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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Dhauldhar Circuit & beautiful Himachal Pradesh

'Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.' In line with the above saying and also keeping up a date with my travel itinerary, I thought it was time to take a much needed break . 2013 , so far has been a bit busy for reasons known to me and God.

Dhauladhar range

So , we decided that we should skip the so called ‘summer’ places and go to a place or circuit ( a cluster of places ) which have winters , just like Delhi or may be a snow flake more . And the circuit chosen was the - DHAULADHAR CIRCUIT in my home state of Himachal Pradesh 

This trip was indeed one of the best one I was a part of and also one of the few which were a bit long.


The Dhauladhar Circuit derives its name from the Dhauladhar peaks of Western Himalaya. It passes in the shadow of the mighty and majestic snow clad Dhauldhar ranges, which dominates the beautiful Kangra valley ( hence sometimes called as the Kangra circuit )  dotted by flower filled meadows, temples, tea gardens and flocks of sheep.

This circuit covers  - Chintpurni - Jwalamukhi - Kangra - Dalhousie - Khajjiar - Chamba - Dharamsala - Chamunda . We added to this – Bharmour as well .


Thanks to the AAI we have a beautiful airport at Dharamsala which will actually take your breath away . Surrounded by the Dhauladhar peaks around and neatly maintained by only two carriers – SpiceJet and Air India, servicing the same the journey indeed is under 2 hours from Delhi.


Dharamsala & Mcleodganj

One is called as the lower Dharamsala and the other one is called as the upper Dharamsala ( about 9kms from Dharamsala ) . A nice neat place ( given it was winters and hence an off season with minimalist tourists , vehicles and noise ) the entire area was pristine . One can hop on to the Kotwali Bazar by the evening and see the entire narrow lanes bustling with activities on both sides .  

Key must visit places are –


1.       Chamunda Devi temple
2.      Kunal Pathri temple
3.      Brajeshwari Devi Temple
4.      Masrur rock-cut temple
5.       Bhagsunag Temple & waterfall
6.      Dal lake

Other places

1.       Kangra Museum
2.      Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

Mcleodganj is also the home of Tibetan exile community and hence you will find a lot of Tibetan monks with handheld beads chanting prayers . The star studded sky will surely make you feel that ‘life in a city ‘ is really not worth it. The entire place has a host of eateries both big and small that serve delicacies from all across the globe to both the tourists and the foreigners who keep flocking this place in search of peace and a ‘ good time out’.

Tibetan prayer wheels

It is built on and around five hills, Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota and Bhangora & is a gateway to the ancient Chamba Hill State . Major places to see are:

1.       Dainkund Peak
2.      Bakrota Hills
3.      Bakrota Hills
4.      Dalhousie Cantonment
5.       Sadar Bazar
6.      Tibetan Market
7.      Panchpula


Khajjiar sits on a small plateau with a small stream-fed lake in the middle surrounded by green meadows and dense forests. Also called as the Mini Switzerland of India .This place has only two key things to be seen - Khajjinag temple & the Khajjiar lake.  Make sure you stay at this place and enjoy the calmness surrounding the entire Khajjiar. 


The town is situated on the banks of the Ravi River (a major tributary of the Trans-Himalayan Indus River), at its confluence with the Sal River.The town has a large number of temples and palaces and hosts two popular jatras (fairs), the "Suhi Mata Mela" and the "Minjar Mela".The Lakshmi Narayan temples complex, devoted to the Vaishnavite sect, includes the main Lakshmi Narayan temple, built in the 10th century by Raja Sahil Verman which is "the place" to visit. 

The Chaugan (a Sanskrit word meaning: “four sided”) is the nucleus of all activity in Chamba, surrounded by impressive administrative buildings and a shopping arcade built during the British period and today it is commonly used for cricket matches, picnics and promenades during the mid summer months.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My First Liebster Blog Award

What is a Liebster Blog Award?
The Liebster Blog Award was created to recognize and/or discover (new) bloggers. “Liebster” is a German word for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, or favorite.
Who Nominated Me?
I was nominated by my fellow blogger Rupesh Malik . I feel grateful that he thought of my blog.
What are the Rules?

