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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long distance connect and the art of loving !

The picture says it all !!

It happened long back !!

long long back !!

Infact,kaafi time ho gaya.

They say you never love , if you don't meet someone . Face to face. Talk.Share.

But as always they say. And I find it hard to believe whatever ‘they say’.

This post is unlike other posts . May be yes may be not.

A lot of my readers wanted my side of views on this issue.

And a lot means a lot.

Well, I believe if you don't experience it yourself you really don't have much of a say.

It's like someone keeps on calling you ,desperately, so much, that every time they call they hear the ring. But no one answers it. And after a while, with no options they have to give up.
And if the same thing is done to "you" by someone else then only you realize how it feels.

So, I can have my share of views on this one.

Long distance love - well...already has a "long" in probably one of the most common complex phrases I have been hearing time and again.

The world has expanded.So,we have shrinked.
With a 3G’s of the world , we have got the universe a click away.
So much so, we don't even bother to move out, meet people , talk , share.

Just drop in an email / ping / "FB" like" status , tweet and it's done.
It’s our way or rather new way of being in touch.

Remember these things were made so that one could always be with the other one.MORE.
But ,I guess it's worked the other way round.People have stopped meeting.They are so trapped inside these cubicles of fibers that they hardly can imagine a life without them.

An associate of mine married her childhood sweetheart.He moved to Seattle and she was stuck up in poor old Delhi. Initially it was the "usual" missing you - phase for the guy. But gradually,they started sharing / talking only on pings / emails. Later,this also went by.
Once in a blue moon an email used to pop in her inbox saying-"all is well". This was not done. Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

Someone told me - "Karan - the phone has its limitations". I have seen people ,never ever met each other, talked ,loved on phone and then broke away.All on phone.Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

I have a friend with whom I studied. We talked,a bit,back then . Now, when we are miles apart , this "online"thing is "the thing" for us. We talk,share,fight and it feels that we are so much together.Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

Long back on a journey to Kinnaur[HP] , I met an old couple.They shared with me how they met.Very sweetly.For them ,at that time,there were no gtalks/Fb's etc. Yes ! Telephones were there.But they had different way to talking. "S&F-sense and feel" . Uncle would sense , somehow ,I really don't know how,that aunt would be thinking of him ,or waiting for him to call.And he did just that. And for aunt ,for the cutest person she is ,would come to know sitting down in Bangalore that uncle was down with fever.Wow ! Is this long distance love.Not really.

I feel ,of course you should meet the person.Face-to-face.But then that would happen when time comes.Whatever ways you have ,options you use ,make sure you use them.Even if its a small birthday wish , a little hi , a text or if you have shared you number, may be a call on the weekend. That would do.

Remember all of us have a good part in us and a bad part too. We are all smart and all stupid at the same time.TRUST is the single most important thing in life.Try trusting people.It would be not very often that people break your trust.And if they do,learn that it wasn't your trust that failed , it was there wish that they got fulfilled.At the end you stay happy and they too , to some extent.

This is an issue which is too complex to describe. Everyone would have views and counters.All are respected.

PS-sometimes words really don't fill in.......

As for my #astrotip try wearing bright colors . They not only bring the energy level up but also keeps you charged and full of positivity. Couples, once every week should wear a similar color combination. Will help cherish and nurture the relationship.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mount St Marys - My school -

10 as a number may not hold much significance for a numerologist because he would add it up and make it 1+0 = 1 . But , still if you ask a young woman in mid 30s she would say she was much younger and energetic 10 years back than now .

Now , that is what I am talking about . A decade . Just imagine the amount of sheer time , moments that went by . Those hours , minutes , seconds . The sun came and went and the stars played hide and seek with the moon .

Your parents grew older and so did you .The neighbourhood kirana shop owner is no more . The park where you used to play is now a road and not to forget the girl whom you liked is actually in the US . You too are not the same . With the lens in your eyes and the tone of your speech , things have changed .

The merits then have become demerits now . The things you used to love back then , you can't even stand now . If you joined school ten years back then today you might just be appearing for your boards.

Time keeps moving . Only moments freeze.

This and more went through my mind as I stood in front of my red brick school building . Coming back to school after a decade makes you realise time has indeed slipped away .

Mount St Marys , Delhi

The school roads ,  the various wings , the classrooms , those chart papers on the notice boards , the canteen and the field . ( Old ) teachers who now can't walk and at one point in time made you pee in your pants .  The flowers which you refused to see on parent teacher meeting days , you cant stop glancing now . Wow !  Memories are indeed , hard to forget .

And yes , firsts are always special . 

It was beyond words to meet up with fellow students who studied with you for 13 years . Your seniors , super seniors and grandfather seniors are tied up as one big happy - Marians - family.  Some coming with kids ,  some with grandkids and some newly married . All together under one roof.

I remember , everytime I used to pass ( infact , still ) by my school , I always bow my head to this temple of learning which made me what I am today . The time spent here , the education I received , the superb bunch of friends I made and the ever gentle teachers who made us what we are today .

Thanks , is just too less a word here . You can't repay what you got . But , you can make a difference by living the values you received here ....


