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Friday, November 25, 2011

Feels nice - Help

It's a good feeling . Deep down inside you feel satisfied and calm .I do . Everytime I do . I do :)

Life is not what it gives . It is what you make of what is already there. Moments are spread across. It's only you who needs to have a buy in . Things , places , people - change but the moments keep flowing .

Help - Helping is a beautiful universe in this world. A thought which always comes whenever I hear the word - help - is - wow ! a chance to live better , a chance to do better , a chance to live life .

It can be anything in the cluster of things you do all around . It could be patiently listening to the cab driver when all he knows is about driving and farms and cows and "bhaath" . It could be giving him that small strip of a medicine when is down with fever . It could be writing / helping  his son who wants to buy the "latest computer" :) the best way to buy / build  one.

It can be your security guard who smiles everytime you walk beside him and hardly anyone smiles back .It could be giving a blanket to keep himself cool when he guards "you" in the winters .

It can be the cute girl whom you see crying for the candy that got dropped onto the ground . It could be wiping her tears and taking her in your arms and telling her that the world is YOU.

It can be the friend who hardly calls you in the years gone by and one fine day calls you to fix an interview since he looking for a job change .

The list just goes on and on . It stops only when you stop living life . It feels really happy deep down within when you help someone . When you lend a helping hand to your mom on your weekends .When you tell your dad that let polish your shoes this time. When you tell your better half forget the cooking , let me order from outside :P

Try helping people wherever whenever however you CAN . It makes a difference . More than that person ; to you . Life is too long to live for yourself and too short to live for others. Try the latter one . Feels nice .