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Friday, November 21, 2008



My second visit outside the SIC CAMPUS – first being the outbound session at Sinhagad.

So, where was this second visit- PANCHGANI.

It’s called as Moral Re-armament Camp (MRA)

So, what does it mean….that I am still figuring it out!!

First things first.

After putting in a lot of hard work (besides me, myself and friends, number of other factors also go into the exam preparation) SIIB allows us to rejuvenate ourselves after a stressing tenure of exams.


Hill station, with loads of trees,pure air,matchless ambience and no tensions….makes everyone happy ….so was I.

Panchgani is a beautiful place. I don’t know if it’s valid for the entire region or for the place where we went – ASIA PLATEAU.

But, it’s so divine.

From Pune it takes a close 3 hours depending upon certain factors to reach Asia Plateau.

The journey is smooth and when friends are around time flies.

The day we reached we were welcomed…..let me guess, not welcomed but rather given a series of sessions which we were REQUIRED to attend.

Give me a break!! Session = Classes ….not again

But, then learning is a continuous process…so, why worry. This one would be different.

There were a number of sessions conducted by a host of experienced “volunteers” as they like to be called.

Those I attended were- conflicts, choices, identity, and others based around the theme –IDENTITY.

Don’t ask me what all happened….I am still figuring out there names let apart what happened in them.

All in all , they were supposedly good for many and worthless for others.

Besides, all these, the stomach needs some good food to keep the system working.
So, food is really SIMPLE out here. Mark me on this.

Ek dum “saada “. Why??---simple eating good thinking.
The best part which I’ll pick would be two things –

washing / cleaning dishes


Now, this was perhaps the first time I washed dishes- in short – “bartan saaf karma.”

And how did it I feel…that only the pics (for private circulation only) would tell.
But, one thing was for sure – I was happy …washing the dishes made me feel good about something. What ,I don’t know.

Here in Asia Plateau, they have this beautiful custom of washing dishes all by yourself. You eat well, and then wash the dish yourself.

Another important thing is serving and taking together i.e. – We as students were divided into groups…each group were marked for one particular task - washing / serving.

Also, when you eat on a table, any one person volunteers to pick up all the plates of the other people on that table and it’s his/her duty to take them to the kitchen.

Besides this, small things count a lot here. These are the things which give those yummy toppings on that final dish of manners.

We were taken for a small trek to the table tops – Panchgani (5 tops / 5 table tops)

Treks are great and especially when you know that the view from the top would be mesmerising.

Each day saw us learn new things.

Growing in the areas of honesty, love, unselfishness and purity.

The walk around the rock view and valley view edificio’s was simply too good.

There was plenty to take-away from this 4 day camp. It’s on individual to individual what they take.

The sole aims of such visits are making the world a better place to live. And no one but the individuals can do this.
So,all those who read this blog entry start right here right now..contributing in your own special way in making you a good global citizen and your world a place to come for.
For details about the MRA visit them @ -

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Journeys are memorable !!!

Now it’s not my fault if I meet good people on my way!!

Same thing happened this time.

June 4 was the day I left Delhi for Pune. No way similar, to Karishma leaving Abhishek for Sunjay!!

And whom I met it’s already been written,earlier.

NOW, October 25 was the day I was earmarked to go to Delhi.

See, after so long SIIB gives time to its “brand ambassadors” to go home.

As it was Diwali time needless to say the very reliable Bhartiya Rail was out of tickets.

Thanks to my lovely people in Delhi, they somehow managed to get two tickets. (Me and my roomie).

Yes, waiting tickets!!

But, they were close to 100% sure that it would be confirmed.

I was more than sure!

But, it not always happens as the way you like it to be.

So, whatever may be the reasons we were UNCONFIRMED :-( (May be diwali time, Friday.....)

Believe me; going to Delhi after a long time, close 28 hours journey, you can't expect anything wrong to happen.
But, MBA’s are made to be flexible and positive at all times. (We had no other options.)
We boarded the train and VOLA!! There were students all around .But, the baggage they were carrying made me think if at all they would be coming back ever.

Won't go into details.

I met my or rather we traced out one of our classmates who was sweet and kind enough to help us. (She had to)

All the baggage which included the laptops, were kept in safe custody with her.

And the rest, here and there. :-)

Believe me; noone helps you in such situations. Exceptions are always there.

Honeslty, if I were at her place, sleeping with three laptop bags on the seat, is just not easy.

Kudos to her for all the help!!

Now, this is about it. Rest we managed :-)

About the return journey.

This is was much better. A confirmed ticket .A new train. And some new people. I was travelling alone :-(

But,the moment I entered I saw the entire cabin, where my seat was, was already filled with baggage. My gosh ! Who the hell was travelling!

Soon, I was told by a visibly tensed aunty that - "my daughter has one ticket confirmed. And 5 of her friends had waiting tickets".

What to more to say. I understand things pretty fast. Right Neha!
So, because it was Delhi, because Dad and........ were with me and as usual we had our armed guards, my luggage was given due respect and in it went.

So the journey started.

Soon, the aunt’s daughter's friend's (OK ... Pankhuri's friends) realised nothing GOOD was to happen that they wished for. No seats.

I know how it feels!!! :-)

Then in front of the my seat( side upper and side lower ) came 3 dudes !....what do I say , hmm,innocent looking people .

All three students. Two from BVP, Pune and the other from MIT, Pune.

I was feeling bored. I tried hard to wrap my Statistics Worksheets ,but, believe me I love " to marro gappein". Whenever time permits.That’s exactly what I did.

Came down from my seat (upper birth) and that was it!!

They say time flies so fast when you're enjoying.


We never knew when it flew!

Those three were so very innocent. With the freshness of recent 12 pass out ,doing engineering ,trying to adjust to the hostel life ,I walked back into my initial days of Engineering College life.

Really, the innocent questions they asked, the way their eyes looked up to me for I don't know for what, the hope, the positivity and the freshness they had made me realised that time has gone by.

I am a grown up now. Someone whom people can ask for help/suggestion/gyaan. uh ho uh ho !!

And I was game.

I tried my best to answer what all possible wide reached queries they had in minds.

Whenever you travel through MP, make sure, at Bhopal, you have lassi.ONLY SANCHI's.(local milk cooperative's product). - the boys said.
Whenever I am in a fix,I prefer to go for the products that have been recommended to me by my trusted reviewers.

