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Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's been a while , now !!

And the journey is still on, to say so...

Well,was thinking to write this blog post since a long time !!

But ,gosh !! Busy , I was to the core :P...

Skipping meals , missing [ intentionally ] my workout regime , NO studies ,at all .

So , where the hell , am I being so busy !!

Rads would say - "Baba ,is always on his cell".

But,believe me this time around I have genuinely started talking less and less. [ Was a new year resolution :) ]

There is not much to do out here @ SIIB .As the final month before the stepping out is ON it seems to going in a pace of its own.Everyone is kind a relaxed,cheerful & in a "masti" mood to make the most of it.Since I had already spent February doing the "masti" things .....all I am doing is sleeping , eating [ though occasionally ] , chatting up , once a while reading on some stuff and movies.

Looking @ my fingernails which needed a cut , I was reminded of my good old school days when I used to do "nail-biting" .There are so many out there who still carry with this activity ,but ,I had left this long back. I don't know how it started and how I got involved in this but I know for sure that it took time to go.

And it required understanding which was not possible for me grasp at that tender age :)

So,Mom told me that it's a bad habit to do so. Dad told the nails become criss-crossed and looks bad.Cousin's told me -nothing happens bro. See mine :)

Then as I grew up I started hating it.So,one day,as at times I become rigid-IT WAS OVER.No more nail biting and it stays till date.Whenever I have long nails that need to be foreshorten I remember something which I MYSELF discovered sometime back.

I guess most of my readers are aware ,in case still not,I am an ardent fan and follower and learner of Indian Astrology.So,I keep reading stuff from all over whenever I am not in a mood to predict the future :)

One such story or ism says that each finger is a sign of a planet / represents a planet. From the nails the rays of that planet comes in our body.And that's how we get high / low in some areas or the others. Similar is the concept of "rings" / "stones" which people wear.

Example - The index finger typifies Guru / Jupiter. One wears a yellow sapphire / pukhraj for the same. So,in case you are a nail biter of the index finger , then you are decreasing the good rays of Jupiter in your body.

So,given this one should avoid doing such a thing. It's a complete no-no. But I have found people in my connect as well,who are not able to give this nun's habit up.They haven't tried or they are too not riled to give in.I guess,there are better things for the teeth to do and the hand to learn.

This is just an attempt to help them give a boost to sweep over with this custom.

btw-someone has just called me up saying that "they"have left it already !! Impressed

PS-well,it's been a tiring day today.Planning and re-working on hi-fi life issues . Pray that all goes well....