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Friday, December 24, 2010

Royal Rajasthan Tour

"It's been a long time since I shared my thoughts here. But believe me , the mind is a free bird ,unlike the heart ,which gets involved in every single moment , mind takes it own sweet time to sail across." ~ Karan

I was planning a small vacation out from the mad-rush of Delhi life since ages and Rajasthan was the place ever since I wanted to pay a visit. The royals , the palaces , the culture , the heritage and simply the spectacular color of life - the people of Rajasthan !!!

So,this time I decided to head to this paradise in India and three of its most "wanted" divisions - Jaipur , Ajmer and Udaipur .

Here's a small tour of the beautiful paradise on earth Rajasthan and my journey across .


Jaipur - Pink city , all are updated . But this is the "old Jaipur" . Time has it and what locals say that the architect's of the city had no color left except for Pink [ Gulabi - as it's called ] and hence they painted the city Pink . Temples , forts , museums and shopping .Jaipur has it all.

The known places which are a must visit are - City Palace Complex which gives an insight into the imposing and magnificent architecture of the city and also houses the famous Hawa Mahal.

Gardens - The Kanak Vrindavan is an exquisitely land scaped garden with a beautifully carved temple in beige stone.Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh is a garden laid out in Mughal style and it depicts the legends of Radha and Krishna.It consists of tiered multi-level gardens with fountains, watercourses and painted pavilions. Sawai Jai Singh built it for his Sisodia queen from Udaipur. The palace has several galleries, pavilions and beautiful murals depicting scenes from the life of lord Krishna.

 Jantar Mantar - Unlike the one back in Delhi , this one is the "baap" of precisions. [ Though I was hardly involved in this..... ] .

Temples - A vital part of the City Palace complex, this Krishna temple has been highly revered by the erstwhile royal family. Sawai Jai Singh installed the image of Govind Devji (an incarnation of lord Krishna) after it was brought from Vrindavan and hence called as Govind Devji Temple.Moti Dungri [ pearl hill ] and Ganesh Temple are also a must visit provided you allocated decent time to Jaipur and have the capacity to climb and move on in the striking winter sun of Jaipur.The Lakshmi - Narayan Temple known as Birla Mandir is situated just below the Moti Dungari.

Forts - As they say , Rajasthan is all about Forts . True . The Jaigarh fort is the most spectacular of the three-hilltop forts that overlook Jaipur. In Mughal times, the Jaipur region was a major weapon-producing centre for the Mughal and Rajput rulers, several of the weapons being on display in the fort's museum. It also houses the giant mounted cannon-the Jai Ban (Jaivan) which is the largest cannon on wheels in the world . A must visit . The second in line is the - Nahargarh Fort is located on the rugged ridge of Aravali Hills and it forms an impressive northern backdrop of Jaipur. It looks most classy when floodlit at night.The third and most coveted is the Amber Fort (pronounced Amer) is situated about 11 kilometres from Jaipur and was the ancient citadel of the ruling Kachwahas of Amber, before the capital was shifted to the plains, the present day Jaipur. It houses the famous Shila Devi Temple.

Shopping - The Johari Bazar is a must visit shopping arena lcoated in Old City . Shopping in Jaipur is an experience oof sorts for the fair sex . From lengha choli, ghagra choli, bridal lehnga [ with a genuine price advantage ] to sarees and the whole gamutinterested. Other shopping places are MI Road and stalls at Bari & Choti Chaupurs. The markets are generally closed on Sundays.

of ladies attire . Also, Jaipur is famous for Jaipuri quilts a must buy . In addition , beautiful gems, semi precious stones, kundan and minakari work are also available ,if you are

Chokhi Dhani - A unique theme village and resort .  I found out simply ok-ok . But the branding it has done and the position it has created is simply admirable . Charges a hefty entry price of Rs 500/head for a decent meal and inside ambience .  Shopping and other stiff is a pay-purchase basis. [ ]

Ajmer - Pushkar

That's how it's called in a combo . And it's limited to these two places unless you are a Mayo college alumni .Ajmer is a popular pilgrimage centre for the Muslims as well as Hindus. Especially famous is the Dargah Sharif-tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti . A must visit and very sacred.

Pushkar [ Pilgrim City ]  - This is the only existing temple - Pushkar Temple - dedicated to lord Brahma and was constructed in the 14th century.The pious Pushkar Lake is believed to have been created by the falling of a lotus from the hand of Lord Brahma. Divine.


City of Lakes / White City / Venice of the East. Whatever you call - It's simply beautiful . With the lakes on one end and the famous Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh Fort ) on the hill above enhances the beauty of this magnificent city

City Palace Towers over the Pichola Lake are a first start and a must visit to begin your Udaipur experience. Guides are available for all the best places across Rajasthan especially forts and temples and it's an viable option to opt for one since they know the history of the  place well and the routes and are a good bet when you're running against time. Govt.approved ones are the best bet on pricing . Crystal Palace - Situated in the Fateh Prakash Palace, it has a breath taking collection of crystals. These were ordered by Maharana Sajjan Singh from F & C Osler England but could not live to see them because of his untimely death.  Jag Mandir Palace - This is the other island palace on Lake Pichola The island has some striking carvings including a row of elephants that look like guarding the island. Lake Palace is "the place" to take a stroll around . A Taj managed property ,its superb beauty and enduring charm and its reflection in the middle of the lake is simply awe-striking. Fateh Sagar Lake - The beautiful lake is a boating destination for visitors and the boat ride takes one to the small beautiful park located  in the middle of the lake.

