You fast or skip a meal when you really want to connect with god and do something which is not being done by many people. It means that you come in this world to do your karmas. This includes eating. Eating is considered to be a very pious deed. To feed someone or being fed by someone is very holy. After all, all that we work for is that [do waqt ki rotti]. And not having that means sacrificing yourself to God to make him hear you.

It's a strange world. Strange beliefs. Strange rituals.

Does FASTING helps?

Well if you're looking for a six-pack then there are better ways to achieve that.Jokes apart it all boils down to your [shradha] / faith. If you really believe in yourself and your deeds, things would happen accordingly. Never play a win-win game with God.i.e. If I fast you give me "this". If I come and visit you "you get me that".

You can't hide away from God. So make sure you never do any "Shaartein" with God.

It can have dire consequences.I know this for sure.

Some thoughts....

I know what Arushi always used to say."Karan-it should come from within. I know about 'karva-chauth'.But you can't force me to keep one. If I feel that I should I will. That is love. That is faith. That is what "real fasting" is about".

No one should ever force you to fast. If you want to, make sure you know the "why" part. There is no harm in keeping the fast and praying to god to grant your wish. We are humans after all.

But as I always say - "mangne ka bhi tareeqa hota hai".

~happy fasting.......

Friday, June 20, 2014

Gift of sharing

You like gifts  . I like gifts and would be tough to find someone who hates gifts.  A flip to this will be people , rare people  who giveaway their gifts to someone else . At times someone more needing than them.

Very few people know that I visit Jaipur as frequently as may be the localities going home. Last time when I went along with my key people ( or gang in our daily usage language  ) as we call , it was fun but of a different level .

Ashi , is a dentist by profession and a good one at that. She has studied very well and then moved countries for some specialization as she calls. Dentist at the first place and specialist in that  :P ( in love with teeth's or as she says with smiles :) 

As a person she is in one word - the best . A charm that is contagious, a voice that when used feels more than melodious and an attitude that is on a higher level of being positive.  Having lived life on her own terms and being independent in taking decisions she has come a long way. I can write more about her but would focus on her different side which not many people know.

Cold Delhi winters,  when not so good to do people on the roadside try to sleep away in a not so comfortable ecosystem , she steps out and wraps up blankets upon them . In Jaipur we have a blind school where she , almost every week sends across gifts to the folks at the school irrespective where in the world she is . And if she is there in person , it’s a big celebration which starts . Every year , in Delhi she puts a camp by partnering with leading doctors to give a free dental check up to the needy . And there is more .  She hardly spends on things for herself and usually gifts / buys things for almost everyone she knows or she is close enough.

Yours truly is an example and my personal cupboard is a testimony to the above.

She says , when God gives you things its usually because you are the chosen one and hence its your duty to ensure it reaches to the right people. Blessed I am and even more she is with what she does.

Believe me,it’s hard to find someone do that in today’s day and age and that too on a regular basis . She touches so many lives by way of her profession and even more by doing these small deeds. The best part being that she never tells or shares this with anyone and most often these things happen secretly.

Words are tough to fill –in and who in world cannot adore her for the person she is. You may have the best education, best living and may be the best of everything but if you don’t have the mind set you will never be able to create a difference to anyone let apart yourself. It’s kind of bell which rings in your head when you meet someone like her  .  Some would say she is perfect . I would she is the master of imperfection .Views , as we call .

So , in short, the next time you get something from  / for someone , think . There may be a person who may need that more than anyone else you may have imagined for. It’s not called being futuristic , it’s called being human. 


Song of the month w/t any doubts -


Monday, May 19, 2014

Surprises are better than promises

It’s fun to get something free. More so,as a surprise.And that too w/t you even knowing who made that gesture.

Something similar happened to us on a Saturday gone by . We were dining in Jaipur and it was a beautiful sight with the outdoor seating overlooking the JLN street and candle lit tables all around. Perfect setting .

Once we were through our meal and asked for the cheque our server informed that the same was already paid.  And I was like – really?  How ?  And the sort of questions that run in your head.

For the curious creatures that we are ( both of us ) we went up to the manager and asked him what exactly happened.  He smiled and said that someone settled our bill and also left a short note for us .

‘ Someone ‘   here , we found out later was a lady not sure on who she was or her age or why in the world she would pay for our dinner .  The note was something that set us thinking . It was handwritten and read as below :

At times in this life , we often forget the small happiness that life bestows upon us each day .  Today , as I saw you two I just felt you were indeed celebrating a moment .  May be we won’t ever meet or may be we would but I thought why not make you smile a bit more and hence the gesture . It’s not about the money being paid for its all about making you think that surprises are a part of life and we must take time to cherish them . May be someday, you too will pass this on in a way you feel best.
Enjoy the evening!

I am still searching for words and by way of this post I am wanting to thank the lady whom I call as the smiling lady  . Not many think of such small steps which have such an impact .Often , we don’t realize the value and the power of these small steps  . People ,  who say the world is filled with not so nice people have actually not got a chance to meet the  real nice  ones . 

