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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change -- We believe In

Took time ! Yeah !! It did !! Blogging is not an easy walk.

Have you ever wondered that "someone" whom you never met before ( till the day they meet you) ,"someone" whom you never thought off actually comes and takes you by a stride.

"Someone" tells you something and you listen to them with apt attention. "Someone" might ask you to change or may not even say anything but the feeling remains within you that there is something to say.

This is friendship.These are relations. This is love. This is life.

I often think that when parents say something to me regularly ,what friends suggest me to do ,I never do. As in , it takes time to be performed.And then one day this "someone " comes ,tells me and vola !! I do it ~~

Why ? What was it that I immediately agreed about to this "someone" ?
Is it that I don't listen to my parents or I don't value the comments of my friends. ?
NO. It's just that it doesn't gets clicked so easily.
"Sometimes when you want to click a beautiful picture IT DOESN'T COMES WELL.AND THEN ONE FINE DAY YOU CALL YOURSELF THE BEST "lensman / lenswomen" .

This is the power of friendship. Might of love. The start of a relation.

Sometimes,you need "someone" who can just come and say to you what you thought to yourself but never had the courage to implement it.

The power,the energy ,the vibes that this "someone" gives to you takes you on cloud 9.

This is what is called scope for improvement which exists in everyone.

No one is perfect. Agreed !! No one should.

But,if "someone" wants to make you close to perfection what's the harm. If the intentions are pious , the genuineness is there you should go for it.

Everyone has there own set of bad and good things which I guess everyone is aware of .We also know what is hindering us from becoming a good person. But,that vibe from within never comes that high....
This "someone" has it all .May be most.

I have seen people change or rather go through a sea change . The moment they get into a relationship it's like all guns blazing for them. They both are fresh,pious at the start and can do whatever it takes to make the other person happy. And for that some changes are needed.

Something which ONLY THIS "someone" COULD HAVE DONE.

It's good ! You learn from your mistakes and sometimes from others as well. Scope for improvement is always there . We need to sense it.

Relationships are beautiful.However, one thing which you should remember always is the change should be for your good.It does not changes the person you are.It only refines you.

You learn everyday something from someone. If you go on changing then you'll be CHANGED FOREVER .This is not desired.

"Someone once said, take only what is required , eat only how much you want to and give only as much as you have"

So,the next time a person wants to improve you , change you think .THINK AGAIN .You'll get the answer yourself.

[And who is this someone -well it could anyone.
Friends,siblings,parents,associates,people around you,even the most dull looking person at the traffic signal.Anyone.It's for you to decide,act and use your power of thinking.

All relations are good till the time TRUST IS THERE AND INTENTIONS ARE UNADULTERATED.

One said "In a relation you can give the nicest things you have and you can be one of the best persons you ever thought."

Kuch samajh aaya.........aajayega.........picture abhi baaki hai mere dost........

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Which one are you going 4 ?


What is the kick-off thing or perchance the terminal one that peeps into your top story aka mind. Well,everyone might have there own stipulative definition of a movie / flick - a good one or a bad one . Also,varied reasons to watch one. And....lets the timing also important ?

For me -YES. Some watch it because they have been inclined to hear/see some sort of a taradiddle,grandma's style.

To start with one of the primary reasons to watch a movie is be exact-DISCONNECT. In this demanding life of today,everyone needs some time out or rather trick some time out from there not so-happy schedule of the day and invest in watching a movie. A good valid excuse. This helps them to just focus , be chilled out,be at pace,and think about there own problems by the way of watcing the movie screening.Some actually sleep....for them rest is important. But,do you think every movie teaches you something ? There is somehing good about it always ?Well,now this depends upon you - what is your primry purpose of watching one. Each has a own school of thought.

Some may say :-- I LIKE MUSIC-THIS HAS AMAZING SONGS ROMANTIC TO THE CORE -RAJ styles FIGHTS-Sunny ,arnold and the likes .... DRAMA-Includes those "saazish" bitching" know and and....the SENTI ONES........... Might be some other genres as well.....(adult and tom-jerry.....)

Now,if you ask me,from the time I actually started empathizing movies I have watched or rather been more inclined towards our Hindi - Indian Film Industry.[English ones have started in my college times.The new craze to be different and make a style statement.College Life you know....] Hindi movies that included the usual - fights,drama,motion-more or less the same story lines but with a twist. Now,I am a bit grown -up .A bit. So,have the choices changed ? YES.

Now I "choose" rather than just watch. I also hear and value what the reviews/ critics say about the movies.I check them out through the songs,the trailers,may be cast and crew and some other desired factors. I watch or prefer watching those which ENTERTAIN , MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ,GIVE YOU SOME "GYAAN", MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON AND MAY BE VALUE FOR MONEY AND TIME INVESTED.

Agreed ! Sometimes,you don't need any of these. YES. There are some movies which I call as " bena -siir pair[BSP] " ones. Just time-pass and pure fun.

So,you would like to know some - OK.My picks

Movies like - Ankahee , Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee,Hum-Tum,Tum-Bin,Stop,Agaar,Traffic Signal,Page 3 , Main Meri patni aur woh,Khosla Ka Ghosla,Sarafarosh,Lamhe....a long list...these are some of my personal duckies. You may have watched them ,might have hated or loved them....but,I personally found them good and really well put up.

[BSP]Fun movies - Chameli Ki Shaadi(heard about it) :-),Andaaz Apna Apna,Jab We Met.....all in all time-pass and full light weight movies. Some more to add on...but....the list is endless.

You got a thought,to say with. And and,these also apprize you.That's upto you what you're looking for. I prefer watching movies at the comfort of my home.

