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Friday, July 16, 2010

Get well soon - tiger

This one is important.

Today morning I got a text from a colleague . Still in my "processing mode" I managed to read - " Do Pray for him ."

Just by reading this line I was numb. Gaining cognizance I read the entire text.

A colleague of mine met with an accident at the ill-famed DND flyover . He was admitted to the ICU . No one knows what really happened . He was critical.

I rushed to the office and sensed something was losing. The usual cheerful faces were in "no-mood" tags today.Everyone seemed to be in that same thought.We managed to make our way out of the office to the hospital.

Believe me , I loose my energy and myself everytime I walk into a hospital. The entire scene makes me dead.And more, when you are headed to the ICU . He was in the ICU and the usual "daring" Karan wasn't able to walk past the entry door.The entire family was outside and the guard said to me - " Only one person at a time".

I managed to get inside , praying and looking all around . There was nothing but HOPE. I saw him and I felt so disenabled that all I could do was to stand there. I met him the previous evening and never I knew that I'll be witnessing him today like this.Just managed to control my tears I just couldn't stay there. I went out .

Hospitals,blood,injections,needles and the piercing make me think always why life gives us this ?

Driving kills. It's true. Drive safe . Please. Everyone is someone's someone . One moment of your speed thrust can wash away the entire generations of a family.

I hope he gets well soon and for all those - Please be safe. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding and the Venue !!! - Indian Style - City Explored

I love writing. Everyone knows. But I like sharing too .Now you know. :)

I have wanted to visit Lucknow ever since I heard about it. And it happened.

One of my close friends is from Lucknow. Now based in the Middle East her marriage was in Lucknow and poor I gave it a miss. Thanks to my MBA.No further thinking required :P

However, this time when one of my dear engineering college batch mate from Lucknow was getting married I made sure that I am a part of it.

So, it all started by my way of planning in advance. There were step-ins and step-outs of a number of people which made the entire plan on hold.However,as destiny has it, the tickets were done as what Dad always says – “end of the 11th hour”. At last I and a friend were ON to be a part of this Indian grandeur.

We decided to get the Lucknow Shatabdi for going and Jet flight for flying back to Delhi .Time as always was short.

After four long years I met Harshit. The same “Java Nut “. No change. Only this time he was getting married. And that’s a big thing.

The train was on time and believe me the sight of the Charbagh Railway Station was a delight. The architecture, the build. It all made me feel why Lucknow is associated with the nawabs.The entire journey to his place was simply beautiful. With parks all around dedicated / build around some themes, the clock tower, the Vidhan Sabha, King Grants Medical College, the GPO, convention center everything in and around here is famous. People – the rich and the not so all think / believe themselves to be nawabs, I guess.

Harshit’s family made sure that we get a taste of the famous Lucknavi cuisine & the even more famous – zara nawazi / atithi satkar. From the famous malai ki gilori to the paans to the even more paani ka batasha and the ever flowing basket chaat. We ate and ate. Lucknow has so much to offer. Each Chowk, each ganj is famous in its own sweet way. All you need to do is to find a local and explore the insight of Lucknow.

An important thing to highlight here is that this is probably my first wedding which I sat through right from the baarat to the wedding venue to the hawan, from the pheras to the power dinner with the new couple and everything part of it.

Indian weddings are tiring. Believe me. I could relate to poor Harshit wearing a beautiful ensemble [sherwani] in the Lucknow heat and sweating and sitting all through his ceremonies. It’s tough.

Two people who need a special mention are – the groom’s mom and the bride’s father. Both these people were simply superb. May be because of the marriage or what, they had this unusual charm and positivity in them which made them work constantly without breaks right throughout. Kudos to them!!! A big day for them, indeed!
Lucknow is famous for many things .Since the time was short we decided to pick the best one out. Bara Imambara. Bara means big, and an imambara means a shrine. The Bara Imambara is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow.The place is simply as other heritage sites beautiful .Manicured lawns the in and out are all great. It houses a famous “bhool-bhulaiya” [maze] which without a local guide is tough crack. A must visit when in Lucknow.

It was tiring but enjoyable. The Lucknow airport is one terminal place .Short and simple. Made some new friends and met some great people. Learnt a little more about India and yes a whole lot about the great Indian weddings.

PS - Tired to the core. But still loving it. All the best to Harshit for a great married life . And Lucknow - may be next time soon....more to be explored. And please don't start asking me - "Karan,when are you getting married" . ;)