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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zindagi pal ki..............

Nothing great happening. Koi na….Read on....

Well, was driving through the busy lanes of Delhi last evening and came across a beautiful park. The sight of it made me stop and just look around what all was happening.

So, I decided to poke in my ear / eyes and hear / see what all were people up to.

Who’s WHO?

We had our “old” / senior ladies chit-chatting about the religious stuff.

The “seniors” / gents were taking a stroll, talking about the government policies and the yes! The rains.

The housewives [may be ex-corporates :)] were baby-sitting and believe me, as always, the little ones were adorable. Innocent .Not giving a shit about what is happening around. Least concerned if “The” Karan is present. They were simply too busy to be free

The “young” ones were playing. Playing here is a bit different. The “big” boys were protecting their”little”sisters. Some were playing in the mud and doing some form of construction which even major real estate developers will find hard to imitate. The others were playing “bat-ball” and there were some girls playing “stapu” [if that’s how it’s spelled].

YOU – must have passed through one of these stages sometime soon. Or may be you are in one of these. Or you will be moving into one, soon.

Did you happen to do this? Will you be doing this? Or is something better you have lined up?

We keep thinking and thinking .God only knows what we think. And then Time up.

There is so much to do and believe me time is ample. You need to plan and prioritize. What is in “real” needed of you? Then you should just do it. There is no right time or right moment.It all depends how well you are prepared to go .

Think and let me know!!

PS – Month end in banks are a tough time. Sachi.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mirror cracking material & linkage to Astrology ?!

For a good number of days - I have been saying " Delhi is HOT ". And guess what ? It is . Still .Today,I was commuting with a confrère in one of Delhi's most swishest arenas - Sainik Farms.

And a strange thing happened today.

The roads here are so narrow that driving becomes knotty,many a times.And one of the Skoda's smashed the driver's side view mirror. And it "cracked".

The confrère,shared with me that the cracked mirror is a sign of  bad luck . And guess what ? It brings bad luck for seven years . But that is only if you see your image in it. I guess, we didn't.

Does it really happen that ways ? Seven years straight away gone ? No good luck ? No blessings ? No best wishes would count ? All the hardwork you do will be zeroed ? All that "good" which the seven years were to bring to you would go or get delayed ?

We Indian's are a superstitious lot . We do number of things . And we follow and believe a hundred others.

My personal inclination towards Indian Astrology , at times makes me question so many matters that the grey cells stop responding.If you start believing so many things by so many people / books / the entire domains how will you survive ?

I'll share with you some common things -

--Do not cross if a cat crosses you.
--Do not wear black on Saturdays.
--If someone sneezes you better sit still for a while.
--If you drink milk then do not ,without flushing your mouth with water step out.
--If someone sees you with "strange"eyes and makes three glances and "nazar" lag gaye.
--In a mandir , the females are required to take the "tika" on your hand only and then apply it.
--The "kalira's" if fallen on the head of prospective girl , the marriage takes place fast.

I have a whole lot of this to go on. But these are just views .Some believe them.To the core.Some don't.

It's for you to decide what to do and what not do. Destiny won't change.But then you can't stop breathing saying I am doing yoga so that I control my breath and live longer.

As I say ,strange world. Strange people.

PS- I study and practise Vedic Astrology and folks here says I know a good bit . Though , I personally believe in the power of karma and prayers , if I can help you with anything let me know @ - Karans twitter handle .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SIIB - 2008-10

So, the cat is out. And I am not searching for it now.

Last week my final semester result got declared. And it was a great feeling. A happy one indeed. I am now a MBA in Marketing & International Business. These two years [2008-2010] have been truly special. I still recall the day when I came to Pune -Symbiosis [SIIB] - Hinjewadi for the first time for my GD / PI.

At that time I thought will I get through? If yes, will I be able to handle the pressure? Can I put in more than 6-8 hours of classroom teaching and an equal number of study hours? Will I be able to get an MBA? Will I Pass?

Now, when I look back I simply smile. I have passed, got an MBA and yes it’s mid - 2010. Time as always has moved and I too have moved from this phase of my life. It was a great journey. Unique people unique ways of working. Relationships, heartbreaks, moments of smile, achievements, recognition, job , great friends for life , networking, LinkedIn , FB and a whole lot of skill set that I acquired .

