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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art of relationships

Sri Sri says - Like in the spring, the entire creation just springs up. The birds sing, trees blossom. Like that when energy is kindled in you, it creates awe. You spring out of dullness, out of the inertia, out of the routine. New life springs up - that is love and may be that's what happens in love.

It’s a strange world and stranger than this are the people that live here. And even more than this are the relationships ,that these people get into.

I am no expert in the area of relationship nor there is anything wrong or right in a relationship . There isn't any prediction which happens and there aren't any chances that don’t occur . Somewhere in between all of this two people stay and keep themselves afloat .

A father and a daughter relationship is on a different trajectory all together . Considered one of the most pious of all this is a relationship where the two are only two and just for the two . The father knows one day the daughter has to go and there will be void in his home and in his heart . The daughter knows he will always be the first man in her life and nobody , NOBODY will ever care for her and love her the way her father does .

A son and a mother is a typical sweet and sour relationship wherein the son , in cases , the baby will always remain a baby . He will never grow old , he will never be too big to not be a baby and never to old to not to come and discuss his life with his mom . This is a delicate one and filled with just pure love and care . A bond so strong that words can’t describe much.

A would be wife and a would be husband , is a relationship which is in middle of nowhere . They stay in the middle , the settings in the background changes . If they were friends at one point and then they choose to take a level beyond this then though a higher level is attained the very essence of friendship at times get lost and hence this is one of the most sensitive of all relationships.

A boyfriend and a girlfriend who have been together for a good time ( believe me there is no good time . 5 years is too less a time and 5 days is too big a duration ) and have vowed to stay together till eternity is one of those which is build on dreams . Dreams on life , what future holds , how things moved and will move and a whole lot of un-hidden things .

And then there is somewhere in between friendship – a relationship which nobody understands but everyone wants to be a part of. Remember , good friends and close friends are those with whom you can fight , cry on their shoulder , pull a leg or an ear or may be just cook up a coffee with more water and less coffee . This is a relationship which can only grow and grow and become more strong . These are people who help you lead your life and make you see the mirror when you may be shining a bit too bright . One of those relationships in which you have to be either inside or around the fence but not outside.

These are just my thoughts and I am sure there would be loads of unsaid relationships you were a part of or will be in one .Nurture them , stay in them and most importantly believe in them.

Can a new found friendship between two people move into a husband –wife domain . Aha !

Go for it !! Why not !!

Next time , will tell for sure.

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