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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hug someone- Today

What happens when you hug someone! They smile. Not that easy.

Depends. On people to people, choice to choice & time to time. 

During one of my many seminars I got this question from a young boy & I had to think since the context was not just hugs but more about the emotions involved. 

Often when you have nothing to say or talk or share with someone you give them a hug. You also embrace people when they are on extremes – either very happy or depressed or 1000 thoughts in their head. 

Moments of joy also merit a hug & when you want someone to know you are there for them, give them a hug.

And then there are folks who actually can read thoughts. Sometimes I wish you were in my place just to know how I feel. This holds a lot of relevance.

After all, explaining your feelings to someone is never easy.

And then, pain changes people, it makes them trust less, overthink more, & shut people out.

Next time when you hug someone, say some words of #share&care along with.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

What if & What about

Every night when she tried to sleep, she thought of the 'what if's' in her life that lead to the 'what about's'..

What if tomorrow or the next moment she was dead..

What about the dreams and aspirations she wanted to fulfill..

What about the loved ones she fought an hour back..

What about her 'would be' husband and kids..

What about the life she ever imagined..

What about making it big..

What about the home for homeless cause she wanted to build all around..

What about the heartbreaks she went..

What about the travel she is yet to set foot upon..

What about the many thanks & apologies she owes to people..

What about her sweet kitten- Mando..

What about her family & friends..

As she was watching her favorite sitcom series she realized that one day she will not be around & yet there is so much to do. What she also thought was the time gone by, all these years, she was just basically waking up and sleeping down. In between, it was all air.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Travel Diaries & more - Make it count

Everytime I travel, I look forward to meeting new people. New places as well can be explored but what is home without humans!?

Off late, besides the flights getting delayed, I like to reach the airport ahead of my scheduled departure timing & sit around in the lounge & read or chit-chat. Works for me.

Last week was fun & yet a bit hectic. During one of my lounge visits I hosted a dear friend ( though exactly for 15 minutes ) for a small #CoffeewithKaran session & off he had to go. In those 15 minutes we spoke in true blue corporate styles. First 5 minutes updates from him and I sipped my hot chocolate and then the next 5 minutes updates from my side.  The remaining 5 minutes were spent on discussing  ' better than before'  .

During my flight I met an amazing doctoral student or a fellowship candidate as she likes to be described. She was pursing her close 4 years doctor fellowship from a premium institute and such was her focus that she decided not to get married irrespective what society shares or tells her. We discussed some common and uncommon topics and she made me thinking its important to pursue your dreams and take hard-calls. Mostly, when you don't want to.

Market visits for me are way of not only knowing 'what is not working' for your brand but the most important way to meet, greet and hear experiences from your consumers. During my many market visits I happen to meet firebrand sales people, distributors, channel partners & young colleagues entering into corporate life. 

At times, I often get questions and queries from people all around what does it take to be a marketing manager. While I am still a learner, together with & we have curated+prepared a series of short and shareable videos that give my learning's and insights over the years. You can check them out here - Link

I am a firm supporter and believer of sharing experiences and learning's and I try on my part to continue doing so.

With the festive season around and festive marketing campaigns all in the pipeline, make sure you do your bit in cheering someone around! #Makeitcount

PS: Thank you for all your lovely messages/FB shares & Instagram love. I do try to answer all. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Delhi Diaries & More

I got a severe firing from one of my dear followers & a fellow blogger for not updating or as she says posting my thoughts on my blog for a while.

And I told her, politely, that the entire fault lies with our stars & Anju Modi :)

Yeah, I have not been in Delhi for a while now for  variety of reasons but you can't say NO to Anju. And I, as you know, am a creative person & anyone with a similar passion gets my eye & time. Anju  hosted a beautiful winter wedding collection or red carpet as she calls from her 'Infinite Knot' series & it was splendid to say the least.

That's not all. I have lost count on the number of weddings that I have attended all through November-March and on-going.  