When I joined my MBA preparatory classes like any other student I too thought it to be a tough walk. Education, in India, especially, is competitive. This makes it further tough. The amount of hard work I have done, the number of things I have been through have made me all the more mature and understanding. It’s a great experience and I certainly now know the difference between a full time MBA and a part-time one.

I too have accumulated so much of “gyaan” like others that I can talk / speak / share about anything and everything under the sun. Something which MBA’s are master of.

It was a great time and as they say all’s well that ends well.

So cheers to the batch of 2008-10 and a big thanks to my, now, Alma matter – Symbiosis Institute of International Business, SIIB, Pune, India.

Will miss and cherish ……

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kuch Kum Gili Hai Baarishein.....

Delhi and rains – not a much known combination. But when it becomes one, it’s beautiful. It’s pouring in Delhi for the last two days –off and on, though.

Today, in the early morning I decided to go on a small drive in my arena. It was beautiful. Now I envy people who wake up early every day go for a jog, a stroll, hit the gym or just walk and chit-chat. It’s so nice out there.

My windscreen had small droplets of water coming in every nano seconds. If you have time do try looking into this wonderful phenomena.Everytime when you don’t use the wiper the tiny drops come in and fill the screen .And when you put the wiper on then also they don’t stop. At times they might irritate you and at times you would love them.

I stopped my car and the wiper and let the rain drops accumulate on the screen. These tiny ones covered the entire the screen in a few seconds and I just couldn’t stop myself seeing all this. And half an hour down I was just seeing this.

And when you have some good music playing what more do you want.

Life at times unleashes so much troubles and hardships to us that no matter how much cleaning and organizing you do they just don’t get over. But rains aren’t forever. Nor are the hardships. You too shouldn’t give up that easily. Take everyday as a challenge and learn from it. Learn and strive to enjoy what you do. You can give up anytime. Have you ever thought it takes so less a time to disconnect a call from someone whom you don’t wish to talk. Just that “red button” would do the trick. But hear people out .If someone has called you in they want to talk /share something. Try giving them some chance.

Delhi is awesome these days. And my weekends come and go so fast that hardly came to know that May is over. Such is life dearies….

PS – Heard Brazil is the top favorite for the FIFA. Let’s see...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shikayat......zindagi mein reh gaye........

Stop complaining!! I know it's been so long, but I was really busy!!

That's life - in a nutshell.

The wishes never cede to finish and the complains never seems to less.

  My friend - is no longer my friend -Shikayat.

 I just wanted my grand mom to be with me this day. Why did she go away so fast - Shikayat.

 She loved me and I loved her. We hate each other now - Shikayat.

 Why the hell I bought this Nokia E72 .Blackberry was better - Shikayat.

 Wish I scored an A+ than B - Shikayat.

 Mom and Dad gave up all the things for me. Yet I talk to them rudely -Shikayat.

 I love praying. But this faineance kills me - Shikayat.

 I want to quit smoking, But I can't - Shikayat.

 There is so much to do. All around. But how – Shikayat.

 I want to travel the world. Meet new people –Shikayat.

 Only if I said to her –“Don’t go. I need you in my life things would have been so better –Shikayat

 I didn’t wish him on his birthday – Shikayat

 I knew she was upset. But I made no effort to listen or talk to her – Shikayat

 I didn't answer his calls .I was pissed off . And now it's too late - Shikayat

Life, everyday gives us so many chances to do so many things that we want to do but something sometimes you just can’t help. Then –complain. Believe me life as it seems is no less good for others and no less bad for you. It’s all how you take it. Start doing things you like. The days, the hours won’t increase. Yes, the “shikayat”list would go down as they say – “life is what we make of it. People come and go.It’s all about how you want your life to be that it becomes that way. Something like water. It takes the shape of anything in which you try to keep it in”.

Try doing things in life which you always thought of.Complains arise from not doing things we really want to.Start today.Start now.Life would end.But at least you'll feel happy that you called "her"up to wish her on her birthday even if it was late..........

PS-Working would be so hectic never did I thought . Waking up @ 6 in the morning 7 days would be routine.Stop complaining - baby Karan  ;)