1.     Link back the nominator of the award (why not show some love back as well!)
2.     Nominate 10 more bloggers (except the nominator) and inform them
3.     Answer the questions asked by the nominator
4.     Ask 10 questions from those you nominated
5.     Add the award image to your site

Continuing with the custom, Rupesh  also asked me certain questions. Here are their answers:-

Q.1 What is the primary focus of your blog? –

Connect – since I write for a variety of genres across love, relationship, travel , B-school , education , Young India and reviews – its important to connect with people / readers who feel the same , sense the same and hence connect with the same . This also lets my creative writing flow in.

Q.2 What is the story behind your blog’s name? 

My blog’s earlier name was -karansayz inspired by my favourite WWE wrestler – The Rock ( who always says – The rocks says….. ) and hence . Post , I bought a domain name with my own name.

Q.3 What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Everday is a learning day and hence gives us moments to be proud of . Something which stands out is – recently being featured as the kick-starter by Hindustan Times for there series-corporate curry – which features -Gurgaons most talented corporate executives .

Q.4 What inspires you to write? 

My dad ( who is a writer himself ) and life ( which gives us so much to share with everyone ) .

Q.5 Three things you want to do before you die?

Live Life Fullest !

Q.6 Five random facts that most people don’t know about you?

–I like being vocal about things I feel strongly.
–I would love to learn cooking. Somebody needs to teach me though.
–I have a strong sense of reading people ( something which I learned through astrology though I still fail to read some )
–I love to travel to places which are neat , secluded and water all around.
–I hate to wake up early in winters.

Q.7 One thing that annoys you the most?

Liars & people who are ashamed to accept their mistakes.

Q.8 Anything that you would like to change about yourself?

You can’t change or challenge God’s creation. Accept and move-on.

Q.9 An awesome moment that you can never forget?

When I made it to my B-school – Symbiosis Institute of International Business,Pune – SIIB.

Q.10 What is the most insane thing that you have ever done in your life till date?

I try to do insane stuff everyday . Helps keep the child in me happy.The “most” is yet to come.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Loving your Love

An interesting call came my way yesterday .  A friend said she is flying to the US to marry someone whom she has never met ( its ALL online ) and has no interests in coming to India. Yes , parents knew a zilch on this and the girl , in spite of my heavy head  banging was in no mood to listen to me . Sometimes even I fail .

The second interesting call came from my dear friend who is scheduled to get married to her fiancé of three years  , next week . And this one was a shocker!! He is cancelling the marriage and marring someone whom he met just about 6 months back . Before you get your thinking horses started , the ‘would be girl ‘refused to get married to him since she could feel the pain of the actual girl . The boy shared the same with his fiancé . 

And there is more. The fiancé’s reply was- "Yes ,you should go ahead , because for me your happiness is supreme and even if you get married to me I know you will never be able to love me and stay with me . So it’s far better to be with someone WHOM you love than you not loving someone .

Love is like water
My take ( since I knew all the three ) on the second stance  and the fiancé  ,for me particularly commands nothing but respect and more respect . Believe me , I feel like kicking my friends butt for this but the finance’s stance and revert have left me shaken . How can you let go of someone you love ? Someone you know ? Someone you are about to get married to next week ?  But , in between all of this remember what she said – YOUR happiness is supreme. 

This is called enlightenment . This is true love. A person has seen the future. A person with so pure a heart has actually visualized that she will not be happy and moreover , ‘he’ will not be happy.
We can debate and curse the ‘would be girl ‘ and the guy but the fact of the matter is , the fiancé has actually shared the truth  . She has understood that she herself will not be happy. People can say why were they getting married at the first place or weren't the two in love ?

Love is water. You cannot define it  . There is a fine a layer which separates liking from loving . People often confuse the two . You may like someone and yes its love, at a much lesser level though but no , its not loving .

Love is what you "2" make it

Loving means you love the person in a way you don't love yourself also . Her presence makes you lighten up , sparkling to be more specific and more importantly you know she feels the same . When one is down and low , just be seeing her sitting right next to you can actually make one feel blessed . Love also means that you know the other person has limits and he may not have lived your life . This makes a chance to make him live your life , learn with him and make him to do things you are a master at . It's like saying a child , a new born , is fresh into the world and here is this one person - mother  ,  who pampers him with all the love she has. And more. 

I am still thinking my stand on the above two but believe me there is no right or wrong . At the end there are 2 persons who love each other 100% and more. 

