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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kuch Kum Gili Hai Baarishein.....

Delhi and rains – not a much known combination. But when it becomes one, it’s beautiful. It’s pouring in Delhi for the last two days –off and on, though.

Today, in the early morning I decided to go on a small drive in my arena. It was beautiful. Now I envy people who wake up early every day go for a jog, a stroll, hit the gym or just walk and chit-chat. It’s so nice out there.

My windscreen had small droplets of water coming in every nano seconds. If you have time do try looking into this wonderful phenomena.Everytime when you don’t use the wiper the tiny drops come in and fill the screen .And when you put the wiper on then also they don’t stop. At times they might irritate you and at times you would love them.

I stopped my car and the wiper and let the rain drops accumulate on the screen. These tiny ones covered the entire the screen in a few seconds and I just couldn’t stop myself seeing all this. And half an hour down I was just seeing this.

And when you have some good music playing what more do you want.

Life at times unleashes so much troubles and hardships to us that no matter how much cleaning and organizing you do they just don’t get over. But rains aren’t forever. Nor are the hardships. You too shouldn’t give up that easily. Take everyday as a challenge and learn from it. Learn and strive to enjoy what you do. You can give up anytime. Have you ever thought it takes so less a time to disconnect a call from someone whom you don’t wish to talk. Just that “red button” would do the trick. But hear people out .If someone has called you in they want to talk /share something. Try giving them some chance.

Delhi is awesome these days. And my weekends come and go so fast that hardly came to know that May is over. Such is life dearies….

PS – Heard Brazil is the top favorite for the FIFA. Let’s see...