See you learn things from so many people. No matter if they are elder, younger or just like you.
They told me about the famous "lassi of Sanchi” which is a must have, which they bought for me and I was fida for this gesture.


What else, as you grow up you tend to be rigid. Little flexible. Tough to change ideas/beliefs.

But inside us all we have a child, who is innocent and always in need of pampering.

So, try to let out that child in you more often than you think you need!!

It was a good journey. Both ways.

Something to blog about :-)

PS-Did I miss anyone? Engg. Working for a Pune based company.
And and and.....

That’s about it!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

-Mini Punjabb -

Day - Sunday 03 August , 2008.

My watch says - 10:49 pm.

We had classes till 7 pm :-( decided to go out for khana. And rest they say is history.

Starts -

Just came back.....from ? ? wait wait...........batata hoon....chill !!

Me , Nimit and Ronny (roomies) were desperate to "GO-OUT" for some Ghar ka khana. Aha....kitna acha hota tha ghar ka khana.....yummy....

Now,we had zeroed in on one place-called as " GHAR KA KHANA".Loads was expected.But,I guess,we weren't expected.

Went there and vola ! The gates were closed !! F***** .....yes !! the stars were laughing and so were we . :-(

Now what the hell !!

[Ek toh mein hardly "bahar khane"ko jata hoon....and then this thing is closed.

OK."Ghar ka khana"goes into the recycle bin .As of Now.]

No second chances....I am Karan - remember me ?

Now where ? Well,Ronny was out...out as in out of he wanted or rather made sure that none was going back to the hostel mess.

And striked.....Dimaag ki batti jal gaye....AND THIS IS WITHOUT MENTOS.

I recalled a familiar name called as - MINI PUNJAB. Wow !!Punjab.....needless to say it ought to be great !!

And then when you have strong list of people backing you ,which included :

siddharth manuja
rohit bhatnagar
millan samal
.....................and the likes.........

........have all been there and ate to full.

So,Nimit lets go ! Mini Punjab.

For the starters it's called - Lala's Mini Punjabb . ( note that extra "b" - numerology - oh my !!)

As,it's my rule,always ask for the menu card ,politely and READ through carefully.Read what ? hmmm that's upto you !!Individual you're.

And yes ! it paid.

Nimit and Ronny wanted to try their hand at NON-VEG.But,they never tried. Why ? Kyuuun ? Well,when a chicken tikka costs 240+ its better not to try.

As we looked here and there it was good old VEG. food that all came back to.I am VEGGIE.:-)

So,what we ordered -

Roti - Rs 9

Panner Butter masala - Rs 99

Kadai Paneer-Rs 99

Dal makhani-Rs 99

BELIEVE ME.You would .


Yes..It was. Why the hell did we came ? Who in the world told Mr.lala to open a Mini Punjab? Let apart opening,why use the name Punjab ? And degrade it's entire value.


And I was cursing all those who recommended or gave there views to "this must visit" place.

In case you forget - the address is -

Lala's Mini Punjabb
Bombay - Pune Road,
Near Wakad Flyover

What about the ambience .Something are left unsaid. And what do you expect @ 10:30 pm + ,Hinjewadi,Pune ? ?

Aha.....need to watch the movie - 300.

btw-what's for the breakfast !! atleast chai and bread would do.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life Rocks @ a different place ...........still.....

No worries !!
I am here !! I am back !!

There was / may be , still a brief stay or hault but that's the way life is !! :-)
A lot has gone by in the few fast forward weeks.

A lot more is still awaited :-)
So where was I or rather where I might be ..... that only 2 persons can tell - Karan and God !!
So I am here , why disturb god !!

@ Train Journey

It was a long journey .... a fatiguing one but as I always say you never pass judgements so quickly !!

So We were 4 people...and then there was this sweet bubbly girl - MIND IT ...a lawyer in making.... wow !! These days you don't find that a sweet bubbly lawyer girls :-)
Besides being a sweet girl the one thing which I liked was the fact that her Dad was an IPS !! man !! I love/respect/admire/ these IAS /IPS people. The real India.

The journey was long...very long...and Indian trains you "FAST" they are ...
From evening assorted voices started doing the rounds......which contuniued till we got down at our destination....poor people who were still there .......
"Chai Chai " Tea - Tea "........"garam garam samosa"...."paani paani " uff....aur kuch bhi hai....

Then there was this person whom I think might have been a good bet at one of those top B-Schools !! like Symbi's and all what was his tagline - " Namkeen wala idhar hai , aapka dhyaan kidhar hai " - BELIEVE ME . His basket of namkeen was full when he started his trip and with this tagline the basket was near it's end when he returned !! huh !!
Marketing is a tough nut to crack .

What else - as always the train food was --yyuukkkk -- but we had some delicious cherries which were sweet as the owner.


@ Pune -

As always Indian stations are every busy,ever crowded and ever and ever chaos.Pune was no exception.
But as sometimes , I was a bit happy in this chaos as well . How ?
Well,CARS. What better way if someone comes to pick you up :-) The entire journey's pines away....

The car was loaded but what about the rest of the load. You can't expect an Esteem to behave like a Bolero. So ,bring a Bolero.

And it actually came. How ? The sweet kind-hearted lawyer girl came to the rescue. And it was a sigh of relief.

And what next ? Come on ....we need to sit in the cars and go :-)

@ Campus -

Pune and rains are like bread and butter.So need I say more.
The "mausam" was lovely and so was the campus. Beautiful.Wait !!

Hostel ? Anyone ? Yup !! Let's c the hostel dude .

or the Hall of residence as it's called ! It's not just any hostel. It's more than a hostel.
With a huge room , attached washrooms and ample space, decent food what more could you ask for in a hostel !!


Pune is a special place. For two reasons . second one is .........Went to meet them at @ private place. Lovely ambience , great food ! Cool mausam !

More to come....

PS - It's not always good to think what you listen When you actually see for yourself it's then the pictures get clear !! I know NOW.You remember .

This "message"is for the person who understands it well.And I know the actual intended person would know now.....

Monday, June 2, 2008

Marriages - The lost "charm"

Old is gold !! So, you never ward of the clutter from your household ??

May be yes may be not !! That's a personal choice........or a family selection...