Gardens - Sahelion Ki Bari - The 'garden of the maidens' brings to mind the lifestyle of the ladies of the court. The delightful gardens reflect their discreet and  impeccable taste.
Maharana Pratap Memorial (Moti Magari) - An impressive bronze statue of Maharana Pratap on his favourite horse Chetak, stands atop the Moti Magri (Pearl Mount) overlooking Fateh Sagar.

Temples - Jagdish Mandir - the temple enshrines a black stone image of Lord Vishnu. There is a brass image of Garuda, the Lord of Birds, and mount of Vishnu .

Eklingji - It is a complex of 108 temples on Udaipur-Nathdwara route. There are hills around and small springs of water. The temples are exquisitely carved out of sandstone and marble and are devoted to Lord Shiva, the family deity of the Mewar rulers.The Maharanas of Mewar, worshipped Shiva as Mahadeva Chaumukhi, the quadriform divinity, represented by a bust with four faces.
Shree Nath Ji- Nathdwara -Means the gateway to the Lord. This great Vaishnavite shrine is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The legend has it that the image of Lord Krishna was being shifted to a safer place from Vrindaban in order to protect it from being desecrated and vandalized by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. When the image reached the spot where the temple exists, the wheels with the axle of the bullock cart carrying the image sank deep into mud. Human efforts failed to move the cart further. The accompanying priest interpreted this as the Lord's indication to be installed at this spot. Accordingly a temple was built here. 
Karan's General Gyaan
The best time to visit Rajsthan is October - March [ Avioding Christmas and holdiays rush ] .
Guides are like honey bees and will stick to you no matter what . Be a smart visitor and mould them around . They need you more than vice-versa.
For staying  - RTDC [ Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation  ] hotels / resorts / motels are the best bet , incase you have family / relatives /connects to arrange for your stays . Plan and book in advance .
For temples / shrines - Keep your credit cards /cell phones / blackberry's / cam coders etc. at safe places . The best , don't bring / carry them . These places are full of Pickpockets . Carry limited cash .

Locals are a great help - If lost , do not hesitate to ask the locals around for directions / way out . A great help in place.

All the forts / complexes / gardens - have a decent entry fees and separate charges for cameras . Make sure you read the instructions well before buying .

Always keep a local guide book handy in case you miss out on things .


Whenever you are planning for a trip , do let me know . I can be of great help for the curious traveler , I am .

There are many things which I have kept safe :) .

Also , you can follow me on twitter - @karansayz ; FB ; and always drop in an email for any queries.

For more pictures of my trip - FB !!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Live the moments......Love life.......

Thoughts and thoughts and some more thoughts !!
That's what ALL I am doing these days !

Besides,tracking the markets,portfolio's of my clients,meeting some "big" people ,cracking big deals and hanging out at never before places,thinking thoughts is what I am into these days.

Most of the day,week,month ends up-working . Friday's seems to be a distant future.Sunday nights become sleepless with the thought of Monday's approaching.

To add to this there is so much of driving,meetings,conference calls and "gyaan" from all around that I feel my life is just not mine.There are good and super good moments as well and the near so , bad and angry bursts are not very far.

But this is life . Right ? That's the way we take it.

Months before it was so cool,chilled out and free flowing.Now when I reconnect to all those pals all around,it's more or less the same story and the same share. Corporates or non-corporates.Sab same hi hai...

This world is different.People here in are far different .Or may be after being a post-gradaute and a "smart"chap that I am , I am able to see those "unviewed" sides of people.There is learning all around from everyone.Everyone is doing a great job . Everyone is making sure everyone else is doing a great job too.

It's a tough world . I have stopped watching movies,serials or for that matter the good old TV.Newspapers are just Mint and ET and that too on a fast track.Weekends are just for relaxing and summarising the week gone by and planning the week ahead . The "to-do" lists just keeps climbing however,good I am at cutting. :P

Dear friends call me "banker" now and I have no clues if the "Karan" in me has changed or is he still the same.

The parties are just - drinks and snacks with loud music.Period.But a good way to unwind and just chill....

Be it the Big Chill @ Kailash ; Gola's / Moets @ DefCol ; Kasbah @ GK ...and the list goes on . More than these I love just sitting and relishing the walnut pie @ Angels in my kitchen. It's simply yum.

Life simply moves on.It's like a train journey.The views keeps on changing and so the people sitting all around you.But in this fast speed journey take time for all those special people and special moments that are uncomparable to anything in lieu.

PS-Recently a dear friend asked what is it being with Karan for one whole day .So I thought I shall give a small glimpse of the same.You can call me /email me /FB me . In that order.After all,time kahan hai....:P

This Navratri light the lamp of happiness, prosperity and knowledge.Happy Navratri to all of you

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Heya , [ that's my new found greeting word ]

Well,Shillong is beautiful . Infact,as a matter of fact the entire North Eastern part of India is simply splendiferous.Of late besides TLC [ my favourite channel on air ] ,NDTV good times is a good bet. A beautiful documentary / show was on air . It showed the brilliant Tripura Castle and the royal King PBK Manikya. Do google and you'll know our India a lot better.Next time when planning a vacation do visit this part of India. You'll love it.

Have you watched Partner ? In case yes, nice .In case no,no worries. The other day on my way to a friend's place me and my associate had a gala time . Girls love to talk and I am too good with listening. We were discussing about this song from Dabang: Munni Badnaam Hui and then Salman and the discussion flew into "partner" .