And yes , things will not be the same as ever . But remember moments are something that only two people make special . It doesn't matter even it’s a simple coffee and a Parle –G. Spend time loving these people and making these moments special. This time don’t leave things to chance.
It’s like saying you don’t live life . You live moments with those special someone’s doing sweet nothings.


Interesting song for last month of 2013 - Here it is -

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art of relationships

Sri Sri says - Like in the spring, the entire creation just springs up. The birds sing, trees blossom. Like that when energy is kindled in you, it creates awe. You spring out of dullness, out of the inertia, out of the routine. New life springs up - that is love and may be that's what happens in love.

It’s a strange world and stranger than this are the people that live here. And even more than this are the relationships ,that these people get into.

I am no expert in the area of relationship nor there is anything wrong or right in a relationship . There isn't any prediction which happens and there aren't any chances that don’t occur . Somewhere in between all of this two people stay and keep themselves afloat .

A father and a daughter relationship is on a different trajectory all together . Considered one of the most pious of all this is a relationship where the two are only two and just for the two . The father knows one day the daughter has to go and there will be void in his home and in his heart . The daughter knows he will always be the first man in her life and nobody , NOBODY will ever care for her and love her the way her father does .

A son and a mother is a typical sweet and sour relationship wherein the son , in cases , the baby will always remain a baby . He will never grow old , he will never be too big to not be a baby and never to old to not to come and discuss his life with his mom . This is a delicate one and filled with just pure love and care . A bond so strong that words can’t describe much.

A would be wife and a would be husband , is a relationship which is in middle of nowhere . They stay in the middle , the settings in the background changes . If they were friends at one point and then they choose to take a level beyond this then though a higher level is attained the very essence of friendship at times get lost and hence this is one of the most sensitive of all relationships.

A boyfriend and a girlfriend who have been together for a good time ( believe me there is no good time . 5 years is too less a time and 5 days is too big a duration ) and have vowed to stay together till eternity is one of those which is build on dreams . Dreams on life , what future holds , how things moved and will move and a whole lot of un-hidden things .

And then there is somewhere in between friendship – a relationship which nobody understands but everyone wants to be a part of. Remember , good friends and close friends are those with whom you can fight , cry on their shoulder , pull a leg or an ear or may be just cook up a coffee with more water and less coffee . This is a relationship which can only grow and grow and become more strong . These are people who help you lead your life and make you see the mirror when you may be shining a bit too bright . One of those relationships in which you have to be either inside or around the fence but not outside.

These are just my thoughts and I am sure there would be loads of unsaid relationships you were a part of or will be in one .Nurture them , stay in them and most importantly believe in them.

Can a new found friendship between two people move into a husband –wife domain . Aha !

Go for it !! Why not !!

Next time , will tell for sure.

Listen to this song to ease you out -

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life and the way we live

If you analyse life deeply you will come to know that there are many life's within your life . These are beyond your control since your own life is also not under your control :P 

Often, in sweep seconds many things happen in parallel . Someone somewhere gets a new life , someone moves out from this world to another , a child gets his first pocket money , a love blooms within two hearts and yes , somewhere in the sky the stars also move houses .

Yesterday , a friend of mine called and on the phone she started weeping . Early in the day right in front of her eyes a person riding a cycle got smashed out by a speeding SUV . Within a fraction of a second the person riding the cycle was in the air and his cycle was beyond any damage that could be repaired . The SUV guy fled from the seen leaving behind a person in blood and making him near to his death.

If you read the above there are number of things that may have happened. The person riding the cycle would be going to work on his usual time on the same road . The SUV guy would also be in a similar ecosystem .   My friend who usually wakes up late morning only that day woke up early for a jog . All seems normal . Yet ,  what happened changed the life's of all the three . 

This is what I always call as the 'hidden power'  which is always there watching all of us. It has the capacity to do the unimaginable , to give life to someone and yes , to take life away from someone. 

A friend of mine often tells me that everyday he takes a 2 minute break and thinks and says - 'Yes , I know one day this will be all gone . I will no longer be in this world with my near and dear ones  . That day I will come and meet you and I want you to say to me- 'Yes my son , you did a good job' ".