I don't know WHY ,but,of lately,in the gone-by year 2007 I myself have witnessed or rather seen a number of people who are still - UNMARRIED ?? !!

huh !! No . They are not waiting for me. Neither they are doing anything that high that they are fending off this "grand" celebration.

So,what is it. that is / has , blocked there path to this wonderful institution ?? I have no clues .


Girls,mostly, are nearing / have crossed the age mark of 25.
This apart , some have even skipped over the 35 + mark.

Why ? Why so late ? What's the reason ?

There are an infinity of them -->



Good enough grounds for a simple -NO.

Not your fault. May be you never thought that this would be such a high mess issue at a later stage. Now that you're settled , reasonably,you think when your good old school pals are asking you about there son's / daughter's pre-nursery admission -YOU FEEL THE HEAT.

So,what stopped you ?
Your attitude , parents , your never say give -up spirit , your work ,your study or may be your STARS.

That only you could say / tell . How do I know !! ??

All I can make out is that you're - LATE .

Yes ! Everything has a time . A RIGHT TIME. Which in most of the above cases has gone-by .
May be you were not at fault. May be you were . But,the end result is you LOST .

Had you been a little more flexible , a trivial positive and had the power to adjust you would be sitting with the "pictures of flowers/animals/sojourns , with your little ones " .

You missed it ALL.

Some would say there is NO FAULT OF OURS. AGREED !! Then is it mine !
Say YES and then be honest enough to recite your story.
Look what all went wrong , when , why and what could be done at that time.

I am sure ,solutions would flow.Even if they don't you'll be in a better position to know yourself more than anytime .

Gone time won't come .So would the gone life. So,try if you can help noone but yourself .


btw- try this tongue twister -
"Peetal ke patele mein papita peela peela pada pada papita patele mein "

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"MIG"ration - move to move

Ever marveled as to why do we walk ? What is the movement all about ? Is it really required ? Can't life be easy and smooth ? Why change ? Why keep on locomoting? Give it a thought. Use your top power.

Change is here.Change is essential .You change everyday as the milieu around you switches. These are some of the old banalities that you took heed ,time and again.

Lets start with the "online" part(since its fast and used even faster). Earlier ,it was hotmail,aol and the likes....then came in yahoo and now gmail. Changed your email. Blogging started off with blogspot now it's flip-flopping towards wordpress. Orkut,then came facebook ,wayn....and another set of "buddy webs".

Earlier you used rediff/yahoo messengers .Now ,please come on Gtalk. WHY ? WHY change ? Why keep alternating ?

What is / was the primary need of such things ? TO BE IN TOUCH. STAY CONNECTED. Someone says dating,making new friends...... Now when you log in and see your orkut - 600+ friends , 3000+scraps, 100+ testimonials,100+videos / album pics nuff. Do you really stay connected with all those 600 "unique"individuals. Or was it that "he added me on and I too. OVER.

I still retrieve the day when I joined orkut after never-ending doggedness of my gang members. That day , I logged in and out of orkut - recall.....roughly 8o times. ECHO. What the F ?Me so purblind . I came in to check who visited ,who scrapped ,who added me...... What was I thinking ? Is this why I am here ? If I genuinely need to be in touch with my allies -where is my phone ? OK cell-phone . This also migrated. Call them up.Fix and meet. FAST AND GREAT. But,NO. "He" joined facebook. I am also joining facebook. Let's delete Orkut. Poor testimonials :-( They say you start we will accompany. ha ha ha Man the "thinker " .Where's the thinking gone ? Bhagwaan janee......

People spend hours on these forums , clicking profiles,adding ,talking on and on and on. How many "new friends" have you made ? Did you find your soulmate ? You wrote a testimonial and did you get one in return ? Can't take it.... I suppose you translated my intents .YES ! That's what counts. I am on orkut. I use yahoo. Till the time "change" comes and say.....need to move out.....KARAN.... Someonetold me ,life's short.....why ravage it !!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change -- We believe In

Took time ! Yeah !! It did !! Blogging is not an easy walk.

Have you ever wondered that "someone" whom you never met before ( till the day they meet you) ,"someone" whom you never thought off actually comes and takes you by a stride.

"Someone" tells you something and you listen to them with apt attention. "Someone" might ask you to change or may not even say anything but the feeling remains within you that there is something to say.

This is friendship.These are relations. This is love. This is life.

I often think that when parents say something to me regularly ,what friends suggest me to do ,I never do. As in , it takes time to be performed.And then one day this "someone " comes ,tells me and vola !! I do it ~~

Why ? What was it that I immediately agreed about to this "someone" ?
Is it that I don't listen to my parents or I don't value the comments of my friends. ?
NO. It's just that it doesn't gets clicked so easily.
"Sometimes when you want to click a beautiful picture IT DOESN'T COMES WELL.AND THEN ONE FINE DAY YOU CALL YOURSELF THE BEST "lensman / lenswomen" .

This is the power of friendship. Might of love. The start of a relation.

Sometimes,you need "someone" who can just come and say to you what you thought to yourself but never had the courage to implement it.

The power,the energy ,the vibes that this "someone" gives to you takes you on cloud 9.

This is what is called scope for improvement which exists in everyone.

No one is perfect. Agreed !! No one should.

But,if "someone" wants to make you close to perfection what's the harm. If the intentions are pious , the genuineness is there you should go for it.

Everyone has there own set of bad and good things which I guess everyone is aware of .We also know what is hindering us from becoming a good person. But,that vibe from within never comes that high....
This "someone" has it all .May be most.

I have seen people change or rather go through a sea change . The moment they get into a relationship it's like all guns blazing for them. They both are fresh,pious at the start and can do whatever it takes to make the other person happy. And for that some changes are needed.

Something which ONLY THIS "someone" COULD HAVE DONE.

It's good ! You learn from your mistakes and sometimes from others as well. Scope for improvement is always there . We need to sense it.

Relationships are beautiful.However, one thing which you should remember always is the change should be for your good.It does not changes the person you are.It only refines you.

You learn everyday something from someone. If you go on changing then you'll be CHANGED FOREVER .This is not desired.

"Someone once said, take only what is required , eat only how much you want to and give only as much as you have"

So,the next time a person wants to improve you , change you think .THINK AGAIN .You'll get the answer yourself.

[And who is this someone -well it could anyone.
Friends,siblings,parents,associates,people around you,even the most dull looking person at the traffic signal.Anyone.It's for you to decide,act and use your power of thinking.