I recalled when way back in school we used to have this thing of "taking partners" . MSM - my alma matter allowed to shift / change our "benchers" / "partners" when we moved to next grades or even in-between the same grades as well.We always wanted "that" guy  [ since it was a boys only school ] whom we were on best terms. The terms could be different - playing,eating,studies,family friends,or just buddies. I always looked forward to having my bestest people around . Even if it meant the immediate back-seat or the front ones.Strategy,since then was in-built in me as this helped in the exams :P

Into my engineering college the circle expanded and it became as a "gang" . More people more fun and more "gyaan". It continued till MBA days, off and on though.

This associate of mine was  "highlighting" the importance of "someone" being with you always .But as I always say -"hamesha ki liye toh kuch nahein hota".People come and go . Life moves on . How many times have you talked with all those people who were with you in "that"phase of life. Phases change,people change and new flow comes in. Very difficult , though,there may be some who have friends right from the start.Treasures I must say.

But ,why do we need them ? Can't we be alone ? After all life is ever moving. You come alone and go alone.You change places,firms and even countries.People come and go.Life becomes busy and at times , let apart friends / partners you don't get time for yourself also.

But still you desire that at least "some" people are always with you.And at times when you need them the most you face the fact that yes,there are some.

There are a couple of  "connects" / "partners" which I have . I just randomly call them / text them / email them . We could have been out of touch since ages but it's just that "feeling of connect" that makes me reach for them .

I don't know how to put it but believe me people - old and new are all very precious.Take time to connect with them. And "time" is the only thing which is running short.For all of us...

PS - Have been times and fainéant .So,a delay in replies. You can connect with me on twitter / FB / linkedin / orkut . Have become more "connected" now..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time hai kya - smile na then....

An associate of mine @ work recently asked- "Karan,I think you work a bit too much. How is your blogging going".  ?

And I said -"Ohh !! yeah !!~ Blogging..."

Here I am.

Now I can have a fellow understanding of all those people - sorry -corporates - who say that we are BUSY.We really don't get time.It's work and more work. Days,months and years.....

I agree.I have seen my time wash away.Days and weeks. Weekends and those moments of peace. Work is gaining "the" priority.

I'll share with you a funny incident which happened recently. We were suppose to meet this top-honcho of a top firm . He stays in GK -2 . I had the address and the connects and fixed up a meeting with this person. On the day , as usual we rushed . Delhi traffic made sure we were BANG on time . But guess what , instead of GK-2 we reached GK-1 .Same house number but with a different name plate . And I said -" fish" . How is this possible.".

The associate said ,I'll check . And yes we were at the right house but in a wrong locality.

Who to be blamed ? Keep thinking....

A dear friend from the US said - " Need to take little less pressure of work.US is superb.Fixed timings.Gym and swimming.Parties and pubs.It's all so nice and serene.Look at Delhi.I can't have good food and water let alone clean roads".

Life becomes so so hectic at times that all you feel is running away to a place which is - DIFFERENT.

Not possible for many . Try doing things that make you smile.

Was reading an article of late , which shared some nice insights into making people's life glow. A senior @ work asked me - "you must be busy on the weekends ." . To which I said - " weekends are meant for relaxing.So whatever you do , with whomever you wish  to , spend time , chit-chat and just be happy. Small moments are the key to all things in life . If you loose them and hunt for the big ones , it's like I'll pray only in a temple ,not in my small mandir @ home .

Choices and choices !!

This August - grab a bite of the delicious -Ghevar !! Simply....yummy....

PS- A friend said to me recently - "It's time that you...................."  phir kabhi......

Friday, July 16, 2010

Get well soon - tiger

This one is important.

Today morning I got a text from a colleague . Still in my "processing mode" I managed to read - " Do Pray for him ."

Just by reading this line I was numb. Gaining cognizance I read the entire text.

A colleague of mine met with an accident at the ill-famed DND flyover . He was admitted to the ICU . No one knows what really happened . He was critical.

I rushed to the office and sensed something was losing. The usual cheerful faces were in "no-mood" tags today.Everyone seemed to be in that same thought.We managed to make our way out of the office to the hospital.

Believe me , I loose my energy and myself everytime I walk into a hospital. The entire scene makes me dead.And more, when you are headed to the ICU . He was in the ICU and the usual "daring" Karan wasn't able to walk past the entry door.The entire family was outside and the guard said to me - " Only one person at a time".

I managed to get inside , praying and looking all around . There was nothing but HOPE. I saw him and I felt so disenabled that all I could do was to stand there. I met him the previous evening and never I knew that I'll be witnessing him today like this.Just managed to control my tears I just couldn't stay there. I went out .

Hospitals,blood,injections,needles and the piercing make me think always why life gives us this ?

Driving kills. It's true. Drive safe . Please. Everyone is someone's someone . One moment of your speed thrust can wash away the entire generations of a family.

I hope he gets well soon and for all those - Please be safe. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding and the Venue !!! - Indian Style - City Explored

I love writing. Everyone knows. But I like sharing too .Now you know. :)

I have wanted to visit Lucknow ever since I heard about it. And it happened.

One of my close friends is from Lucknow. Now based in the Middle East her marriage was in Lucknow and poor I gave it a miss. Thanks to my MBA.No further thinking required :P

However, this time when one of my dear engineering college batch mate from Lucknow was getting married I made sure that I am a part of it.