This brings him back to the ground to the reality to the very fact that one needs to do everyday nothing but 'good karmas' . Time is already counted and its has started the day you were born .  Try to touch as many  lives as you can and spread the goodness inside you with everyone in the outside world .  Remember , sufferings are not what we need to know how to deal with . Its the blessings that we need to count and the prayers we need to do for everyone around us that makes life worth living .


What happened to the cycle guy . Yes, he is recovering and hopefully will be fit and fine soon to cycle life's journey.


Today is Ahoi Ashtami .This vrat is observed 8 days before Diwali i.e. on Kartik Krishna Paksha Ashtami. This fast and its Puja are dedicated to Mata Ahoi or Goddess Ahoi (a form of Maa Parvati). She is worshipped by women for the well-being and long life of their children. This day is also known as Ahoi Aathe or karwathe.

Similar to karwa Chauth, Mothers observe fast from dawn to dusk. Fast is broken during twilight after sighting stars in the sky. 


Monday, September 30, 2013

Memories - A click away and Captured !

The sad part about people is - that you love them.   Now,that’s my friend what life is all about ~ Karan

A chance encounter with someone from the past whom you would have forgotten rekindled a walk down the memory lane. For not the walk was a smooth or a bumpy ride but for the sheer joy of walking together. It’s a basic human instinct that you feel nice , you feel wanted when you are in a company accompanied by someone you know / knew  . It’s just a safe and secure thing to feel for . 

This friend of mine was a decade old now.  And yes, I too had moved on to complete a decade. As they say memories are formed not out of the cutest or the sweetest of things but the ones that create an impact - are truly remarkable.

Destiny has plans for most of us . However, very few choose to ‘plan’ and implement these ‘plans’. When someone comes in and then walks out of our life it’s not because their time is complete in our journey but it’s that there is someone new waiting to come on-board.  Very remotely we realize who went by and who came in. And then one fine day – spark – they drop in to say Hi and you are left with no conversation starters.  Memories just flash by with pictures and moments capturing what you had shared  in the past.

Pictures, aha ! makes me come to an another interesting point . Have you ever realized most of us love getting clicked for various reasons?  It’s nice after all to see our own selves and recollect all those memories  / moments passed by with the people who were a part of us at that point in time .

And this is how the above actually happened .The long lost friend of mine was browsing through a set of images when she stumbled upon ‘this set’  . And as they say , visuals can hold your breath let apart thoughts.

One series led to another and given the connected world the pictures were uploaded and were shared all across.  A step further, an email connect happened with the ‘gang’  where in a ‘chosen’ set of pictures were shared with everyone . And believe me , in a span for under 1 hour , people from India ,  Australia , the US and yes , Bali - were all connected . Some would argue that this is the power of social media – yes ! but the larger power is the power of –love . The power of being together , the power of memories .

One picture and 5 updates. People had moves jobs , changes locations , had raised families and some of them had put on weight . Suddenly everyone’s ‘do not disturb’ signage got changed to ‘available now’ . 

We are not busy , we are just too caught up in our otherwise simple life. This made so much sense to me now . The feeling is deep sinking yet something fun .

So you know the next time you are feeling low , or high – get clicked . Revisit those folders where you have bags full of joys waiting to be played.  Drop in an image with a one line update and see how fast you reach out to . And remember people move and fade away – memories stay .

A special thanks to a special someone for making me get ‘my bag’ of these special moments.


On a lighter note - I wonder if there will be a day when cameras would be redundant given our cell phones are taking over .

Also , stumbled upon this interesting piece of work from Citibank today . Thought of sharing :

Why wait when you can fly and be present in person 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Being your own personal FAVORITE

It’s hard and at times tough when you don’t get what you want / wanted or desired.  Ever seen a child cry for something that you would not buy for him or her knowing that’s it’s of no use but still you go ahead and buy because you can’t see your child in tears?? !!

I remember back in my childhood days there were a number of instances when I used to literally  ‘blackmail’  my parents into buying that – latest  ‘ lay-a-hen ‘ toy  or a ‘hot wheels mega set’ or may be a ‘button wala” pencil box  and they used to run or ring the shop to get or buy it for me .  It’s not that these things were my favorite or I would have cried a river to get them, but the fact is, at that point time those were my favorite. 

Little did I realized, that some years down the lane I would never ever open the packed boxes of these things.