PS - I actually visited the school after 11 years :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nainital and the beauty all around - Ranikhet

Delhiites love for the hills is well known . And I am no different .  Given the Delhi summer heat ,  I thought what better place than head to the valley which has a pear-shaped lake .  For those of you still guessing - Nainital it is.
For most of you already know, I have a special place for hills and water .  Here, you get both . It's a beautiful time to visit this place and since it was my nth visit it always feels new going back . 
Though, over the time it has become more or less like Delhi - crowded, polluted ,more & more vehicles & yes - tourists . After all , Tourism is the most significant segment of the Nainital's economy .
Places like these don't have -sight seeing per se . Given the fact , that the natural beauty of the place , fresh air , simple people  - are the best bet  . Yet , how do we earn money then ? So , create hot-spots around these . All types of points - sunrise to sunset , lovers to peak and lake view to god view - you will find here in abundance . And not to forget , the usual Mall Road on the either side of the lake which serves you  good walks and decent food and some good views.

Nainital Lake - Naina Devi Temple -
Predominantly , there are two major places you should visit for sure.
  • Nainital Lake- Also known as Naini Lake, it is situated in the heart of the city the eye-shaped lake is a tourist hotspot .Here, a person can either take a leisurely stroll or indulge in boating and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The northern end of the lake is called Mallital, while the southern one is called Tallital. The Lake Bridge that connects the two banks has quite a few shops as well as a post office, the only one in the world to be located on a bridge. 
  • Naina Devi Temple- The presiding deity of the temple is Maa Naina Devi represented by two Netras or eyes. Flanking Naina Devi are the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha. Nainital is believed to be one of the 64 Shaktipeeths One can also get an amazing view of the hill station, overlooking the lake, from the temple.

This time in addition to the above , got a chance to visit the famous Sherwood College located atop the Ayarpata hill .
Majority of the good hotel properties are located in the Mallital area . You can get the reservations done online and crack a good deal . Don't forget to wake up early and go for run / walk in the valley area and you feel simply - divine . In the evening chill , look up the star studded sky and feel blessed . Life is very slow and yet calm and peaceful here . Take in the positive thoughts and spread the joy around.



Never did I knew till I visitied this place . Located about 60kms from Nainital ,its actually a hill station & home for the Kumaon Regiment (KRC) & Naga Regiment and is maintained by the Indian Army , part of the Almora distrcit.

A typical cantonment area and the best part of these are the amount of green cover they have . Spic and span with an array of pine, oak, and deodar forests . As far as the top place goes , there are just 4 of these which are a must visit .

    Jhula Devi Temple , Ranikhet

  1. Army Museum
  2. Jhula Devi temple -  Where devotees tie a bell on wish fulfillment.
  3. Rama Mandir  - A place where you need to sit and feel for the divine presence.
  4. Chaubatia Gardens - This place has plantation of apricots, peaches, chestnuts,almonds and is famous for apple orchards. With a wide variety of himalayan flora, this place also offers the picturesque views of snowcapped himalayas.  
Ranikhet offers some of the most amazing bal mithai and  singhauri that will simply water your tastebuds.

A destination which is off beat but worth a trip .

You can read about my reviews on Trip Advisor via -  and share your thoughts .

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Being an Indian Police Service Officer - an IPS

Everytime I watch a movie , like  - Sarfarosh , Gangaajal or Sehar , all I want to be , in this life is - an IPS officer. 

You may think its the power and the pride that comes with the post which an IPS officer holds or some of you may say its the sheer status the word IPS reflects upon . The perks like most of us know , is having an unprecedented power , a lal-batti , a huge team which does ' Jai Hind ' and a whole lot of a new world .

Given, I have had a good fortune to be in a family of IPS and know and understand from them what is it being an IPS officer most of the above mentioned movies or may be the image we tend paint in our minds is very different from what actually is an IPS officer and what all does he undergoes to be one.

I would put my take on this and share with you all my thoughts on what is a life of an IPS .

Studying is just a part of it . The civil services examination is considered not only the toughest in Indian competitive examination scenarios but also one of the most mentally challenging exams . People prepare ,  study , burn the midnight oil and the entire night and days for years before they actually take the exam .

Post a tough three stage process a candidate finally makes to a personal interview.  And no ! It's not your typical B-school or a corporate interview. Its an experience which is hard to describe.

The cadres are allocated and the journey begins .  A long endless journey wherein a not so fairer future awaits . Transfers, promotions,  “going on leave” , or not being on duty but still being a part of the unit and so on . Life for them , is indeed full of surprises.

It’s a tough life. You mess up with the messiest of the people  doing the most dirtiest of things and in the process you too get a bit dirty . How many of us would have thought the very thought of sleeping with a gun under the pillow ?   Such is a life of these officers.

The families are tensed , the children move schools faster than they celebrate their birthdays. Wives have no options but to put up a brave face always since they never know when they will  be all alone and get the life moving . Holidays are short and festivals are limited to the general public . While we all sleep in the comfort of our home , party hard and attend brunches , remember someone somewhere is chasing a gang , fighting for life and yes, saving many !!

It looks an easy job when you see it from far but believe me its not only hard but something which many people can’t even think of doing .

From our side , the least we can do is to thank them for being there for us  . Share a smile with them since they work hard to ensure a smile on our faces & be with them when they need us  .  

I can write on and on since I love this profession and the people associated with it and everytime I meet an officer all I say besides 'thank you' is Jai Hind . 

After a patriotic post , a small insight on the world of IPS and the universe of astrology . My astrotip for this is that to be an IPS officer one needs a strong combination of - Sun and Mars in their horoscopes since these two planets are fiery , full of life ,leaders with a never say die attitude and this is what an IPS officer links back to.