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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Groupism - How Roma said it...............

Well....this one is by - POPULAR DEMAND
So,I had to post it.
It's already 1 year down at my life @ B-school.
And now,I am learning to understand what my dear friend Roma - told me long back.

I'll tell you a short story - ......

They say memories come and stay. Lessons learnt never fade away.
People come and go. Some stay and others make way.....

Roma told me- the worst thing in a B-school or for that matter in any place where "more than just YOU" are involved is - Groupism thats how its said in the local lingo.....

What is it ? How is it that good / bad ? Is it harmful ? Is it you should be a part of ?

When I joined my engineering college , I wasn't sure if I would be in a group . But things happened and I was a part of the so called "Delhi Gang" or group to be more formal.
It became one of the most coveted group.People wanted to be a part of it.They wanted to know us.It suddenly seemed that "we were THE PEOPLE".

We moved in the group ,played,studied,fought for the group and above all it seemed as if "WE WERE THE ONLY ONES".

I still recall one girl who was from a small rural place in Punjab.She talked to us off and on and I could see the "desire" if I can say,to be a part of the group.

But , when you disconnect yourself from the rest of the world / people, you hardly even look if anyone is around.If anyone wants to be with you.Anyone likes being with you.

The group was so secure and we were so dependent that if anyone wasn't around we felt insecure.We thought as if this is it.We'll stay together always.

"The girl" never became a part of the group.And it's today when "'WE" look back we feel what we had left.

We should have been open.We should have talked to everyone.We should have been for everyone.We should have BEEN- JUST US.

Time wont come back. So would the people.Its no use crying after something has gone wrong.

Roma is a big gyaani...:-)

Now I understand what she meant.


Being a part of "the group",thinking that "all for one and one for all" will stay, imagining that this would stay the way it is , disrespecting other's , not giving them a chance to know you something which you would realise sooner than later.......Words can't fill in.

When your heart hurts because you hurt a lot many people then the pain would be unbearable. Then you would realise what wrong you did.

Its not bad to be in any group. But remember at the end of the day you're an individual.You are "YOU".

Life goes on....people also....

Learn to be a giver.Move out of your comfort zone.Talk to everyone.Respect every individual.After all life is all about mixing.

"agar duniya mein aakar bhi khushi na baante toh kya kiya "