So, it all started by my way of planning in advance. There were step-ins and step-outs of a number of people which made the entire plan on hold.However,as destiny has it, the tickets were done as what Dad always says – “end of the 11th hour”. At last I and a friend were ON to be a part of this Indian grandeur.

We decided to get the Lucknow Shatabdi for going and Jet flight for flying back to Delhi .Time as always was short.

After four long years I met Harshit. The same “Java Nut “. No change. Only this time he was getting married. And that’s a big thing.

The train was on time and believe me the sight of the Charbagh Railway Station was a delight. The architecture, the build. It all made me feel why Lucknow is associated with the nawabs.The entire journey to his place was simply beautiful. With parks all around dedicated / build around some themes, the clock tower, the Vidhan Sabha, King Grants Medical College, the GPO, convention center everything in and around here is famous. People – the rich and the not so all think / believe themselves to be nawabs, I guess.

Harshit’s family made sure that we get a taste of the famous Lucknavi cuisine & the even more famous – zara nawazi / atithi satkar. From the famous malai ki gilori to the paans to the even more paani ka batasha and the ever flowing basket chaat. We ate and ate. Lucknow has so much to offer. Each Chowk, each ganj is famous in its own sweet way. All you need to do is to find a local and explore the insight of Lucknow.

An important thing to highlight here is that this is probably my first wedding which I sat through right from the baarat to the wedding venue to the hawan, from the pheras to the power dinner with the new couple and everything part of it.

Indian weddings are tiring. Believe me. I could relate to poor Harshit wearing a beautiful ensemble [sherwani] in the Lucknow heat and sweating and sitting all through his ceremonies. It’s tough.

Two people who need a special mention are – the groom’s mom and the bride’s father. Both these people were simply superb. May be because of the marriage or what, they had this unusual charm and positivity in them which made them work constantly without breaks right throughout. Kudos to them!!! A big day for them, indeed!
Lucknow is famous for many things .Since the time was short we decided to pick the best one out. Bara Imambara. Bara means big, and an imambara means a shrine. The Bara Imambara is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow.The place is simply as other heritage sites beautiful .Manicured lawns the in and out are all great. It houses a famous “bhool-bhulaiya” [maze] which without a local guide is tough crack. A must visit when in Lucknow.

It was tiring but enjoyable. The Lucknow airport is one terminal place .Short and simple. Made some new friends and met some great people. Learnt a little more about India and yes a whole lot about the great Indian weddings.

PS - Tired to the core. But still loving it. All the best to Harshit for a great married life . And Lucknow - may be next time soon....more to be explored. And please don't start asking me - "Karan,when are you getting married" . ;)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zindagi pal ki..............

Nothing great happening. Koi na….Read on....

Well, was driving through the busy lanes of Delhi last evening and came across a beautiful park. The sight of it made me stop and just look around what all was happening.

So, I decided to poke in my ear / eyes and hear / see what all were people up to.

Who’s WHO?

We had our “old” / senior ladies chit-chatting about the religious stuff.

The “seniors” / gents were taking a stroll, talking about the government policies and the yes! The rains.

The housewives [may be ex-corporates :)] were baby-sitting and believe me, as always, the little ones were adorable. Innocent .Not giving a shit about what is happening around. Least concerned if “The” Karan is present. They were simply too busy to be free

The “young” ones were playing. Playing here is a bit different. The “big” boys were protecting their”little”sisters. Some were playing in the mud and doing some form of construction which even major real estate developers will find hard to imitate. The others were playing “bat-ball” and there were some girls playing “stapu” [if that’s how it’s spelled].

YOU – must have passed through one of these stages sometime soon. Or may be you are in one of these. Or you will be moving into one, soon.

Did you happen to do this? Will you be doing this? Or is something better you have lined up?

We keep thinking and thinking .God only knows what we think. And then Time up.

There is so much to do and believe me time is ample. You need to plan and prioritize. What is in “real” needed of you? Then you should just do it. There is no right time or right moment.It all depends how well you are prepared to go .

Think and let me know!!

PS – Month end in banks are a tough time. Sachi.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mirror cracking material & linkage to Astrology ?!

For a good number of days - I have been saying " Delhi is HOT ". And guess what ? It is . Still .Today,I was commuting with a confrère in one of Delhi's most swishest arenas - Sainik Farms.

And a strange thing happened today.

The roads here are so narrow that driving becomes knotty,many a times.And one of the Skoda's smashed the driver's side view mirror. And it "cracked".

The confrère,shared with me that the cracked mirror is a sign of  bad luck . And guess what ? It brings bad luck for seven years . But that is only if you see your image in it. I guess, we didn't.

Does it really happen that ways ? Seven years straight away gone ? No good luck ? No blessings ? No best wishes would count ? All the hardwork you do will be zeroed ? All that "good" which the seven years were to bring to you would go or get delayed ?

We Indian's are a superstitious lot . We do number of things . And we follow and believe a hundred others.

My personal inclination towards Indian Astrology , at times makes me question so many matters that the grey cells stop responding.If you start believing so many things by so many people / books / the entire domains how will you survive ?

I'll share with you some common things -

--Do not cross if a cat crosses you.
--Do not wear black on Saturdays.
--If someone sneezes you better sit still for a while.
--If you drink milk then do not ,without flushing your mouth with water step out.
--If someone sees you with "strange"eyes and makes three glances and "nazar" lag gaye.
--In a mandir , the females are required to take the "tika" on your hand only and then apply it.
--The "kalira's" if fallen on the head of prospective girl , the marriage takes place fast.

