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Great Indian Weddings & life happens

Congrats !Mubarak ~and the likes..... must be feeling real good - Right Ranbir ?!!
"It's ‘that’ feeling you can't describe"-said Ranbir

Mixed emotions,funny anxieties....and god knows what all !

So when Ranbir told me -"bhai ! Its ON. "I already knew it was going to happen. Not because I am invited from both the groom and bride's side.....but it wasn't THAT a surprise for me personally.
But.....OK.Great !! So my dear buddy is "horse climbing" -( if that's a word)
Feels good. For him and her . Both .
Families,friends,parties,week long celebrations and a whole lot of  gala activities.
Wow !!
As I say - Just two performers and a world around them.
Such are the well put-"Great Indian Weddings".
I still recall Ranbir's big brother's wedding.If I can say,it's on my top 5 picks of the best wedding functions attended by me so far. So,why it features out in the Top 5. Here’s below :

--The who's who of the Delhi Power circle were…

16 November 2009

Some folks related this to - 16 December -starring Milind & Dipannita ;)
They say - "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.You must set yourself on FIRE".
Good things happen to good people who too have good people by their side.
Just to sprinkle , good time ,good luck ,good blessings & yes ! good love also do the final refining.

Something similar happened on 16 November,2009.

My third semester exams started from this date . That's just a part worth :)

A lot more happened .

In words of my peers ,as they said -

Karan -
-->your MBA is OVER / has come to an end
-->you can / could possibly be engaged now....even marry
-->why even study for the exams . Damn. You don't need to .
-->so all sincere people making it to the top,
-->you deserved it all,
-->Enjoy whatever time you have in the B-school to the full......
Views and opinions matter. Only good ones :) ;)

So,why all this "gyaan" on one single day. For it&#…

Night before Diwali :)

Date - 16th October , 2009
Venue - someplace , Pune
Activity - Sipping my favourite cappuccino coffee

Tomorrow is Diwali .
Childhood memories take me back to days when it was "THE" festival for me.
I recall how it pumped into me tremendous energy flows , excitement -the entire festive joy would come into me.

The crackers ,the sweets,people coming to wish . This festival has immense positivity attached to itself.

We used to have a week long vacation , or may be more ,at good old school days. And then as they say back home , in Delhi - "Diwali jaate hi....sardiaajatehai"......and Winter happens to be my favourite season.

It was just so amazing.DIVINE.

As time flew by, the spirit became matured - kind a refined . Crackers went down, so did the sweets .It became a "usual" meeting & wishing festival.

They say -
Time heals you up.
Time makes you think again.
Time makes everything up at one time and down at another.

During my engineering college days , Diwali was perhaps …

STARS - the shining ones

I guess, on behalf of all , aaj Kal classes mein after a point , kuch khaas mann nahein lag raha....
No points for guessing kyun ...

So , randomly , I start scribbling images , pictures ...aiven hii....TP in my notebooks which otherwise are meant for a more noble cause.

In the class today , I started drawing "stars" . All sorts of. Various styles ....etc.

And then , I went down the memory lane.

My good old school days at MSM . As student , little ones ,when we were , the teachers used to give us these"stars".

I still recall those bright red stars which I often,used to get in my school copies and at times test papers : )


And the association still continues. That time I never thought as to why not give a sun or a moon or some thing else.

Pata nahein. May be stars are always special.

We have the Indian film industry stars whom we love to the core.

And we have "our stars" . The stars of the destiny . Which we follow . Which we consult.

One of my dear …

Once an Ajnabee....NO MORE an Ajnabee

On my recent visit to Delhi .... thanks to the swine flu ......I myself got treated for the same :(

I met a complete stranger.

Now,for me she was. For her I wasn't.

Girls - they shop together,they talk and talk and share almost everything.

I met Rupali , after decades . And yet she was the same . NO CHANGE. :)

We talked , I hardly did , laughed like "pagal" and then ,from nowhere she said - Lets meet up - Ankita.

OK. Where did this came from ?

My expressions changed. Was wondering if I could file a case against Costa Coffee for making her drink everything but coffee. What happened to her.

And guess what . Before I could even get my act together ,she had called up Ankita and icing on the doughnut - she actually came.

I was in fix. Honestly. Blushing I was. And feeling - "Let her go and then you see what I'll do".

But that's in future. Need to handle the past.

On the look , she looked professional. By the dress code , by the way she introduced herself and she asked …

And the baby DIED.

OK.It hurts.

This is a story....or if I can say,an experience of one of my dearest friends-Naina.Part of the "next-gen" or the "youngistaan" of today as we call it.

We both went to the same preparatory school,lived in the same locality for a couple of years,shared some amazing moments together,played,laughed  & cried ( at different times ) .And became the best of pals .

When I joined Symbiosis last year-2008 for my masters ,she completed her masters and came back from the US.

She was in love. That's what she said to me.They were together for almost 2 years.They were getting engaged. I was so so happy for her. Lucky "he".

Before leaving for Pune,we met.And that meeting ,I can never forget.