It’s also not that I have changed or these things no longer hold relevance for me. It’s just that I have got bored and I no longer need or require them. They are in short , not my favorite anymore. 

Favorites by definition are a varied set. For some there could be -humans whom they like a lot and hence are a favorite. For others, it’s the worldly materialistic things that matters – may be a watch , a car , the next big bling iPhone or even just getting that sparkling yellow dress for your next birthday .

Someone would argue and say favorites always stay favorites. A favorite color, Pink,will always remain a favorite . Shah Rukh Khan for some will always remain the number 1 entertainer and hence a favorite . The vacation which you took to ,say Paris , last year , will always remain your favorite .  The first branded watch which came as a gift on your B-school placement will and always be your favorite. The first kiss from your now ex whom you are no longer on talking terms will be your favorite kiss . Your grandma’s french fries will always and always remain the best even if you traveled the world over in search of the best fries
Seeing the star studded the sky for some folks is the best thing they would want to do every evening though it’s a different equation that given our city lives we hardly get time to go ‘home on time’ let apart do star-gazing.

So why do favorites change ?  What is it that makes this change happen ? Why is it that some things that you once loved and loved are no longer even remotely recollected by your mind  ? And such other queries …..

Well, in simple words if I have to put it &answer it would be – YOU CHANGE.  During one of my astrological sessions with some of my peers, I told them that the lines on your palms change every day every moment . Give it a shot .Though, it’s not easy to see the changes but it does happen.  Same is the case with YOU and all of us . As we grow and progress in life , our mind and heart also change and adapt accordingly .  Some of you would say – stars and the astrological equations also change  .Yes , indeed !!

But more importantly, you tend to move away to something more new & more fresh . Ever thought , when you were in school and changed / moved classes  - the entire feel of a – new bag , new pencil box , new books ,new water bottle , new tiffin box and may be a new watch or a pair of new shoes made you go “wow “ . 

What exactly changed here – Everything was the same  . A book or maybe a curriculum just upgraded  itself . The school remained the same  , may be the teachers also , and most importantly –YOU also were the same  . There was a time when the now old school bag was your favorite but no longer now .

Similar is the case with life. Life moves one and on . Time moves along with. Learn to appreciate what you have every day - be it big or small, significant or insignificant, expensive or priceless. Remember you are privileged than many others around you. For them you are nothing less than a king or a queen and they can never attain or get what you have already left.

Remember “Geet” from Jab We Met saying , “ main apni favorite hoon “  ! After all, if you don’t love yourself first ,  who else will . And I can go on and on….and suddenly this post will become my ‘favorite ‘post which is not the case since all of my posts are special and really special. Each one of them has a favorite element in it which makes it all the more special  , and they are all written by me and I am my own favorite :) :)

You can tweet @karansayz or simply drop me a comment or a one liner .

Monday, September 9, 2013

The time YOU enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time !

Gifts are hard to get and more importantly they need to taken- care off really well.  Such is the case which happened with my recent gift – an Apple iPad .Now , most you would go wow and gaga all over but take a moment and let me explain it to you with a background .

I am a laptop person and this is what makes me click . Adaptable and easy to use the laptop has been my companion since my b-school days . When I got the iPad I thought I would use it every day for most of my key things.  This however, has till date remained a thought.  Whenever I go and try to use it I just feel – laptop works better for me. It may be the adaptability issue, or maybe I never fell in love with it or maybe I am not an apple fan  to put it together .  But , then the key thing here is it’s a – gift  . A really special one.

So , I decided and got in touch with some of my fellow Apple stars who tried all the tricks in the bag and made download the ‘best’ of the apps ,as they call .

Things improved - I configured my social media – twitter  , LinkedIn , Facebook and my series of personal accounts  .  I downloaded Flipboard – a favorite now which I regularly use and browse through. What I also got were a series of games. One of them is the Real Racing 3  .
I love games – especially digital ones which you can play on an iPad or may be a laptop . And yes , I got addicted to this game. A typical car racing game with new fancy cars , nice choice of tracks and good co-drivers . And then it started on and on.Yesterday, just a glance at my till date time spent on this game drove me into a shock state . I had spent close to 18 hours on this game over a period of less than 4 weeks . I am and still in a shock state !!