I have a whole lot of this to go on. But these are just views .Some believe them.To the core.Some don't.

It's for you to decide what to do and what not do. Destiny won't change.But then you can't stop breathing saying I am doing yoga so that I control my breath and live longer.

As I say ,strange world. Strange people.

PS- I study and practise Vedic Astrology and folks here says I know a good bit . Though , I personally believe in the power of karma and prayers , if I can help you with anything let me know @ - Karans twitter handle .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SIIB - 2008-10

So, the cat is out. And I am not searching for it now.

Last week my final semester result got declared. And it was a great feeling. A happy one indeed. I am now a MBA in Marketing & International Business. These two years [2008-2010] have been truly special. I still recall the day when I came to Pune -Symbiosis [SIIB] - Hinjewadi for the first time for my GD / PI.

At that time I thought will I get through? If yes, will I be able to handle the pressure? Can I put in more than 6-8 hours of classroom teaching and an equal number of study hours? Will I be able to get an MBA? Will I Pass?

Now, when I look back I simply smile. I have passed, got an MBA and yes it’s mid - 2010. Time as always has moved and I too have moved from this phase of my life. It was a great journey. Unique people unique ways of working. Relationships, heartbreaks, moments of smile, achievements, recognition, job , great friends for life , networking, LinkedIn , FB and a whole lot of skill set that I acquired .

When I joined my MBA preparatory classes like any other student I too thought it to be a tough walk. Education, in India, especially, is competitive. This makes it further tough. The amount of hard work I have done, the number of things I have been through have made me all the more mature and understanding. It’s a great experience and I certainly now know the difference between a full time MBA and a part-time one.

I too have accumulated so much of “gyaan” like others that I can talk / speak / share about anything and everything under the sun. Something which MBA’s are master of.

It was a great time and as they say all’s well that ends well.

So cheers to the batch of 2008-10 and a big thanks to my, now, Alma matter – Symbiosis Institute of International Business, SIIB, Pune, India.

Will miss and cherish ……

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kuch Kum Gili Hai Baarishein.....

Delhi and rains – not a much known combination. But when it becomes one, it’s beautiful. It’s pouring in Delhi for the last two days –off and on, though.

Today, in the early morning I decided to go on a small drive in my arena. It was beautiful. Now I envy people who wake up early every day go for a jog, a stroll, hit the gym or just walk and chit-chat. It’s so nice out there.

My windscreen had small droplets of water coming in every nano seconds. If you have time do try looking into this wonderful phenomena.Everytime when you don’t use the wiper the tiny drops come in and fill the screen .And when you put the wiper on then also they don’t stop. At times they might irritate you and at times you would love them.

I stopped my car and the wiper and let the rain drops accumulate on the screen. These tiny ones covered the entire the screen in a few seconds and I just couldn’t stop myself seeing all this. And half an hour down I was just seeing this.

And when you have some good music playing what more do you want.

Life at times unleashes so much troubles and hardships to us that no matter how much cleaning and organizing you do they just don’t get over. But rains aren’t forever. Nor are the hardships. You too shouldn’t give up that easily. Take everyday as a challenge and learn from it. Learn and strive to enjoy what you do. You can give up anytime. Have you ever thought it takes so less a time to disconnect a call from someone whom you don’t wish to talk. Just that “red button” would do the trick. But hear people out .If someone has called you in they want to talk /share something. Try giving them some chance.

Delhi is awesome these days. And my weekends come and go so fast that hardly came to know that May is over. Such is life dearies….

PS – Heard Brazil is the top favorite for the FIFA. Let’s see...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shikayat......zindagi mein reh gaye........

Stop complaining!! I know it's been so long, but I was really busy!!

That's life - in a nutshell.

The wishes never cede to finish and the complains never seems to less.

  My friend - is no longer my friend -Shikayat.

 I just wanted my grand mom to be with me this day. Why did she go away so fast - Shikayat.

 She loved me and I loved her. We hate each other now - Shikayat.

 Why the hell I bought this Nokia E72 .Blackberry was better - Shikayat.

 Wish I scored an A+ than B - Shikayat.

 Mom and Dad gave up all the things for me. Yet I talk to them rudely -Shikayat.

 I love praying. But this faineance kills me - Shikayat.

 I want to quit smoking, But I can't - Shikayat.

 There is so much to do. All around. But how – Shikayat.

 I want to travel the world. Meet new people –Shikayat.

 Only if I said to her –“Don’t go. I need you in my life things would have been so better –Shikayat

 I didn’t wish him on his birthday – Shikayat

 I knew she was upset. But I made no effort to listen or talk to her – Shikayat

 I didn't answer his calls .I was pissed off . And now it's too late - Shikayat

Life, everyday gives us so many chances to do so many things that we want to do but something sometimes you just can’t help. Then –complain. Believe me life as it seems is no less good for others and no less bad for you. It’s all how you take it. Start doing things you like. The days, the hours won’t increase. Yes, the “shikayat”list would go down as they say – “life is what we make of it. People come and go.It’s all about how you want your life to be that it becomes that way. Something like water. It takes the shape of anything in which you try to keep it in”.

Try doing things in life which you always thought of.Complains arise from not doing things we really want to.Start today.Start now.Life would end.But at least you'll feel happy that you called "her"up to wish her on her birthday even if it was late..........

PS-Working would be so hectic never did I thought . Waking up @ 6 in the morning 7 days would be routine.Stop complaining - baby Karan  ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

MOM and .....Aashna :) :)

It's been so long !!

