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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Being an Indian Police Service Officer - an IPS

Everytime I watch a movie , like  - Sarfarosh , Gangaajal or Sehar , all I want to be , in this life is - an IPS officer. 

You may think its the power and the pride that comes with the post which an IPS officer holds or some of you may say its the sheer status the word IPS reflects upon . The perks like most of us know , is having an unprecedented power , a lal-batti , a huge team which does ' Jai Hind ' and a whole lot of a new world .

Given, I have had a good fortune to be in a family of IPS and know and understand from them what is it being an IPS officer most of the above mentioned movies or may be the image we tend paint in our minds is very different from what actually is an IPS officer and what all does he undergoes to be one.

I would put my take on this and share with you all my thoughts on what is a life of an IPS .

Studying is just a part of it . The civil services examination is considered not only the toughest in Indian competitive examination scenarios but also one of the most mentally challenging exams . People prepare ,  study , burn the midnight oil and the entire night and days for years before they actually take the exam .

Post a tough three stage process a candidate finally makes to a personal interview.  And no ! It's not your typical B-school or a corporate interview. Its an experience which is hard to describe.

The cadres are allocated and the journey begins .  A long endless journey wherein a not so fairer future awaits . Transfers, promotions,  “going on leave” , or not being on duty but still being a part of the unit and so on . Life for them , is indeed full of surprises.

It’s a tough life. You mess up with the messiest of the people  doing the most dirtiest of things and in the process you too get a bit dirty . How many of us would have thought the very thought of sleeping with a gun under the pillow ?   Such is a life of these officers.

The families are tensed , the children move schools faster than they celebrate their birthdays. Wives have no options but to put up a brave face always since they never know when they will  be all alone and get the life moving . Holidays are short and festivals are limited to the general public . While we all sleep in the comfort of our home , party hard and attend brunches , remember someone somewhere is chasing a gang , fighting for life and yes, saving many !!

It looks an easy job when you see it from far but believe me its not only hard but something which many people can’t even think of doing .

From our side , the least we can do is to thank them for being there for us  . Share a smile with them since they work hard to ensure a smile on our faces & be with them when they need us  .  

I can write on and on since I love this profession and the people associated with it and everytime I meet an officer all I say besides 'thank you' is Jai Hind . 

After a patriotic post , a small insight on the world of IPS and the universe of astrology . My astrotip for this is that to be an IPS officer one needs a strong combination of - Sun and Mars in their horoscopes since these two planets are fiery , full of life ,leaders with a never say die attitude and this is what an IPS officer links back to.