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Friday, September 20, 2013

Being your own personal FAVORITE

It’s hard and at times tough when you don’t get what you want / wanted or desired.  Ever seen a child cry for something that you would not buy for him or her knowing that’s it’s of no use but still you go ahead and buy because you can’t see your child in tears?? !!

I remember back in my childhood days there were a number of instances when I used to literally  ‘blackmail’  my parents into buying that – latest  ‘ lay-a-hen ‘ toy  or a ‘hot wheels mega set’ or may be a ‘button wala” pencil box  and they used to run or ring the shop to get or buy it for me .  It’s not that these things were my favorite or I would have cried a river to get them, but the fact is, at that point time those were my favorite. 

Little did I realized, that some years down the lane I would never ever open the packed boxes of these things.

It’s also not that I have changed or these things no longer hold relevance for me. It’s just that I have got bored and I no longer need or require them. They are in short , not my favorite anymore. 

Favorites by definition are a varied set. For some there could be -humans whom they like a lot and hence are a favorite. For others, it’s the worldly materialistic things that matters – may be a watch , a car , the next big bling iPhone or even just getting that sparkling yellow dress for your next birthday .

Someone would argue and say favorites always stay favorites. A favorite color, Pink,will always remain a favorite . Shah Rukh Khan for some will always remain the number 1 entertainer and hence a favorite . The vacation which you took to ,say Paris , last year , will always remain your favorite .  The first branded watch which came as a gift on your B-school placement will and always be your favorite. The first kiss from your now ex whom you are no longer on talking terms will be your favorite kiss . Your grandma’s french fries will always and always remain the best even if you traveled the world over in search of the best fries
Seeing the star studded the sky for some folks is the best thing they would want to do every evening though it’s a different equation that given our city lives we hardly get time to go ‘home on time’ let apart do star-gazing.

So why do favorites change ?  What is it that makes this change happen ? Why is it that some things that you once loved and loved are no longer even remotely recollected by your mind  ? And such other queries …..

Well, in simple words if I have to put it &answer it would be – YOU CHANGE.  During one of my astrological sessions with some of my peers, I told them that the lines on your palms change every day every moment . Give it a shot .Though, it’s not easy to see the changes but it does happen.  Same is the case with YOU and all of us . As we grow and progress in life , our mind and heart also change and adapt accordingly .  Some of you would say – stars and the astrological equations also change  .Yes , indeed !!

But more importantly, you tend to move away to something more new & more fresh . Ever thought , when you were in school and changed / moved classes  - the entire feel of a – new bag , new pencil box , new books ,new water bottle , new tiffin box and may be a new watch or a pair of new shoes made you go “wow “ . 

What exactly changed here – Everything was the same  . A book or maybe a curriculum just upgraded  itself . The school remained the same  , may be the teachers also , and most importantly –YOU also were the same  . There was a time when the now old school bag was your favorite but no longer now .

Similar is the case with life. Life moves one and on . Time moves along with. Learn to appreciate what you have every day - be it big or small, significant or insignificant, expensive or priceless. Remember you are privileged than many others around you. For them you are nothing less than a king or a queen and they can never attain or get what you have already left.

Remember “Geet” from Jab We Met saying , “ main apni favorite hoon “  ! After all, if you don’t love yourself first ,  who else will . And I can go on and on….and suddenly this post will become my ‘favorite ‘post which is not the case since all of my posts are special and really special. Each one of them has a favorite element in it which makes it all the more special  , and they are all written by me and I am my own favorite :) :)

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