All relations are good till the time TRUST IS THERE AND INTENTIONS ARE UNADULTERATED.

One said "In a relation you can give the nicest things you have and you can be one of the best persons you ever thought."

Kuch samajh aaya.........aajayega.........picture abhi baaki hai mere dost........

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Which one are you going 4 ?


What is the kick-off thing or perchance the terminal one that peeps into your top story aka mind. Well,everyone might have there own stipulative definition of a movie / flick - a good one or a bad one . Also,varied reasons to watch one. And....lets the timing also important ?

For me -YES. Some watch it because they have been inclined to hear/see some sort of a taradiddle,grandma's style.

To start with one of the primary reasons to watch a movie is be exact-DISCONNECT. In this demanding life of today,everyone needs some time out or rather trick some time out from there not so-happy schedule of the day and invest in watching a movie. A good valid excuse. This helps them to just focus , be chilled out,be at pace,and think about there own problems by the way of watcing the movie screening.Some actually sleep....for them rest is important. But,do you think every movie teaches you something ? There is somehing good about it always ?Well,now this depends upon you - what is your primry purpose of watching one. Each has a own school of thought.

Some may say :-- I LIKE MUSIC-THIS HAS AMAZING SONGS ROMANTIC TO THE CORE -RAJ styles FIGHTS-Sunny ,arnold and the likes .... DRAMA-Includes those "saazish" bitching" know and and....the SENTI ONES........... Might be some other genres as well.....(adult and tom-jerry.....)

Now,if you ask me,from the time I actually started empathizing movies I have watched or rather been more inclined towards our Hindi - Indian Film Industry.[English ones have started in my college times.The new craze to be different and make a style statement.College Life you know....] Hindi movies that included the usual - fights,drama,motion-more or less the same story lines but with a twist. Now,I am a bit grown -up .A bit. So,have the choices changed ? YES.

Now I "choose" rather than just watch. I also hear and value what the reviews/ critics say about the movies.I check them out through the songs,the trailers,may be cast and crew and some other desired factors. I watch or prefer watching those which ENTERTAIN , MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ,GIVE YOU SOME "GYAAN", MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON AND MAY BE VALUE FOR MONEY AND TIME INVESTED.

Agreed ! Sometimes,you don't need any of these. YES. There are some movies which I call as " bena -siir pair[BSP] " ones. Just time-pass and pure fun.

So,you would like to know some - OK.My picks

Movies like - Ankahee , Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee,Hum-Tum,Tum-Bin,Stop,Agaar,Traffic Signal,Page 3 , Main Meri patni aur woh,Khosla Ka Ghosla,Sarafarosh,Lamhe....a long list...these are some of my personal duckies. You may have watched them ,might have hated or loved them....but,I personally found them good and really well put up.

[BSP]Fun movies - Chameli Ki Shaadi(heard about it) :-),Andaaz Apna Apna,Jab We Met.....all in all time-pass and full light weight movies. Some more to add on...but....the list is endless.

You got a thought,to say with. And and,these also apprize you.That's upto you what you're looking for. I prefer watching movies at the comfort of my home.

Though ,there are some grueling people who somehow manage to take me out my comfort zone and sit for a movie in those PVR's or Mutiplexes and watch movies like -SINS. ........[sit down ,sit down - SHINY AHUJA actually,became an actor]

I prefer watching movies in the Afternoons or Nights. That's when I am free as compared to the other shifts.And if I don't like it in the starting then I make a move.

So,the next time when you watch a movie , make sure "you CHOOSE" so that you know what are you seeing. Every friday before you go out on a date, read about the reviews / the critics take ,on them ,So that incase,you get the wrong tickets or may be you enter into the wrong show, you know that you're looking for this movie that had [3 heroes and 5 heroines]

Watching - Assassins - Julianne Moore is pretty !!! Is she single after divorcee ???

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Before you say I do.....WAIT !

As the big day comes closer , your heart races with excitement each time you think of it and the married life that awaits you.Who has the time to spare serious thoughts for any PRE-MARITAL MEDICAL TESTS and Counselling ?

Well,don't take them lightly.If you really want to do everything you can to ensure your happily -ever after ,doctors recommend that your partner and you go in for some pre-marital health tests or even counselling.

By and large, pre-marital medical tests are easily categorised into three types -




Bringing up these tests with your partner may be a delicate issue.However,it would be foolish to assume that neither of you have been sexually active and hence carry no risk of any sexually transmitted infection. An HIV-AIDS test is a MUST,though it's a delicate topic to broach for young couples.I've seen many of our women patients [ thanks to my parents - Doctors ,they are :-) ] suffer after marriage when they contacted the HIV virus from their husbands.


Knowing about your genetic condition is very important as soe hereditary traits can affect the health of your child.

Example - Both your partner and you may suffer from a genetically passed-on condition .While you may not suffer from it yourself ,if both of you are carriers of the condition ,there is a large risk that it may be passed on to the child.

Some tests may include - Polycystic kidney disease,haemophilia,muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anaemia.


These tests ascertain the reproductive capabilities of both partners.The need for these depends on how keen you two are to have a child once you are married.

Some tests may include - Hormone function tests and Analysis


Finally,if as a couple ,there are issues that you still need to sort,you should also opt for a few pre-marital counselling sessions that will help you gear up for the life ahead.

"In India match-making is still done on basis of horoscopes(somebody says something.....) and the religious and financial backgrounds of the two families .It is high -time that we start ascertaining the compatibility of the couple on more practical and realistic grounds with the help of pre-marriage counselling and medical tests"

Ultimately,anything that helps the couples tie the knot with more confidence and start their relationship on a sounder footing,should be looked upon favourably.

(With inputs from -the medical team & my friends who are now newly pass-outs Doctors from MAMC & King Grant's Medical College & my fav. doctor :-) )


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amritsar and the journey

Left Delhi at night...had to...because its better to reach in the morning when the university opens up and people are still somewhat fresh ! University ? Huh ! Needed some documents from my Engg. Univ. :-) Took the train - Golden Temple mail - the name was a relief....but,inside was more..... Had a side lower berth, so,was happy....BUT THERE WERE LADIES BANG OPPOSITE MY BERTH ! GOSH ! I NEED TO SLEEP. So,they were 5 of them ( 4 ladies and 1 old father like person) To my dismay he spoke more than the combined 4.

