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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shikayat......zindagi mein reh gaye........

Stop complaining!! I know it's been so long, but I was really busy!!

That's life - in a nutshell.

The wishes never cede to finish and the complains never seems to less.

  My friend - is no longer my friend -Shikayat.

 I just wanted my grand mom to be with me this day. Why did she go away so fast - Shikayat.

 She loved me and I loved her. We hate each other now - Shikayat.

 Why the hell I bought this Nokia E72 .Blackberry was better - Shikayat.

 Wish I scored an A+ than B - Shikayat.

 Mom and Dad gave up all the things for me. Yet I talk to them rudely -Shikayat.

 I love praying. But this faineance kills me - Shikayat.

 I want to quit smoking, But I can't - Shikayat.

 There is so much to do. All around. But how – Shikayat.

 I want to travel the world. Meet new people –Shikayat.

 Only if I said to her –“Don’t go. I need you in my life things would have been so better –Shikayat

 I didn’t wish him on his birthday – Shikayat

 I knew she was upset. But I made no effort to listen or talk to her – Shikayat

 I didn't answer his calls .I was pissed off . And now it's too late - Shikayat

Life, everyday gives us so many chances to do so many things that we want to do but something sometimes you just can’t help. Then –complain. Believe me life as it seems is no less good for others and no less bad for you. It’s all how you take it. Start doing things you like. The days, the hours won’t increase. Yes, the “shikayat”list would go down as they say – “life is what we make of it. People come and go.It’s all about how you want your life to be that it becomes that way. Something like water. It takes the shape of anything in which you try to keep it in”.

Try doing things in life which you always thought of.Complains arise from not doing things we really want to.Start today.Start now.Life would end.But at least you'll feel happy that you called "her"up to wish her on her birthday even if it was late..........

PS-Working would be so hectic never did I thought . Waking up @ 6 in the morning 7 days would be routine.Stop complaining - baby Karan  ;)