But believe me - Delhi is a nothing but -TRAFFIC JAMS  - all around  - huh !!

I was talking to cousin of mine in the US and she told me US is all but traffic jams . Gosh !! Why can't it be the way in India !

She mentioned about a colleague of hers .

This female is Ramya . She's an engineer and a MBA .and yes - from the "II* , ones ] and a great professional.

But a slight twist.

She is no longer working . She handles her family.

Man !! I mean wow !!

But , its a long thing.

Readers ,this is something I wanted to share with you all.

Ramya had an excellent background . School , graduation , post graduation . A great company to work for. And , yes, a great designation.

Then what happened ? Why did she left ?

I love these things about Indians. They do everything passionately. And yes,the heart is involved.Always.

She left her job . For her family. For the cute little adorable - Aashna.

Rajiv [ her husband ] never told her to do so. Neither her parents nor her in-laws.

She took an individual thoughtful decision . And she took it on her own.

And like always,she gave her 100% into this as well. Meet Aashna and you'll know why !

Moms world over do an amazing job.They are the best. Inequitable and unmatchable.
They work.The live.They earn.
They cry.They smile.They suffer.

All for YOU.For US.

Imagine a world without mom's. You can't.
Because rivers are not meant to be empty.

And mind you, I am not advocating the fact that females , working , should give a successful career to be full-time in the family.All I am saying is that they are free to do / choose whatever they think is right.When one gets married responsibilities increase so does the workload and pressure.It's a tough time these days and even tougher to survive and be successful.Both the partners should take an informed and a win-win decision.The child is important.In fact,precious.Don't get carried away with the fast moving life and the "charmed"designations we have.Be prepared to give up things and do "things" you never thought of.Be a helping hand and a support system to each other.

Life would be far better. And exciting.

PS - views are views. But life is tough . at times. very tough.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The TAJ and more.....

Well,it's been so long....

Believe me ,I was really tied up with my training and examinations.

And, still am. But what MBA's do is they do "all" things - smartly.

Me and my newly formed 'gang" decided to head out towards the - TAJ MAHAL.

On a Saturday night,with bomb scares all around the mercury soaring high it was an 'ok' decision we made.

So,we headed out. Started @ close to 7am and on the way reached the first halt.

Fatehpur Sikri -

At times at places like these you tend to get "provoked" by so-called "guides" [ who themselves don't even know that a Fatehpur Sikri - exists in Rajasthan as well ] and still swear that if you don't take them along with you , you'll miss a lifetime of opportunity.


But,somehow we managed to get a decent guide who was further decent enough to take us to a guided tour - all in Rs50. He showed us all around, shared the story behind the world heritage site and made us understand that India is 'the place" to be . At times it pays to have a guide with you. These people know things you wouldn't even think to see for yourself.Below is the picture which we took from a "star jaal" which when clicked at a certain angle gives a full view of the place. Awesome !

The next in line was the Taj-itself. Though I had visited the Taj ,once before,it still catches me awe-struck each time.It's simply beautiful.The place,the carvings,the design,the mini-lakes - it works.We hired a guide here as well. And I was super impressed by his command on the history behind the Taj,his English speaking skills and the fact he doubled up as a good-photographer and kept clicking various pictures from various "famous"points.It was an experience.

On our way back,we spend almost one hour back-forth searching for two places - McD which we "saw" but never recalled "where"?! and Agra's famous "Paanchi Petha" shop.It took us so hard to find them out .

In case you would be willing to grab a bite - I'll help with it. McD is located in the TDI mall with the Big Cinema's in it's vicinity. A nice mall unlike ours in Delhi / NCR it's a good stop.As for the petha , UP is famous for "duplicates". You would find shops by the names -  " NEW panchi petha " , Original Panchi Petha and the likes". Of course they would always swear that they are the "original ones" which they aren't . The original shop is near Sadar Bazaar.

All in all a nice journey though tiring .

btw-have an exam tomorrow... ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jewel of Delhi

This was on hold for a while !!

For reasons unknown to me :0

But,since now it's done it's worth a mention.

A friend of mine recently visited Delhi . It was for the first time he was visiting Delhi,so like any general tourist he asked [in exact words] - "Bhai, Delhi mein dekhne layak kya hai.Matlab famous types."

And yours truly said - " Main hoon na" :)

Then a google was done and 50 odd things were displayed and then jotted down.All very swiftly.

When the list was handed ,I was impressed - Delhi has so much too offer. Wow !!

So,as a typical management student would do ,we did a detail R and D into the list and finally it was cut short to a more manageable 6 in all.

I had visited the rest five ,but the sixth one was "THE ONE".

This was the place that is / was a must see.

  • It's a brilliance of architecture;
  • the carving done will make you go " OMG";
  • It took five years + to make it and thousands of man hours went into the creation of this "jewel of Delhi";
  • It is designed in such a way that believe me one full day is required to explore the place;
  • From the musical fountains to the food courts , to the landscaping to the water bodies built all around the "Gaumukhs",the beautifully manicured lawns with the "wise words" written on them;
  • Statues of noted Indian figured and lotus shaped gardens;

This place is simply amazing.
And this is just the exterior.
When you enter the main building you'll be amazed by it.

Words can't describe it - You need to see it to believe it.

There is a separate shopping arena where you can get souvenirs,T's and mementos and loads of "puja" related articles.Needless to say a visit was paid to this :)

It's a place dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan.