Topics - All worth unworthy. I started with my food-home made,[so that I am one job less to do].So had to be good ! After listening to a few songs,browsing through my magazines and preparing to sleep....BANG !there came the packet filled with - ACHAAR AMRITSARI down!

It was saved. Don't thank me !! And then opened up the pitara of punjabi khana-lots of them....can't tell you.....I was already through with my dinner :-(...It was 11:00 pm..and THERE dinner started.....ate more talked even more....One said my son is in Lovely Insti. of Tech. ,Jalandhar - that's Lovely,Aunt ! other said my daughter's name is lovely ! ha ha ha...

I laughed ! anyways,the food was done....the TTE came and said its a public transport so,please let the public sleep....I am also being referred !... Why do they talk so much !? What is it that they left at home that they spend hours talking about ?...

Ladies and public need to remember that please let the people the trains....switch off lights....NO SMOKING...(there was a lady 23-25 yrs "sutta" marring......)....

Happy Journey.......

HAVELI -the original one

Though my trip was very short....A sweet friend of mine from Jalandhar.....told me to must visit -HAVELI. Haveli - is a Traditional Punjabi Veg. Dhaba.THATS IT.
You have to see yourself what kind of a "dhabba" is it ! Centrally AC,folk themes all around ,great ambeince,neatly clad punjabi attired waiters.....and the jatt durbans.

I loved the place.....very well done......also has TATA TRUCK at the reception....and a seating arrangement called"-MACHAN"...all is good in here.... Outside....they have a small set up of a punjabi village and folk culture..... YES ! You need to buy a ticket....and then are shop selling punjabi jutti's + gabru shirts(425 only :-( ) + other collectable items... for kids a place called - KILKARIAYAN" . I didn't go ! :-(
The washrooms have neatly engraved door signs saying - GABRU & MUTIYAAR.

The best part[must try] are - sweet lassi,dal wala paratha's....chatti di lassi...and......halwa......
The worst part - the waiters stand on your head for tips and gives you a look that -[if you don't tip us well...then " kutt pane haan"]

All in all a must vist whenever you come to Jalandhar.It was real hot in the afternoon.

App.7-8 kms from Jalandhar City.... trivia- It's run by a JAIN family.
Address - GT Road, Jalandhar-Phagwara Highway, Jalandhar.

Je Aayan Nu !

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pune पुणे

Likhna hai.....kya likhoon......kya bacha hai.....kya tha.....hmm......lets see agar kuch mil jata hai.....

Let's talk about my recent Pune visit -

  • Well, I may not be the best person on insights on Pune , but would like to share my experience .Visited Pune,for the first time for the -second round .
  • Stayed at a place very near to the railway station - Shivaji Nagar. First thing noticed was - No helmets !! Speeding vehicles zooming in from every corner. Chaos ! 
  • Girls or to be more refined - Females, wearing a "Refined"version of a "Hijab"(Kattar muslim women wear to cover there head). Almost all are clad in this .Top it all,they wear,no scope left to see the faces !! 
  • There was a reason for wearing one - Pollution and protection against Sun and Dust !! Accepted !
  • Next,a word called as " Peths" was doing the rounds. Peth is the general name for a locality in old Pune..some female said ! Some of the Peths are named after the days of the week. OK. get it.
  • On recommendation visited , Dagdusheth Ganpati & Shanivar Wada ! Liked them !Went to FC (Fergusson College to meet someone ).Nice college. !!Ate vada-pau & (िचवडा). 
  • All familiar & popular food chains like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Express, Smokin Joe's etc have their presence in Pune..why not !!
  • Hinjewadi was a personal favorite. Peace and serene.All in all a good limited exposure !!


PS -  This is one of my first initial posts when I started writing and sharing . Now, when I look back in time , gosh !! I have traveled a long distance and the journey has been really special - because of dear readers like you  . Thank you !


Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Mother - The Earth

Yes ! She's the one who actually handles you and gives you whatever you need.
Ever realised , what did she asked in return from you ? NO.
Who has the time to even give a thought about her needs.......So,busy.....we all alone she always was.

How many of us recall that we recently celebrated EARTH DAY ? EARTH DAY - WHAT'S THAT ,dude ? Was it a holiday ? Never heard about it ?

Poor you.......This what we call sheer lack of concern.Ask you when is the next Indo-Pak cricket match...bang comes in the reply

Earth Day is held every year on the - 22 April . REMEMBER IT THE NEXT TIME.

What were you suppose to do ? Virtually NOTHING . Practically EVERYTHING.

From Tokyo to Togo, to the flagship event on the National Mall in Washington, DC and 7 other U.S. cities,from Kuwait to New Delhi, millions of people around the world were united behind a Call for Climate, the "global warming action" theme. Hundreds of events were popping up all over the globe and April 22 would be a memorable Earth Day,they said. Everyone would be asking people to call their government and urge significant and equitable action on climate change.Every individual was asked to play a role of a lifetime.

What can you do,now ? You as in INDIVIDUAL ? A LOT . They say charity begins at home so why not start from YOUR home.

OK.So,what is it that you can do !?

Start with the easy ones...Just 1 of now....

Reuse your plastic shopping bags: use them as trash so as not to buy others that are more energy wasting; use them for storage.
Use paper bags rather than plastic bags when you are given the choice.
Use reusable grocery bags, which always have a lower environmental impact.

Just this one step of the many would go in a long way to save our earth.




Four billion years ago
Our lonely Earth
Set sail on cosmic seas
Guided by an unseen hand
Of nature, God or chance.

As life evolved
Through endles eco-cycles
Man was born, destined
To destroy or enrich
the Precious Ship.

And now his hand
Has seized the tiller
But his ear has not
Yet caught the Captain's
Quiet command.

The sails are down, the ship becalmed,
Its fragil life at stake.
No longer do we ride the gentle swells of
Silent seas and breathe
The fragrant air.

Broken are the rhythms
Of our cyclic plants
And other living things.

But now the Captain speaks again
Our quiet thoughts at last reveal his voice.

"Hoist the sails, Earth Man.
Set them for celestial winds.
Hold the tiler firm,
The course ahead is clear."

Be He nature, God or chance
His voice is heard
And we shall heed
The Captain's quiet command.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthdays - Either you remember before time or next year on time !