18 hours of my life wasted in a game of which I learnt nothing new , unlearnt something old , strained my eyes and my back and more importantly I could have done the world in those 18hours.

The first thought which came to my mind was – DELETE this damn game !  Wrap and close the iPad into the box and in it goes for a good time now.   But then , I was the one who choose it . I liked playing it . The experience made me feel wow and hence I came over almost every day to this game. I drove well, moved levels , bought cars and earned dollars.  In short, I did all the game was meant to do . Then why ponder over and lose your thoughts.

If you have taken a decision then be bold enough to stand by it . Don’t always measure things in the scale that’s it’snot meant to be . Life will be far simpler.  Each and every thing , each and every person have very different roles to play in our life’s  . If we start measuring each of them then life would be far more complex.

Someone told me,that you should keep life simple and straightforward.  The more thinking you do the more confused you become and the more complex your life and thoughts are  . Life was always simple. It’s just that we have gone in search of things and people – who are actually not needed by us . If at 1 in the night you have no one to call up and share something that is bothering you  , with a close  1000+ friends on Facebook almost similar on LinkedIn- then believe me it’s not worth it !! just not worth it .  have that one person who can take the way you are , listen the things you wish to say and give you a smile back where it belongs to – Life is and will be beautiful . 


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all ! May God give us peace and happiness.. and lots of Modaks of course !

Saturday, August 10, 2013

ISKCON & the art of connecting with krishna

You can love it. At times hate it . But you just can't ignore it . The 'it' here being - Delhi . The city has so much to offer to everyone . It never stops people from coming into , it takes all the 'beating' for the bad the not-so-good people do. It offers diverse culture, historic monuments , varied tastes and not to forget -the nerve center of the India politics.

As a typical delhiite , I have seen this city move through a diverse series of changes. Yet , when I take a stroll near a park ,I fail to understand what exactly has changed ? Is it more vehicles, more rains, more people , more pollution or is it just the way it was .

Your guess is as good as mine. We will not talk or discuss about Delhi's not-so-good parts rather than focus on places , things which are very near to its heart . These are places that have done there bit in connecting Delhi to the larger universe.

One such place that is my absolute favourite and a must visit in case you are in Delhi is - Sri Sri Radha-Parthasarathi Temple . Also called and known as the famous - ISKCON DELHI temple .  This place was built in 1995 and ever since has been chanting the famous ‘ hare krishna’ rhythm . Located a top the ‘ hare krishna’ hill this place combines positivity , enthusiasm , celebrations , smiles  and above all – the connect with God.


You have to feel the pulse here sitting in the main hall where devotees are dancing as if the Krishna is also dancing along with them. The atmosphere is so charged up that being shy is not an option. Your feet and hands will automatically start moving and in no time you will be all by yourself playing and singing with Krishna.

ISKCON started in 1966 and ever since has come a long way with close 400 temples around the world . All the temples are built in a unique style of architecture and the ‘murti’s ‘ are unique and beautiful . The way the temple complexes are maintained is unlike any other regular temples you will find . Neat and clean with the most modern use of technology and with manicured lawns all around – the day would just pass by .

Sitting and attending the series of aratis they have all through the day and can make you reconnect with your inner self and realize what’s really important and worthwhile to gun for in this short time span called – life.

It’s a place where you feel the divine power with you.  So the next time , do ensure you take time out and visit ‘krishna’ abode, literally.

Catch a glimpse of  – live darshan .
Happy chanting –

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long distance connect and the art of loving !

The picture says it all !!

It happened long back !!

long long back !!

Infact,kaafi time ho gaya.

They say you never love , if you don't meet someone . Face to face. Talk.Share.

But as always they say. And I find it hard to believe whatever ‘they say’.

This post is unlike other posts . May be yes may be not.

A lot of my readers wanted my side of views on this issue.

And a lot means a lot.

Well, I believe if you don't experience it yourself you really don't have much of a say.

It's like someone keeps on calling you ,desperately, so much, that every time they call they hear the ring. But no one answers it. And after a while, with no options they have to give up.
And if the same thing is done to "you" by someone else then only you realize how it feels.

So, I can have my share of views on this one.

Long distance love - well...already has a "long" in probably one of the most common complex phrases I have been hearing time and again.

The world has expanded.So,we have shrinked.
With a 3G’s of the world , we have got the universe a click away.
So much so, we don't even bother to move out, meet people , talk , share.

