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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Heya , [ that's my new found greeting word ]

Well,Shillong is beautiful . Infact,as a matter of fact the entire North Eastern part of India is simply splendiferous.Of late besides TLC [ my favourite channel on air ] ,NDTV good times is a good bet. A beautiful documentary / show was on air . It showed the brilliant Tripura Castle and the royal King PBK Manikya. Do google and you'll know our India a lot better.Next time when planning a vacation do visit this part of India. You'll love it.

Have you watched Partner ? In case yes, nice .In case no,no worries. The other day on my way to a friend's place me and my associate had a gala time . Girls love to talk and I am too good with listening. We were discussing about this song from Dabang: Munni Badnaam Hui and then Salman and the discussion flew into "partner" .

I recalled when way back in school we used to have this thing of "taking partners" . MSM - my alma matter allowed to shift / change our "benchers" / "partners" when we moved to next grades or even in-between the same grades as well.We always wanted "that" guy  [ since it was a boys only school ] whom we were on best terms. The terms could be different - playing,eating,studies,family friends,or just buddies. I always looked forward to having my bestest people around . Even if it meant the immediate back-seat or the front ones.Strategy,since then was in-built in me as this helped in the exams :P

Into my engineering college the circle expanded and it became as a "gang" . More people more fun and more "gyaan". It continued till MBA days, off and on though.

This associate of mine was  "highlighting" the importance of "someone" being with you always .But as I always say -"hamesha ki liye toh kuch nahein hota".People come and go . Life moves on . How many times have you talked with all those people who were with you in "that"phase of life. Phases change,people change and new flow comes in. Very difficult , though,there may be some who have friends right from the start.Treasures I must say.

But ,why do we need them ? Can't we be alone ? After all life is ever moving. You come alone and go alone.You change places,firms and even countries.People come and go.Life becomes busy and at times , let apart friends / partners you don't get time for yourself also.

But still you desire that at least "some" people are always with you.And at times when you need them the most you face the fact that yes,there are some.

There are a couple of  "connects" / "partners" which I have . I just randomly call them / text them / email them . We could have been out of touch since ages but it's just that "feeling of connect" that makes me reach for them .

I don't know how to put it but believe me people - old and new are all very precious.Take time to connect with them. And "time" is the only thing which is running short.For all of us...

PS - Have been times and fainéant .So,a delay in replies. You can connect with me on twitter / FB / linkedin / orkut . Have become more "connected" now..