Costa Coffee ....on of my deary they say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee....remember. A LOT.
Kind of a make-break situation.... :-)

Sunday evenings are usually free , so was out with my gang.....abridged in number....was enjoying my regular one ....and then...

A couple ( according to me when A men and A women are together for a coffee cup better to call them as a company rather than individuals )....came in. Looked like it was there usual rendezvous.

Since, light travels faster than sound,people appear brighter before you hear them speak.,they sat somewhat next to us and even before the AC could cool them off...she started......."This is the second time in two years .You missed it again ."

Generally,its a "gandi-baat" to listen to people's talk, but when they say at "surround" sound's the ears catch them .LOUD AND CLEAR.

Thought,he missed it again by not asking her father about there future. :-)

(...Apne beti ka haath mujhe de do...Uncle.....aka Future FIL .....Plz.......)


Galat Jawab. He missed her birthday.......and by how many days......
of what I 2 minutes.....

Pat came the reply....." I messaged you at 12 but,somehow never reached .

Oh brother....the door bell or your mobile phone will always ring when you are in the bathroom......Same with your birthday message.

"So,it never got delievered"- he WANTED TO ask...On this she said-"there is something called as delivery reports".

Oh my......somebody help this poor soul out.....kya hua....agar late ho gaye toh.....atleast he thought in his thoughts about her and wished her "happy birthday". So,what if the message never came.....This is direct dil-dil link.

NO.This is next-gen. If you miss you loose.

Birthdays are important.I agree.More important to wish also.But,does it really matters if you're late....may be genuinely late.No second chance. WHY ? When you say you understand the opposite person more than you do then why a pinch of time-lag nicks the relation that critically. There are times,when people don't remember there own birthdays.These are the people who remember "your"Birthdays. Religiously. But,galti toh ho jaati hai. Most important thing is wishing from your heart. Even if you forgot or you're late ,make a point to wish . This will be more than "wishing on time".

What say....this is what I follow.........or rarther started to follow after a few heavy doses :-(

And, the next time you message make sure you call.That's better & safe.
Atleast you have the right to say I gave you a call which got termed as a "missed call". Your Job done.

One call once a year....not a big-ticket rekindle the relation.

And I'll like to add . DON'T MENTION THE WORD - TREAT . Come on . Are you that hungry to get one. Your job is to wish "janamdin mubarak" . FINISH. No hopefulnesses !

Rest,the birthday person is healthy enough to ask you if would like to have one.

Let me remember -- who's birthday is coming.......hmmmm........still time..........

Jab "they" Met

First came a call ....then a wedding the sweet box......?? Foxed ! I was !

But,not for so long.I figure out things quite fast.QUITE,indeed. So,my good old "bat-ball" friend and my Big B was getting married ! I thought since it was April,so I may be heading towards becoming a -"Bakra",anytime. But,its not always true what you think. So,hold your thoughts ..

Yes.He was.How could he ? So soon ? ok ......not that soon.....but still.......

So,the next question or rather conformation was "who's that girl" ?? You never know when people say...No. No girls.Its a....... Better left than said.

So,it was her.....yes....yes......I remember....but,how did this all happen ? So soon ?

The story goes back to one of my deary places - Rajasthan ! [Whenever you in India ,do visit this state.....and for those who are here....whatz kiboshing you ? ]

Raj(aka Rajnesh) met Rashmi at one of our trips to Jaipur.The place where we stayed was near her home. Sometimes,it just get clicked....for no rhyme or reason. They saw ,he asked ,she was a bit hesitant but,it had to.She agreed to take us through a "guided"tour of the city.And yes.....we loved the city and he loved the guide. On our last,day we visited her home.....Ok......The parents were somehow brought into the network......(you see Indians are very good at-"jugaad") :-)

Look who's saying...

Met them at there place for lunch.....yummy it was....before leaving handed over some token of thanks and LEFT.

That was it.

NO.I was wrong.In this "mobile" + "e-world" nothing is impossible.The numbers and emails had already been exchanged.They were on the others gtalk/messenger's list. Wow !Now thats fast. !

So,after trying and talking for almost 1+ years.....Raj said...Lets get it done. I asked so,where's the girl from..( see I hardly remember )..He said you know her.I was like....Ok.....let me check my database.

No results what. He said its "that" girl whom we met at "that" place ....... ?~

Oh.....oh......ho......Sheeee....... How come? When ? Why ? ....all ????? (remembered)

He said....."bus ho jata hai"....and I didn't want to say....."Kaash"

You see,there very few people...who take this much of [risk]....they talk,they try,they work out...and yes-they made things happen. Sometimes,it's better to say your feelings rather than ponder over and over thinking - I know - The answer is "NO".

Be positive,give your best ,in a refined manner and never know when you might be sitting next to your someone and getting clicked !

It happens in a fraction of a second and faster than you can ever imagine.

So,before the train leaves....share your,that you have less "baggage" to take home.

Khama gani.....Rajasthan Padharo....

[PS-Her little sister who is now a Docotor was really cute.And what more she gave me Rajasthani "kadaai" shirt.]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have always respected the people who serve the nation. These are the really heroes.
On my way to Mumbai, I had the privilege of sitting with a Major who was travelling to meet his family. He was impressive,as they always are. We shared some good thoughts and he narrated an incident to me of his army training days.

He told me that in Army training you get up at 4 am and do your shave. EVERYDAY. uddi baba

Once,he was on top of a hillock for some activity work where he thought no one would come to check .Also ,his commanding officer was not in at the base camp. So,he thought lets LEAVE THE SHAVING TODAY.

Little did he knew what awaited him .In the noon , a chopper having his CO AND GOC-C came to there camp. Everyone was called in. -See this is what happens when you think you're so smart.-

The CO asked the Major why he hasn't shaved . He was mum.
The CO told him to get a stone ( not a "pathar") and bring it in. Major went out ,bought in the stone .The CO ordered "rub this on your face" till I the time I think you're done.

People,you're quite "enlightened" to infer what happened. His face was bleeding,marked by severe rashes and cuts.PAINFUL TO THE CORE.

The Major told me that was day and till today NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS,WHERE I AM ,I ALWAYS SHAVE REGULARY & religiously.NEVER HAVE I MISSED IT.

Huh !! people like me should learn something....I was speechless...because I HATE TO SHAVE.
Gosh ! now this is what only ARMY CAN TEACH YOU .

Jai Hind !
Proud of our Army !