Just drop in an email / ping / "FB" like" status , tweet and it's done.
It’s our way or rather new way of being in touch.

Remember these things were made so that one could always be with the other one.MORE.
But ,I guess it's worked the other way round.People have stopped meeting.They are so trapped inside these cubicles of fibers that they hardly can imagine a life without them.

An associate of mine married her childhood sweetheart.He moved to Seattle and she was stuck up in poor old Delhi. Initially it was the "usual" missing you - phase for the guy. But gradually,they started sharing / talking only on pings / emails. Later,this also went by.
Once in a blue moon an email used to pop in her inbox saying-"all is well". This was not done. Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

Someone told me - "Karan - the phone has its limitations". I have seen people ,never ever met each other, talked ,loved on phone and then broke away.All on phone.Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

I have a friend with whom I studied. We talked,a bit,back then . Now, when we are miles apart , this "online"thing is "the thing" for us. We talk,share,fight and it feels that we are so much together.Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

Long back on a journey to Kinnaur[HP] , I met an old couple.They shared with me how they met.Very sweetly.For them ,at that time,there were no gtalks/Fb's etc. Yes ! Telephones were there.But they had different way to talking. "S&F-sense and feel" . Uncle would sense , somehow ,I really don't know how,that aunt would be thinking of him ,or waiting for him to call.And he did just that. And for aunt ,for the cutest person she is ,would come to know sitting down in Bangalore that uncle was down with fever.Wow ! Is this long distance love.Not really.

I feel ,of course you should meet the person.Face-to-face.But then that would happen when time comes.Whatever ways you have ,options you use ,make sure you use them.Even if its a small birthday wish , a little hi , a text or if you have shared you number, may be a call on the weekend. That would do.

Remember all of us have a good part in us and a bad part too. We are all smart and all stupid at the same time.TRUST is the single most important thing in life.Try trusting people.It would be not very often that people break your trust.And if they do,learn that it wasn't your trust that failed , it was there wish that they got fulfilled.At the end you stay happy and they too , to some extent.

This is an issue which is too complex to describe. Everyone would have views and counters.All are respected.

PS-sometimes words really don't fill in.......

As for my #astrotip try wearing bright colors . They not only bring the energy level up but also keeps you charged and full of positivity. Couples, once every week should wear a similar color combination. Will help cherish and nurture the relationship.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mount St Marys - My school -

10 as a number may not hold much significance for a numerologist because he would add it up and make it 1+0 = 1 . But , still if you ask a young woman in mid 30s she would say she was much younger and energetic 10 years back than now .

Now , that is what I am talking about . A decade . Just imagine the amount of sheer time , moments that went by . Those hours , minutes , seconds . The sun came and went and the stars played hide and seek with the moon .

Your parents grew older and so did you .The neighbourhood kirana shop owner is no more . The park where you used to play is now a road and not to forget the girl whom you liked is actually in the US . You too are not the same . With the lens in your eyes and the tone of your speech , things have changed .

The merits then have become demerits now . The things you used to love back then , you can't even stand now . If you joined school ten years back then today you might just be appearing for your boards.

Time keeps moving . Only moments freeze.

This and more went through my mind as I stood in front of my red brick school building . Coming back to school after a decade makes you realise time has indeed slipped away .

Mount St Marys , Delhi

The school roads ,  the various wings , the classrooms , those chart papers on the notice boards , the canteen and the field . ( Old ) teachers who now can't walk and at one point in time made you pee in your pants .  The flowers which you refused to see on parent teacher meeting days , you cant stop glancing now . Wow !  Memories are indeed , hard to forget .

And yes , firsts are always special . 

It was beyond words to meet up with fellow students who studied with you for 13 years . Your seniors , super seniors and grandfather seniors are tied up as one big happy - Marians - family.  Some coming with kids ,  some with grandkids and some newly married . All together under one roof.

I remember , everytime I used to pass ( infact , still ) by my school , I always bow my head to this temple of learning which made me what I am today . The time spent here , the education I received , the superb bunch of friends I made and the ever gentle teachers who made us what we are today .

Thanks , is just too less a word here . You can't repay what you got . But , you can make a difference by living the values you received here ....


PS - I actually visited the school after 11 years :)