However,what many people tend to miss is there is an another"white mandir" as its called nearby the main one. Six months of painstaking effort went in to build this one.It's beautifully white and has an amazing view overlooking the -games village.

btw- no cameras allowed . :(

So the next time you come to Delhi - do visit - Swaminarayan Akshardham.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Youngistaan Ka WOW

If you were the game master, what challenge would you like to throw to Ranbir?

Well,any game or a challenge is designed keeping in mind certains conditions :

  • the game master;

  • the contestant(Ranbir);

  • the product(Pepsi); and

  • a three tier link between the above three which makes a perfect formula for success

The challenge should be such that it :

  • grasps the audience attention

  • is interesting

  • relates well with the product / theme

  • stronger brand recall


Beach Challenge.To spot twin - dolphins [ usually dolphins travel in groups.However there are certain who travel in pairs only.Spotting them is a tough thing to do ] 

Ranbir would require to follow them ,both, which in turn guide and lead him too a hidden treasure of "Pepsi".

It's not easy.The dolphin's too like Pepsi and it would take certain skills - [ singing a song , playing with them, giving them a product similar to Pepsi [ a competitiors ,may be ] which the Dolphin refuse .

The entire theme of making up to the Dolphin in return of the hidden treasure would serve a strategic purpose.

  • People love dolphin's . They are simply cute. So is Ranbir.

  • The color of water and the entire theme matches with Pepsi's base color - Blue.

  • Blue also symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth and peace. All these , which the generations of today "youngistaan"  looks up to.

  • Presenting such a challenge is something which all can watch and the "word-of-mouth" in such things is great for a higher brand recall.

There are of course modifications possible.However if you imagine an entire picture of the challenge being performed by Ranbir , I am sure you will be left with a smile and a desire to grab a Pepsi right away.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Go GoA !

Goa – This is it!
Some journeys are unplanned. This was one of them.
This blog post would help you feel confident about planning your travel to Goa next time when you’re in this colorful city.

Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the main language spoken here is Konkani (branch off from Marathi).We stayed @ Hotel Delmon, Panjim.And our neighbors included the likes of Wendell Rodricks to say.:)

Being part of the capital city we had the Panjim market close by, an array of good food restaurants [Sher-E-Punjab and Ritz Classic] where we dined in regularly. The food here is a delight for non-vegetarians and who better than a veggie like me would understand. The sea food is a must try for sure. Though, I had to do with mix veg and paneers and Gobi Manchurians. For the rates part, food is slightly on a higher side.So, be ready for it.

Goa is usually seen in two parts - North and South Goa. Each one takes a day depending upon your capacity to travel and spend time on the places.

• We started with North Goa tour first. Dolphin Cruise- Dolphin spotting was the first thing that we did. The boat ride was awesome and the dolphins cute as ever. We saw the most expensive Rs 80 crore property of a diamond merchant [ Millionaire's Palace ] where the shooting of Haseena Maan Jaayegi took place. Fort Aguada was the next in line [DCH remember]. Baga beach and “Queen of beaches” – Calungate were the evening outings. Still with more energy left with decided to take a night cruise – Goa’s famous Paradise cruise. Imagine an entire three deck ship lighted traveling on the beautiful sea by night. Need I say more!! Awe-struck!!

• Next day was the South Goa tour. Goa is known for churches and we picked up the two famous architectural wonders - Se Cathedral & St. Francis of Assisi. Bang opposite is the Museum of Christian Art for all those art lovers. Then we headed to my favorite place – Palolem Beach. This was the placed I ever wanted to visit as this was recommended to me by my dear friends – Ranbir and Shefali.And believe me the 70kms+ journey was worth it. It’s India’s only white sand beach and it’s simply beautiful .Free from the commercialization’s and clutter which you may find on other beaches this one is superb. And you have some great “cute-green color wearing: P” tourists from the world over. Sunset @ Palolem is a must see.

• Well,the third day was one hell of a bumpy ride to Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park,Collem . This place houses the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls which is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Goa.See it to believe it. Spice garden is a near by neighbor.

When you have nothing much to see and just want to relax with the sea by your side head to the Dona Paula Bay. In Goa ,shops close @ around 8. For shopping, cashews are a good buy. I would recommend the female counterparts to be accompanied by male’s if / when they travel / move outside. And yes!! Alcohol is cheaper than your sparkling mineral water

PS-Incase you need any help / view please feel free to drop in an email.There are many things which I haven't spilled out because somethings you need to explore yourself.Also,keep GOA clean. :) :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's been a while , now !!

And the journey is still on, to say so...

Well,was thinking to write this blog post since a long time !!

But ,gosh !! Busy , I was to the core :P...

Skipping meals , missing [ intentionally ] my workout regime , NO studies ,at all .

So , where the hell , am I being so busy !!

Rads would say - "Baba ,is always on his cell".

But,believe me this time around I have genuinely started talking less and less. [ Was a new year resolution :) ]

There is not much to do out here @ SIIB .As the final month before the stepping out is ON it seems to going in a pace of its own.Everyone is kind a relaxed,cheerful & in a "masti" mood to make the most of it.Since I had already spent February doing the "masti" things .....all I am doing is sleeping , eating [ though occasionally ] , chatting up , once a while reading on some stuff and movies.

Looking @ my fingernails which needed a cut , I was reminded of my good old school days when I used to do "nail-biting" .There are so many out there who still carry with this activity ,but ,I had left this long back. I don't know how it started and how I got involved in this but I know for sure that it took time to go.