Many of my "personal"gang members always come up to me and say -

"Yaar - Ek ladki hai.Bahut pasand karta hoon.But she's a Muslim". END.
"Dost- There is a project manager of mine whom I really like.Only problem is she's too OLD. (agewise) .She also likes me,but ,kambhakht age ! I am 6-7 years younger to her. END.
"Karan-There is someone whom I met online. Chatted ,exchanged numbers and now,we great friends.May be we can settle down.But her parents want to her to get married this year.I need to do my PG and will be in a positon to say yes ,after two years only . END.

These are just some of the taglines people use. If you take a look ,evenly,all these stories....ok.... relations have ENDED.

Why ? What happened ? Where did it went wrong ? What will happen now ?

Huh ! Lots of questions.....

See,it all depends upon you ! You're the ONE who started , who felt happy, who spent time with the other and now you're in a deadlock. So,any easy way out - YES . BAHAR AA JAO. END.

No- it might seem an easy way, but rest assured one of you is going to loose.One of them would cry.One of them would even die.One of them would never be the same again.One of them would never feel like talking to the other one.

WHY ONE OF THEM ? WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER ? WILL HE/SHE go off that easily.May be,but,not that easily.The pain will be there,so will the memories and so will be the BAD moments. What caused all this severe sufferings........yes ! You thought it right. Its YOU.

Had you been clear,focussed and true to yourself this wouldn't have happen ! We get into the sea and let sea swim us around. WHY ? Atleast try swimming......why always yes to everything...say NO sometimes ....

These relations are very fragile.If you loose from either ends they break.if you hold them so tight,you get cut. YES.THEY NEVER HEAL.NEVER.

So,remember what you want.What you look for.

No matter what caste/creed/religion/ages/locations you're different..try to be true to that ONE PERSON YOU WANT TO. People make and give judgements so quickly that life's get changed even before time changes them.

So,people,say your heart out to that PERSON whom you feel like talking/sharing all your worries ,whom you feel that IF HE/SHE IS WITH YOU YOU'RE COMPLETE.DONT EVEN THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE BUT THAT PERSON.MAKE / GIVE REASONS THAT MAKE YOUR "YES" MORE mighty THAN YOUR "NO".

Say na say na....whatever you wanna say....dont be chup-chap.......because - SILENCE KILLS .AND YOU LOOSE.

Difficult to tell what loving is like; Impossible to tell what missing is like; May you never miss whom you luv & may whom you luv miss you always.

Nature has given you a face. But, you have to provide the expression. Be careful! Your Each Expression will leave an impression in others heart.......

Parents.Who am I to say....ANYTHING

An associate of mine at work- Suparna,recently,left home ! NO.She didn't got married ! Neither was she planning to do sometime soon :-)

She needed someone to talk and there was - Karan .She had a terrible argument with her parents over some issues ( you can guess....the problems of our "NEW" next-gen people).

And she did not bow down.

Instead said all she could to her parents and made them feel as if they were nothing and she no longers needs them now.Out they can go.

What did I suggest ! ? Ha.....I gave her a tight slap....No.I felt like giving one.

I just asked her one thing - DO YOU LOVE YOUR PARENTS ? She took app. 3 minutes to answer.Can you imagine -I saw. This was the real problem. She lost it.

How can / could one require TIME to say -I love my parents.


The real problem was as always communication. If you dont talk / share truly ,then better shut up.She wanted to express / say something to them,realised lets leave ,said something other and chaos...what occured !

Always remember parents are NEVER WRONG. THEY MIGHT BE A LITTLE ILL-TIMED , BUT,THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. YOU MAY NOT BE IN A POSITION TO nod your head to what they say / said, but,over time you would be the FIRST one to approve of them.

So,NEVER fight with your parents. NEVER argue.

Saying Sorry won't kill your 10 years in this short life.

You always loose to them.ALWAYS.


Hope to see the change soon.....sunrise is what I prefer.

[What about Suparna]- YES.She did say sorry. She cried.She learnt. That's what matters !

Vikrant and or may be H.

Vikrant aka Viks is a friend of mine.Got through an Architecture College in Delhi.

Facebook came in.
He joined the newly formed community of his new college. Interacted with some fellow members and SENIORS or "baapji" as they are called.

Liked a senior who happens to be smaller in age than him.

Sit down.Chill ! Just 1 year.

H-->Harpreet -

He got confused so did I. Punjabi names are baffling ,sometimes.

She's a girl !
He initiated the talk ,started talking about here and there and ENUFF.
She thought that he was so desperate to be a friend of her's and pat came the reply !

I am your senior and......STOP !

Poor Viks......what wrong did he do if he wanted to talk to her , have friendship with her,may be help her in someway....all pious thoughts.......he initiated ,he added,he talked...and did all possible things he could ...but,all went for a SIX !

Ah ! It Sux - such is life dearies...people ( GIRLS ) take you wrong here many times ! I never seem to understand -WHY ? What's the matter girls ?

If we(men) don't initiate, you get angry,if we don't talk, we get fired up,we dont scrap/poke/message you ,you delete us ....WHY poor "us" ??

Viks....asked for my "gyaan" .I was straight. If "H" is not interested then FAIR. Neither be you.

He got it right ,this time.A beautiful friendship which may have started was cut into pieces.

At the end - THEY DONT TALK NOW.ANYMORE."You never give 3 chances to anyone...then why "H" ,he said. Agreed bro.!

See this is what happens. Life is short and friendship is forever. The better you realise the cool you're.

Little did - "H" knew that Viks was already engaged to his..........I can't tell.....see she just lost a GEM. Poor girl !!

PS-Had some seniors from her batch who gave some bad reports about her to him."Panga galat le liya"-he said. This also added in the decision making.

See your batch backfires on you..........

VARANASI ( Banaras ) - The city of ' thugs ' until Modi ji wins

Many people would fume over the title - I did.But,this is a FACT.

Commonly known as Benares or Banaras  /  Kashi city , lies where the Varuna and Assi rivers,in its north and south, respectively, flow into the river Ganga.

Ahilya Ghat by the Ganges - Varanasi
Came to the city for some personal work and the first impression what I got was - 'LOOT MACHA DO'.

The main culprits of this "title" are the 'auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws' folks . They charge what they feel like.They instantly recognize that you're an outsider & so 'LOOT LO'.