Though ,there are some grueling people who somehow manage to take me out my comfort zone and sit for a movie in those PVR's or Mutiplexes and watch movies like -SINS. ........[sit down ,sit down - SHINY AHUJA actually,became an actor]

I prefer watching movies in the Afternoons or Nights. That's when I am free as compared to the other shifts.And if I don't like it in the starting then I make a move.

So,the next time when you watch a movie , make sure "you CHOOSE" so that you know what are you seeing. Every friday before you go out on a date, read about the reviews / the critics take ,on them ,So that incase,you get the wrong tickets or may be you enter into the wrong show, you know that you're looking for this movie that had [3 heroes and 5 heroines]

Watching - Assassins - Julianne Moore is pretty !!! Is she single after divorcee ???

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Before you say I do.....WAIT !

As the big day comes closer , your heart races with excitement each time you think of it and the married life that awaits you.Who has the time to spare serious thoughts for any PRE-MARITAL MEDICAL TESTS and Counselling ?

Well,don't take them lightly.If you really want to do everything you can to ensure your happily -ever after ,doctors recommend that your partner and you go in for some pre-marital health tests or even counselling.

By and large, pre-marital medical tests are easily categorised into three types -




Bringing up these tests with your partner may be a delicate issue.However,it would be foolish to assume that neither of you have been sexually active and hence carry no risk of any sexually transmitted infection. An HIV-AIDS test is a MUST,though it's a delicate topic to broach for young couples.I've seen many of our women patients [ thanks to my parents - Doctors ,they are :-) ] suffer after marriage when they contacted the HIV virus from their husbands.


Knowing about your genetic condition is very important as soe hereditary traits can affect the health of your child.

Example - Both your partner and you may suffer from a genetically passed-on condition .While you may not suffer from it yourself ,if both of you are carriers of the condition ,there is a large risk that it may be passed on to the child.

Some tests may include - Polycystic kidney disease,haemophilia,muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anaemia.


These tests ascertain the reproductive capabilities of both partners.The need for these depends on how keen you two are to have a child once you are married.

Some tests may include - Hormone function tests and Analysis


Finally,if as a couple ,there are issues that you still need to sort,you should also opt for a few pre-marital counselling sessions that will help you gear up for the life ahead.

"In India match-making is still done on basis of horoscopes(somebody says something.....) and the religious and financial backgrounds of the two families .It is high -time that we start ascertaining the compatibility of the couple on more practical and realistic grounds with the help of pre-marriage counselling and medical tests"

Ultimately,anything that helps the couples tie the knot with more confidence and start their relationship on a sounder footing,should be looked upon favourably.

(With inputs from -the medical team & my friends who are now newly pass-outs Doctors from MAMC & King Grant's Medical College & my fav. doctor :-) )


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amritsar and the journey

Left Delhi at night...had to...because its better to reach in the morning when the university opens up and people are still somewhat fresh ! University ? Huh ! Needed some documents from my Engg. Univ. :-) Took the train - Golden Temple mail - the name was a relief....but,inside was more..... Had a side lower berth, so,was happy....BUT THERE WERE LADIES BANG OPPOSITE MY BERTH ! GOSH ! I NEED TO SLEEP. So,they were 5 of them ( 4 ladies and 1 old father like person) To my dismay he spoke more than the combined 4.

Topics - All worth unworthy. I started with my food-home made,[so that I am one job less to do].So had to be good ! After listening to a few songs,browsing through my magazines and preparing to sleep....BANG !there came the packet filled with - ACHAAR AMRITSARI down!

It was saved. Don't thank me !! And then opened up the pitara of punjabi khana-lots of them....can't tell you.....I was already through with my dinner :-(...It was 11:00 pm..and THERE dinner started.....ate more talked even more....One said my son is in Lovely Insti. of Tech. ,Jalandhar - that's Lovely,Aunt ! other said my daughter's name is lovely ! ha ha ha...

I laughed ! anyways,the food was done....the TTE came and said its a public transport so,please let the public sleep....I am also being referred !... Why do they talk so much !? What is it that they left at home that they spend hours talking about ?...

Ladies and public need to remember that please let the people the trains....switch off lights....NO SMOKING...(there was a lady 23-25 yrs "sutta" marring......)....

Happy Journey.......

HAVELI -the original one

Though my trip was very short....A sweet friend of mine from Jalandhar.....told me to must visit -HAVELI. Haveli - is a Traditional Punjabi Veg. Dhaba.THATS IT.
You have to see yourself what kind of a "dhabba" is it ! Centrally AC,folk themes all around ,great ambeince,neatly clad punjabi attired waiters.....and the jatt durbans.

I loved the place.....very well done......also has TATA TRUCK at the reception....and a seating arrangement called"-MACHAN"...all is good in here.... Outside....they have a small set up of a punjabi village and folk culture..... YES ! You need to buy a ticket....and then are shop selling punjabi jutti's + gabru shirts(425 only :-( ) + other collectable items... for kids a place called - KILKARIAYAN" . I didn't go ! :-(
The washrooms have neatly engraved door signs saying - GABRU & MUTIYAAR.

The best part[must try] are - sweet lassi,dal wala paratha's....chatti di lassi...and......halwa......
The worst part - the waiters stand on your head for tips and gives you a look that -[if you don't tip us well...then " kutt pane haan"]

All in all a must vist whenever you come to Jalandhar.It was real hot in the afternoon.

App.7-8 kms from Jalandhar City.... trivia- It's run by a JAIN family.
Address - GT Road, Jalandhar-Phagwara Highway, Jalandhar.

Je Aayan Nu !