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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A zephyr of wind serener than sea.....

I met her at one of her parties....
And guess what I was invited without she even knowing me.
This is how you meet people when HE wants you to.
She was this classy girl, no messes,no air,but still a command which she carried always.
A typical Army girl with a Delhi background .
So,a deadly combination. And guess what,she was a cancerian.
And I don't have very fond memories of Aquarians-Cancerians budding friendships.
But opinions are meant to be changed. Chalta hai...One should not be rigid. Look who's saying.
And story goes on. Spent time with her off and on. Busy I am as always.
She went abroad for her MS. And never completed it.
WHY ? In this world only 4 people know about this.I don't intend to share this.Sorry.
So what's the bottomline - She's no more in this world. And I seriously sometime fail to believe this.
She said always -
Life comes in packets. You have to cut it . If you cut it the right way you'll get "that" desired gift.
If you don't then it'll be torn.
What she meant was YOU HAVE TO CUT IT . You have to bleed have to suffer....because then only you'll realise the value of achieving something.
We live in a strange world . Strange people, strange rules, procedures and even stranger LIFE.
Huh !!
Never to cry because excess of salt is bad for health.she said always
Will not miss you but will hate you for going so early.
btw-she had sent my birthday card way in advance.Thanks.

Year - 2008 -

Long time again !!
Or rather a year has passed on.....or we have moved ahead !!
Perceptions and more of them....I still don't know what all does this term contains.
On January 1 I got a record number of messages and decent number of calls.
And one question which was prominent was- SO HOWZ THE YEAR GONE ?
Well I always fail to answer such tough single line questions....:-(
Because the answers are more than one line :-)
Well,to start with 2007 was not a very GOOD year to say so.

A friend went into a different stage...
Had to sit for the so called B-SCHOOL exams......
Had to join career launcher to launch my career.......
Moreover,had to bid adieu to one of my karate trainers...... goes on...

I had a certain number of expectations from 2008.
First was " a decent b-school" . Infact,this was the only one.:-)
And guess what I got it -
We all I can say and think that a lot can happen when our aims,ambitions fly...high...
You cannot get everything but still you get something really good.
I got through SIIB . I don't know if it was destined ,but I here I am.And I like it.:-)

When I clicked on the result link,typed my snap id and "enter" ..................



Things change very fast.Since I am a keen follower of astrology I believe "when a time has to come,it will come."
We always think its late or "kaash" jaldi aa jata.
But,dreams are meant to be DREAMS. :-0
This is was a good moment.
A bad one was also there. After all,two wrongs never make one right.
And one plus one minus take you back to basics :-)
I wish everyone shall have a satisfying new year -2009.
Expect nothing.Pray for everything. Humans after all :-)
Happy New Year -God Bless.
btw-watched Rabb ne bana di jodi....Nice one......