People from the un"glamoured" parts of the country come here to work.But,they have actually degraded the city . They argue with you and yes , they wont bow down that easily.

WORST PART is you just can't travel without them.

The roads are all bloody red- HOW ? Because of the world famous "BANARSI PAAN" . People eat this 24*7 ,spit and then again eat . The roads are the best places to do the honors & and then there is traffic - ONLY HORNS - from all sides.

No riwaaz of helmets .Stray dogs & cattle's travel with people , feet to feet. Gosh ! Its all crazy.

Now the good ones.

When you are here , some of the must visits places include : 

  • Old Kashi temple ; 
  • New Vishwanath temple at BHU ; 
  • Durga Temple; 
  • Sankat Mochan ;
  • Buddha Shanti Stupa &  
  • BHU Campus

Varansi has atleast 84 Ghats . A boat ride costs only a INR 50 , but, people or "MAJI'S" as they call locally will charge you INR 350-INR 500 may be 1000. Give them a tight fatka and then'll you'll enjoy the ride. Ghats are unclean.All the litter is thrown into the holy ganga & its better to see the ghats from a boat than to make a personal visit.

Must watch is the ganga aarti in the evening . Its divine & really good !

You'll find more tourists then Hindu's though  :-(

Food is usual. For shopping - the famous Banarsi saris and suits made by Muslim weavers. are something out of the world . 

The best place to stay in Varanasi - is the  The Taj -Nadesar Palace .

Others like - The Ramda Inn, Surya , Hotel Shalimar , Clarks , JHV Mall ( where you have McD ) are all located in the posh area of Varanasi Cantt  . Safe and secure place. 


On a lighter note , I have high hopes from Narendra Modi that when he contests the Lok Sabha elections from here in 2014 not only will he win but will also make sure Varanasi starts its journey of development and progress . 


Thugs means  . 

Nights - Is it really dark outside..... ???

Now this is for our aam junta.....Bole toh Public

Nights - RAAT...
I know.....many things stirke in and out of your mind....the second you here the word - NIGHT.

Aaj ki raat,night outs,raat ka nasha........and and......list goes on.

But,there is more to Nights just as there is another sky above the blue one.

In todays "Kalyug" thing have change ,so have the nights. It's lost its "original charm" and regained the "not so wanted" status. In India,things are always ahead.Be the minds,the thoughts and yes,the Nights !

A recent increase in the number of "dark"incidents have let many a think -
According to me,DEPENDS. Depends on what safety you are really talking about ?

We can't have Police/armed guards for everyone.Even the ones who have are more in danger than the formers. So,it all comes back to YOUR ALERTNESS or in Indian term - vigilance !

A heavy word....huh....

Some recent occurrences in and around NCR and incidents almost all over India , have made the public think -WHAT DO WE DO ? Virtually-Nothing you can do....Practically ,THER ARE SOME.
People ,especially girls-->are more unfortunates . Well,there are "n" number of safety forethoughts doing the rounds.It all comes to you.
What is it that you think would beseem you the most ?

In general, I suggest -->
Please don't travel late nights in Delhi or anywhere else. IT'S NOT COOL,anymore now!

OK....but what about work/late night shifts/parties.....yes....things have changed.....A LOT.

Recently,after a small sojourn, I reached at 11:10 pm at Delhi Railway Station....metro was over....I had someone to pick me up.......:-)

BUT,what if I had to go alone ? Yes ! Men do get scared.After all humans have become the biggest threat to humanity.

A friend of mine working in Gurgaon has to go back to her place at Mayur Vihar.Everyday.Imagine how scared her family and friends would be !
It's just not safe out there.

Options left-

Bus sevice at 11 pm. NO.
Work Cabs - You know them better than ME.
Own transport - You can drive after a wearing day and be safe...great !!!

--I don't recommend late night journey ,unless you have someone with you.
--If you're out and have no option but,to come late....INFORM...your near ones ....the place where you're going ,friends etc....
--Keep your mobiles charges....more, keep spare batteries
--Learn martial arts .Tough. :-)
--Peppermint sprays.Handle it carefully.

--If you're driving alone,make sure ,you dont stop at anything but,your destination.



--ALWAYS remember the NUMBERS of your nearest police stations /PCR.

I believe in destiny ,so try your best......Baaki........!!


PS- Doing all the above things won't ensure your 100% safety.But,yes,after reading this,it would let you act in a more "watchful" way the next time you're OUT @ NIGHT.

Return Journey !

This was the best part of the trip !
SWARNA SHATABDI -what better way to come to DELHI from Jalandhar than a Shatabdi.
It leaves Jalandhar at 6:05 pm....and reaches Delhi at 11:00 pm.

I got a WS (window seat)yyyiippeee....
But,a short lived there are two seating types in the train -
row 1 - 2 seats PASSAGE 3 seats
I was in the 3 seats one WS.
When I saw,there was a family of three already sitting down...parents and a "cute"daughter'...thought they had gone but,I also was not safe....cute baby...

The little girl told me "aap wahan beth jao....plz.....I love this seat.....and what did I say....WHEREZ YOUR SEAT,BABE !

It was just next in the 2 one's and yes a WS.
I was more than happy to make her happy!
~was waiting that who was to sit with me in the side seat ~


Jumpin was served , mineral water,a hot samosa and a sweet from Amritsar's famous NOVELTY SWEETS - old memories sweetly comes by........... yummmy

We reached Ludhiana....old memories,again :-(

and a girl...may be a lady came and sat with me :-) She was wearing this corporate attire and yes- a DELL LAPTOP + N73 WHAT MORE !??
She sweetly said "Hello...I am Avantika.....Would you mind if I use the plug-point given. Now all Shatabdi's have a plug point in the seat passage near WS.So,I said sure.
She plugged her laptop....and started working...:-( :-(
After sometime...she said...ok now can you put the mobile on charging...Aur koi Hukum .

Now it was my turn...after sharing the usual nuts-buts I asked her to give me some gyaan on DELL LAPTOPS AND N73....and she said the full review....It was a good talk....

Soup was served......too salty......and then the dinner.....She was coming from Amritsar after attending a wedding.... OF HER CLOSE ONES .....

bus...aur kya.....she said she has a daughter of 6 months.. Rhea..and I said give her a hug from my side.... :-) Nice journey...the train was fast

The train was on time ...but,it was really 11 pm and delhi roads..........