She cried and cried and cried. And unstoppable she was. I had no clues what to do ,what to say so that I could bring her smile back. ( one of those moments when poor Karan - just can't do a thing  !! )

They broke up.

And she said-"the baby died".

I was cluel…

Groupism - How Roma said it...............

Well....this one is by - POPULAR DEMAND
So,I had to post it.
It's already 1 year down at my life @ B-school.
And now,I am learning to understand what my dear friend Roma - told me long back.

I'll tell you a short story - ......

They say memories come and stay. Lessons learnt never fade away.
People come and go. Some stay and others make way.....

Roma told me- the worst thing in a B-school or for that matter in any place where "more than just YOU" are involved is - Groupism thats how its said in the local lingo.....

What is it ? How is it that good / bad ? Is it harmful ? Is it you should be a part of ?

When I joined my engineering college , I wasn't sure if I would be in a group . But things happened and I was a part of the so called "Delhi Gang" or group to be more formal.
It became one of the most coveted group.People wanted to be a part of it.They wanted to know us.It suddenly seemed that "we were THE PEOPLE".

We moved in the group ,played,studied,fou…

A - 406 - Symbiosis Pune Hostel

In Pune.
Gradual shift ...promoted or elevated
Not only in terms of hostel but also in floors.

New "senior gents"hostel -4th floor , A -406 ,SIC .

Well,mom and dad were here .
And NO.Not to help me with the shifting part,which they in any case did, but also for a visit to some nearby places.

And so,was she. Before leaving to "pardes" she wanted to see Pune , have fun ,eat the famous chocolate brownie at "Talk About" and just relax.

And as usual I was "maha udaas" . Even more this time as she was going for one year abroad .

Why do people go ? Why do we travel ? Why is it that we need to say "bye" ?

In my case,I certainly HATE saying words like "bye" , "see you" and the likes.

Sach much , bola nahein jata .

I guess life takes you to places where you actually never think of going. They exist , somewhere but your"travel radar" does not catches them too often.

And then one fine day , vola ! You 're here. Welcome.

I neve…

The Creative Ones - Seriously -

I have to bring this out.
These people ....sorry professionals are amazing.
I have by God's grace a bunch of people who are -

-Interior Designers
-Fashion Designers

And believe me -they are too good.

We all are creative,to an extent and we all are imaginative to a limit - ( don't ask me the difference between the two:p )

Everyone loves to design their houses , matching thier clothes and all that...

Some have a natural flair and some are inherent born "genius".

But these guys,I tell you are an amazing lot.

Pink matched well with a black or lighter shades of white can create peace .
Long mirrors add dimensions to your home ...
And Roma,actually says -"Karan - White looks great on you,but,Black is what you should wear".
Coffee tables can actually carry 100+ CD's and DVD's and other goodies....

Gosh !!

A creative one.May be not.

A slight twist is also in the making-

When someone asks :

"What does your son / daughter do ?

Delhi 6 - CC

Time : 11:30 am
Place - my bed :-)

"Waiting for tonight" - my cell ringtone ....trrinnggss.....
A female voice - " Coming in 5 minutes. get ready"
My voice - " hmmmm....huh....jaana hai kya ? "

and call is over long back.

Huh !!
She is in India . A cousin of her.....ooppsss sorry ! Her favourite cousin is getting married.
So,what am I suppose to do other than wishing them , BHANGRA ?

NO.Shopping ..


Just over with my summer internship.....let me sleep for sometime.....and who the hell in this world would go to CC - Chandani Chowk - at 44 c in this Delhi heat and that too shopping.

Well,I am wrong. Over 1000+ people are in CC.


btw- if you're still wondering -I am in CC.
Only she can take me out of my comfort zone...
Girls ,I tell you...are GIRLS.

So,where do we start ?

Everything in CC is famous . or 100 years old , more , 200 years old.

Small streets , cramped passages ,people all over and then the local mode of movement - &q…


Destiny takes you to destiny.
It's not always what YOU decide/think happens.
Infact,indeed it never happens.

Everything has been planned.Natasha would re-bash me for saying this ,but babes THIS IS TRUE.

I am doing my summer internship in Gurgaon.
And guess what I have to tour to Punjab.
And the place to start is FERZOPUR.

Why ? After 2006,all done with my engg. I really HONESTLY never imagined that I would be going back to FZR.

But,its not always what we want to happen.

The journey ,the same old blue Punjab Mail ,the NDLS and the it says......everything is the same..

And I was almost in joyful tears on this home-coming.
Same place,same people ,same old normal life,.....kuch badla kya ?

Shayad ? Time ? May be....after all time toh badlega hi....

It's a mixed feeling ...being back....and STAYING at a place with people who are more than parents to me....Its really worth it.

I really don't know what to say,what to write,....its something which I can only feel......

FZR-01632 will always be i…


I recetly met my buaji who was busy with the elections.However,she managed to say to me "Baba,do vote".
and will I ?
There ought to be no reasons for saying NO-I can't / I won't.

