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Monday, March 15, 2010

Go GoA !

Goa – This is it!
Some journeys are unplanned. This was one of them.
This blog post would help you feel confident about planning your travel to Goa next time when you’re in this colorful city.

Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the main language spoken here is Konkani (branch off from Marathi).We stayed @ Hotel Delmon, Panjim.And our neighbors included the likes of Wendell Rodricks to say.:)

Being part of the capital city we had the Panjim market close by, an array of good food restaurants [Sher-E-Punjab and Ritz Classic] where we dined in regularly. The food here is a delight for non-vegetarians and who better than a veggie like me would understand. The sea food is a must try for sure. Though, I had to do with mix veg and paneers and Gobi Manchurians. For the rates part, food is slightly on a higher side.So, be ready for it.

Goa is usually seen in two parts - North and South Goa. Each one takes a day depending upon your capacity to travel and spend time on the places.

• We started with North Goa tour first. Dolphin Cruise- Dolphin spotting was the first thing that we did. The boat ride was awesome and the dolphins cute as ever. We saw the most expensive Rs 80 crore property of a diamond merchant [ Millionaire's Palace ] where the shooting of Haseena Maan Jaayegi took place. Fort Aguada was the next in line [DCH remember]. Baga beach and “Queen of beaches” – Calungate were the evening outings. Still with more energy left with decided to take a night cruise – Goa’s famous Paradise cruise. Imagine an entire three deck ship lighted traveling on the beautiful sea by night. Need I say more!! Awe-struck!!

• Next day was the South Goa tour. Goa is known for churches and we picked up the two famous architectural wonders - Se Cathedral & St. Francis of Assisi. Bang opposite is the Museum of Christian Art for all those art lovers. Then we headed to my favorite place – Palolem Beach. This was the placed I ever wanted to visit as this was recommended to me by my dear friends – Ranbir and Shefali.And believe me the 70kms+ journey was worth it. It’s India’s only white sand beach and it’s simply beautiful .Free from the commercialization’s and clutter which you may find on other beaches this one is superb. And you have some great “cute-green color wearing: P” tourists from the world over. Sunset @ Palolem is a must see.

• Well,the third day was one hell of a bumpy ride to Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park,Collem . This place houses the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls which is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Goa.See it to believe it. Spice garden is a near by neighbor.

When you have nothing much to see and just want to relax with the sea by your side head to the Dona Paula Bay. In Goa ,shops close @ around 8. For shopping, cashews are a good buy. I would recommend the female counterparts to be accompanied by male’s if / when they travel / move outside. And yes!! Alcohol is cheaper than your sparkling mineral water

PS-Incase you need any help / view please feel free to drop in an email.There are many things which I haven't spilled out because somethings you need to explore yourself.Also,keep GOA clean. :) :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's been a while , now !!

And the journey is still on, to say so...

Well,was thinking to write this blog post since a long time !!

But ,gosh !! Busy , I was to the core :P...

Skipping meals , missing [ intentionally ] my workout regime , NO studies ,at all .

So , where the hell , am I being so busy !!

Rads would say - "Baba ,is always on his cell".

But,believe me this time around I have genuinely started talking less and less. [ Was a new year resolution :) ]

There is not much to do out here @ SIIB .As the final month before the stepping out is ON it seems to going in a pace of its own.Everyone is kind a relaxed,cheerful & in a "masti" mood to make the most of it.Since I had already spent February doing the "masti" things .....all I am doing is sleeping , eating [ though occasionally ] , chatting up , once a while reading on some stuff and movies.

Looking @ my fingernails which needed a cut , I was reminded of my good old school days when I used to do "nail-biting" .There are so many out there who still carry with this activity ,but ,I had left this long back. I don't know how it started and how I got involved in this but I know for sure that it took time to go.

And it required understanding which was not possible for me grasp at that tender age :)

So,Mom told me that it's a bad habit to do so. Dad told the nails become criss-crossed and looks bad.Cousin's told me -nothing happens bro. See mine :)

Then as I grew up I started hating it.So,one day,as at times I become rigid-IT WAS OVER.No more nail biting and it stays till date.Whenever I have long nails that need to be foreshorten I remember something which I MYSELF discovered sometime back.

I guess most of my readers are aware ,in case still not,I am an ardent fan and follower and learner of Indian Astrology.So,I keep reading stuff from all over whenever I am not in a mood to predict the future :)

One such story or ism says that each finger is a sign of a planet / represents a planet. From the nails the rays of that planet comes in our body.And that's how we get high / low in some areas or the others. Similar is the concept of "rings" / "stones" which people wear.

Example - The index finger typifies Guru / Jupiter. One wears a yellow sapphire / pukhraj for the same. So,in case you are a nail biter of the index finger , then you are decreasing the good rays of Jupiter in your body.

So,given this one should avoid doing such a thing. It's a complete no-no. But I have found people in my connect as well,who are not able to give this nun's habit up.They haven't tried or they are too not riled to give in.I guess,there are better things for the teeth to do and the hand to learn.

This is just an attempt to help them give a boost to sweep over with this custom.

btw-someone has just called me up saying that "they"have left it already !! Impressed

PS-well,it's been a tiring day today.Planning and re-working on hi-fi life issues . Pray that all goes well....