And it required understanding which was not possible for me grasp at that tender age :)

So,Mom told me that it's a bad habit to do so. Dad told the nails become criss-crossed and looks bad.Cousin's told me -nothing happens bro. See mine :)

Then as I grew up I started hating it.So,one day,as at times I become rigid-IT WAS OVER.No more nail biting and it stays till date.Whenever I have long nails that need to be foreshorten I remember something which I MYSELF discovered sometime back.

I guess most of my readers are aware ,in case still not,I am an ardent fan and follower and learner of Indian Astrology.So,I keep reading stuff from all over whenever I am not in a mood to predict the future :)

One such story or ism says that each finger is a sign of a planet / represents a planet. From the nails the rays of that planet comes in our body.And that's how we get high / low in some areas or the others. Similar is the concept of "rings" / "stones" which people wear.

Example - The index finger typifies Guru / Jupiter. One wears a yellow sapphire / pukhraj for the same. So,in case you are a nail biter of the index finger , then you are decreasing the good rays of Jupiter in your body.

So,given this one should avoid doing such a thing. It's a complete no-no. But I have found people in my connect as well,who are not able to give this nun's habit up.They haven't tried or they are too not riled to give in.I guess,there are better things for the teeth to do and the hand to learn.

This is just an attempt to help them give a boost to sweep over with this custom.

btw-someone has just called me up saying that "they"have left it already !! Impressed

PS-well,it's been a tiring day today.Planning and re-working on hi-fi life issues . Pray that all goes well....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Congrats Mote...!!

"upar wale ke khel nirale hain"....

Scene -1-

Date - 8th January,2010.
Time - 11:10 am

I was checking out a free sms website.
And, as true Indian's - anything for macha do !!

So I started sending messages to all possible like minded people.

And one of them was my buddy ...a dear one - Harshit.

But the kanjoos ,that he still is :P , didn't replied !! same day !!


Date - 9th January,2010.
Time-6:20 pm

"My trademark sms / text tone - "rapture dhol mix" played.

And the text said - quote - " Bhai...aaall izz engaged..."

As always,kept my calm and cool. Count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,...........10...

Mota got engaged !! Didn't even informed me .
Oh crap !!

But then ,before taking any decisions wait for some time.


Date-10th January,2010
Time-5:00 pm

Harshit called me up .
Bhai-"itna jaldi hua ki pata hi nahein chala.
January 1 reached Lucknow;
January 2 met her;
January 3 - got engaged.

Wow !! now that's a great kick-start for a new year -2010.

Congrats dude !! So,you're the official second one from the gang.

Abhishek had already made us proud .Long back :P

Deepak(fattuu),Nishi,Chandra(daddu),haanji bhaiya(chandan) ,bhuwan,bacha(rahul) and poor me !! All still left !! :( :(

Never mind !! Our time will come !! SOON!!

But,tab tak enjoy your time !

Felt kind of mixed - happy,excited,and nervous ( mota - marrying another BCA,MCA girl) baap re !!!

chalo..alll izzzz welll !!

Went down the memory lane - 2002-2006.
One of the best time of my life.
The best of pals I made and cherish till date.
The moments that we spend together.
Ramu's lassi and poori's..
Mehmaan's mehmaannawazi....
K'sons ice-creams....

it all came back !!

So much has passed by.Everyone has progressed on.Moved on.

Feels nice !! word's, at times just don't fill in :)

Congrats Motuu....

btw-don't forget the GYM.You need atleast some bytes of abs :P

Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME - 2010 -

Happy New Year - 2010 - !!

CASE - 1 -

From 31st December to 1st January has anything changed ?


  • -the day

  • -the time-

  • -the moment

well that changes everyday !!


-the year !!

ohh ! Now that changes once every year . But yeah it too changes.

But still we find this change more in totality to notice and celebrate.

This means its significant;its "wanted";

A dear friend had his birthday on 31st December . So,its two good ones to cheer for.

I never felt this for my birthday or for that matter anyone else's also.

They too come after a long one year . But we think its OK.

But, this 31st December makes us feel...baap took one full year to make it to this :) :)

CASE - 2-

Since the last 24 hours I have received best wishes from all possible mediums , in all possible ways and from all different people - expected and unexpected.

But I have noticed one thing across all.

We always wish in " May" this happens , "may" you get this , "may" you achieve this.........and likes.

This is so because nothing is fixed.

Life changes every now and then.

Jo aaj tumhara hai woh kal kisi aur ka ho jayega. :)

life moves on.......clock ticks and ticks.......

We grow and grow and move on.

We wish whatever good has gone by stays and whatever bad was done gets left in the year gone by.

"WISH" :)


CASE -3-

A friend had her status message as "start afresh" .Now that's a nice thought.

Vibrant indeed.

Start afresh. Now the word "afresh" holds the key.

It could be -

  • go back and revert

  • change yourself and move on

  • leave people and start with new ones

  • give one chance more and then start again

  • or just start your day with a hot water bath and feel fresh :)

Too many to say to little to follow.

We ( not me included) make many new year resolutions.

Now I seriously don't get what are these all about. Haven't really made myself any and can't think of making some,anytime soon.

A friend decided to quit smoking from yesterday - 12:00 am onwards.

By the time we went for lunch he had already puffed 6 and till time - 9 and counting....

huh !! such is life dearies :)

In short....

anyways,as always,2009 was filled with surprises. Good and bad.

Learnt a lot , shared a bit , I guess and thinking that only the good ones are carried along.

So,bad luck to the poor ones . They couldn't make it.

btw - must watch - 3idiots .