If the PM can vote and
so can AdvaniJi ,
if SRK can come all the way from CapeTown to vote and
if the physically dispaired Param Vir Chakra Medal awardee Arjun Bisht can also vote without miss,
If the girl from my school days can vote,and
above all If India can vote

It's your country , your right so you should actually find reasons that make your "no" into "yes" .
We give "n" reasons which I just can't type......for not going to vote . But,deep down inside ,as said by a great political thinker that "you're a true citizen a true Indian only if you vote.Because that's the way in which you show your care for your country and your right of choosing your government.

So please go and VOTE.
India Votes
Karan Votes
Jai H…

call back !! plz

I recently met someone. :)
After 3 years I flew Jet Airways.And ,guess what , I came back home after 6 months.

Nikita always says - " Karan,sometimes I feel like kicking your #$%@ for you not reverting to my calls".

Sorry ,Niks. Kya karoon.....I also don't know why I do this.  :(

btw-I have changed now. I have now 2 cellphones and believe me if I am not sleeping I am on the phone.
But,this wasn't like this . I hated to talk on the phone.Mind you,I talk very well but I talk crisp.So long talks , I can't do.

Another dear friend Radhika,said I'll buy you an international sim card,make sure it's never out of balance but "WILL YOU CALL" ?

I will.Make sure you give me HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 as well. Looks better then :-)

Well,it all depends on the person whom you're talking,his/her mood ,the time of the day and above all you and his/her linkage.

If it's all well then you both can carry on till the wee hours else it's within Kimi's pitst…

Wassup ? Long time ? No C !!

I haven't been dying to write this.
But yes I was kind a missing writing :-(

Why ?

Nothing much!!
EXAMS.Aur kya ?

Always its the same story.No matter how much preparation you do , how much doses of self-confidence you impose,how much effort you put in - at the end it's the last minute studies that count.

In my case its carrying my notes and stuff write in the examination hall upto my seat.huh ! Loads of "dum" required.Not really.

Believe me - MBA is tough !!
Now leaders from different school of thoughts would have different views.

This and that and all that.Crap.

I find it tough.Why ?
When you have back to back subjects with the likes of FM ,COSTING,B2B....(sorry emerging stuff something I still don't know what its all about though I managed to get a perfect A+) ....everyday......MBA is not that bad.

Gosh ! I am so unpredicatable....

Then,is MBA all about how much you study ? May be yes may be not.

MBA is more of teamwork.Or groups. as we say.
It's utter…

SIIB GD - PI - an experience beyond words & time


It's an experience which is hard to describe.It has to be felt. In short - participated !

This time around last year my birthday - Feb 1 ,I was travelling to Pune from New Delhi for my SIIB GD/PI ,which was on the 3rd Feb'08 .

It was a great experience. The word 'great" figures out only because I made to SIIB . Had it been the other way..............WHY ? Be positive ;-) OK .

So,it was a good time . GD,PI,GT( group task ) & an Essay . Loads of scope to mess up and also loads to be selected from. It depends how you chalk out a startegy even before you join an institute .

Our seniors ( 2007-09 ) left no stones unturned to make sure everyone was at ease . The preparations , the smiles , the occasional pumping up , embracing each moment & working towards welcoming a new member / family into the SIIB folds - they were simply doing a
brilliant task .
Now its 2009.


It' our time. We are the ones who have changed sides. We are a part of the process . It feels real…

A zephyr of wind serener than sea.....

I met her at one of her parties.... And guess what I was invited without she even knowing me. This is how you meet people when HE wants you to. She was this classy girl, no messes,no air,but still a command which she carried always. A typical Army girl with a Delhi background . So,a deadly combination. And guess what,she was a cancerian. And I don't have very fond memories of Aquarians-Cancerians budding friendships. hahahaha But opinions are meant to be changed. Chalta hai...One should not be rigid. Look who's saying. And story goes on. Spent time with her off and on. Busy I am as always. She went abroad for her MS. And never completed it. WHY ? In this world only 4 people know about this.I don't intend to share this.Sorry. So what's the bottomline - She's no more in this world. And I seriously sometime fail to believe this. She said always - Life comes in packets. You have to cut it . If you cut it the right way you'll get "that" desired gift. If you…

Year - 2008 -

Long time again !! Or rather a year has passed on.....or we have moved ahead !! Perceptions and more of them....I still don't know what all does this term contains. On January 1 I got a record number of messages and decent number of calls. And one question which was prominent was- SO HOWZ THE YEAR GONE ? Well I always fail to answer such tough single line questions....:-( Because the answers are more than one line :-) Well,to start with 2007 was not a very GOOD year to say so.
A friend went into a different stage... Had to sit for the so called B-SCHOOL exams...... Had to join career launcher to launch my career....... Moreover,had to bid adieu to one of my karate trainers...... goes on...
I had a certain number of expectations from 2008. First was " a decent b-school" . Infact,this was the only one.:-) And guess what I got it - We all I can say and think that a lot can happen when our aims,ambitions fly...high...
You cannot get everything but still you get some…