I smiled all through the way back home and then back to Delhi .  It was a thought which is still on my mind and I am sure will continue for sometime  . Would have been great if I could have met her in person and thanked her for giving us this wonderful moment .

This also relates back to the fact that often we complicate life so much that we forget that so many people who love us and care for us are no longer with us  . The simple reason to this is because of our attitude.  Remember ,  there is a limit to amount of hard work people will put in for you . You rarely find such people who go the extra mile since they genuinely care for you .  And we , for the humans we are take them for granted .   And then we are left all alone with our own self realizing what we have lost.

Not everyone gives you a second chance and not all things in life should be dependent upon chances. Life cannot be lived alone with family and friends   . It’s easier said than done but after all for the believer I am , what is yours will be yours but you need to make a genuine effort. If you really want someone in your life go all out and ensure that you give your 100% . I am sure , basis my own experiences you will get what you want and more so the best  .

-We- here is me and a dear friend . May be more than a friend .....

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Purity over impurity

Most you already know , that Jaipur is a place close to my heart . Yesterday evening when  it started to rain in Delhi , we made a plan to drive all through and head to Jaipur .

After all what are plans if they aren't spontaneous and on the spot . En route with a soothing breeze and light drizzles , I felt there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the drops fall on your hands . They are so fresh and so pure. Pristine to be precise. 

However ,  me being me , a thought that was floating for a while in my mind just came back . Do we need everything pure  ?  Everything fresh ? First right of use ?

And , I linked it back to something not so nice . Of late , in my life journey till date I have meet a decent number of people ( females and males )  who have openly shared with me that they have been in multiple relationships in the past ( and have had sex to be more specific and in some cases , early abortions as well !! ) and they have no guilt whatsoever , neither in their mind nor in their heart . 

Ask them why did they need to do this and pat comes the reply .  Everyone is mature enough to do and understand what is right and wrong . Everyone is proud of themselves and that is the way to accept them . 

Well , while people can debate , discuss and argue on this , my only thought always is - there is a timing for everything . You cannot be writing your board exams  in class 1 . Similarly even if you are 6 years old using aftershave will only lead to burning and nothing much .  Wearing heels in schools is not the right thing to do when you are an eleven year old girl.

Then why can't these things wait ? Just because you couldn't control the urge and got carried away and now its a past thing , doesn't make you the nicest of the lot. 

Ask them , if you get married tomorrow would you be open enough to make it all black and white -  be it relationships ,  be it what you did in those relationships with your future partners ? The answer that comes is - NO . 

Isn't this called as cheating ?  Being unfair ?  When you plan to spend and settle down in life with someone ( be it your own love or someone your family chooses )  isn't he / she entitled to know you ? To know what has happened and why it all happened ?  The basis of any relationship in this world is - trust . Being honest with that one person in your life . 

For me its difficult to digest . When you hug someone , kiss someone or hold hands - I am sure there is more than friendship that reflects these actions but when you give yourself to someone ( physically and emotionally ) its not just friendship , its more than that. Its your soul  which you share with someone. 

I find it weird why people ( of our generation specifically  ) want to hide everything .  It seems and feels as if - we , as people cannot say the truth .  We in-built it in such a way that even if we don't want to - it is wrapped in a lie. 

Ask these people , are you in touch with your so called - ex's ? The answer is No .  Do you know where are they? The answer is- married , married with kids or I just don't care. 

Really ? Isn't this call being as selfish . What is the world coming to these days.

And , the sad part in all of this - are those future partners who would never come to know about the pasts of their would be's  ?  No . 

Yes, the answer is - No . Remember, people who believe in God and believe very strongly are always protected . Even if you think you have made a fool of them , God will ensure that he protects these people.   I have seen live examples where - engagements have been called off , marriages cancelled ,  people moved apart and every time - the nice one out of the two remains protected. 

And I am not saying this due to my knowledge and belief in astrology .  Such people who have made and done all these things in the past , have a different pulse rate .  Whenever you ask them about relationships and what happened in those , their eyes and eye brows move in a certain way . The lips do change colors.

I know , not everyone is equipped to notice these changes and it requires a lot of practice but be rest assured and take my word -  if you are truthful and sincere , God will  make sure you stay protected always. You will come to know and then the only thing you need to do is - move out and move on.  You deserve far better people and you will get that ' one ' for you for sure.

And my message to these people -  honestly , I hate liars . Not because you did a bad karma for which you would need to pay in this birth but because you couldn't control yourself at that moment and you put at stake - your family , your values ,  your culture and most importantly your soul . 


PS - I am sure this post is way different from what I usually share but then , if I felt strongly on something , I need to voice out.  I haven't taken any names and I have tried to kept it as simple and basic as it can be so that most of us are able to relate . Don't assume anything  :) 


On a lighter side , I watched a special screening ( just for me ) by my Jaipur gang of the movie - The Lunchbox   .  I liked it. 

Not only this ,  in the week gone by - I have seen Queen ,  Revolver Rani and 2 States and I must say -  Kangana is an actor par excellence. 


To lighten your mood - listen to this song .