To top it all, a while back, friends and fraternity celebrated the launch of the Anita Dongre Grassroot store at The Chanakya. She presented a capsule collection for Fall-Winter, to mark the launch of the new store. 

The Chanakya has become the country’s leading luxury mall housing foremost Indian and international brands.

And my #traveldiaries continues. From Pondicherry to Ranthambore to the royal #AlsisarPalace .

Btw- All the beautiful folks getting married this time around. Do read this before you say I do. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Inside Meena Bazaar

I am sure many of you have would have taken some time out to visit a placed called as Meena Bazaar. Before you jump the gun on this one, hold on!

This place in my terms is a boutique chain where women ( and females ) are genuinely happy. And so is the staff. 

The interesting range of clothes, for all occasions with options to spoil you are all available. The staff here are old running members who in less than 2 minutes can actually predict if you are going to buy anything or not. If yes, you are treated like super cool celeb- tea, coffee or a cold drink and you have it all. If no, they will make you buy any which way.

Though for me personally, this place is a challenging option. What do I do here ? You can't keep on staring females around you. The service folks look into your eyes and smile and say - Are you paying by Samsung Pay, sir. Get ready!

During one of my recent visit I made it a point to notice what were the males doing. While some were just browsing on their smartphones, others were pulling up chairs for their partners to sit or just giving views and inputs why the green looked a little better than the pink. People who had adorable kids, were busy any which way. Then there were some newly married folks where you could sense the 'not so cool camaraderie' . Both were trying their level best to talk and share though.

The next in line were the men who were actually shopping all by themselves. That's big. 
One of them actually gave me an insight about Zardozi -  Zar ( meaning gold ) and Dozi ( meaning embroidery ) and I was super impressed. This person had a couple of stores in Jaipur and nearby areas and was a regular. He invited me to visit his place sometime.

While I did get my cold coffee but it can be so much fun to just observe what people do in places like these. What made me happy was the 'men' were all  support for their 'women' . 

That's what I call as genuine care and teamwork!

PS -  What was #karansayz doing here. That's for some other time :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy Birthday - 2 times

Happy Birthday ! These two words always make you smile- when you say them or hear them. That's the power.

Some people are genuinely happy having you by their side in the journey of life.

What's even more interesting are the relationships that you develop with such people. Some unsaid and some unheard.

I have 2 people whom I have known for close a decade now. And the best part about it is, we haven't ever met in person neither we speak that often. In fact, the only time we speak or talk or connect when are wishing the other person 'Happy Birthday' . In a nut-shell we only speak twice in a year and yet we are in touch. We are usually the first to wish and share birthday greetings.

Strange! I honestly don't have an answer. This struck me over the weekend when on of these person was having a birthday and I wished. And we ended up chatting how we have managed to stay in touch and never miss a birthday.

What exactly will you call such a connect?! I don't know, may be some may not even call it as a connect. I also am not sure if there are such connects with other people or is it just me.

Ever changing world and every busy equations yet 2 people do take time to greet and wish each other even if its 2 times a year.

I assume, some connects are w/t names and you should let them just flow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rahul Yadav - The real Yoddha

Last week was a little too sad. 
At times you know and feel that we all are merely helpless souls.

Rahul Yadav - an ex student of SIMS, Pune , a fellow batch mate & a blogger, lost his third battle against cancer. While its loss to near and dear ones, in his hard battle against life and death he left everyone around him & more, stronger and braver.

While he was in this, he started a community based group called Yoddhas.

Rahul was suffering from multiple myloma - a cancer of plasma cells.  

In this battle he was an inspiration to everyone. Being diagnosed with such a rare disease he still managed to fight and hold on. Its times like these I have hardly anything to say or share. Be it best doctors, best treatments, best wishes, we all are simply too less in power in comparison to the almighty above us. While he has left a void which never can be filled, together on behalf of everyone, wish and pray that wherever he is, may he be showered with all the blessings and love.